Sundays Are Most Viewed

you must love the caps?

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2 Responses to Sundays Are Most Viewed

  1. baxter says:

    love the caps

  2. A.J. says:

    #5. The massage photo.

    At the end of a brutal work week when on travel I scheduled a massage. Getting up my courage before she started I asked her, “Would you mind….?” giving me an otk spanking first…?

    Sure! If that’s what you want – no problem.

    I went otk and got spanked. And she was pretty good at it! When she decided it was time for the massage I asked her, “Do you mind…just a little bit more? Give me 100 more – but as hard and as fast as you can. I want “the angry girlfriend spanking.”

    And she did!!! At about four smacks – a second! And Hard! I got a real angry girlfriend spanking! It only lasted about 25-seconds but only 5-seconds in I realized, “Big mistake!” I was holding my breath after 60. Back arched, legs and shoulders up I grit my teeth and held on until it ended at 100.


    She asked (big smile!), “That OK? Was it good? Did you get what you wanted?”

    Oh, yeah. I told her she was surprisingly good. And then she gave me a massage I still remember.

    So. Today’s lesson: Be careful with women who give massages for a living. They. Are. Very. STRONG!

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