Ophelia’s Change of Plans

I know many of you want to see O and she wants to see you. She just sent me this note:
Hi Andy,
Thank you….you’re a little star !
My new rescheduled dates are as follows;
Now until the 17th NYC/Long Island
18-20 Toronto
22-25 Chicago
26-28 Phoenix
29-30 Portland
1-3 Vancouver
Thanks for helping me get the word out. You are much appreciated Andy.
Best wishes
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3 Responses to Ophelia’s Change of Plans

  1. Frank says:

    Very nice. We had the day and the hour. She canceled her trip to Montreal though.

  2. Ann and I are going to meet her on the 22nd in Chicago…should be interesting needless to say – Twinkle

  3. John Giovannetti says:

    I am ready for my spanking Ophelia! Just tell me when to take my pants down, bare my ass and get over your knee! John G.

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