Saturday Caps Test

Sunday seems to get the most traffic on the blog. Is it the day or the content? I’m going to post some caps on Saturday and maybe during the week….or just let me know if you like them?

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6 Responses to Saturday Caps Test

  1. Mike says:

    I know you love “caps” but I hate to see grafitti on pictures that stimulate my imagination. My vote is for fewer, not more “caps” days. You could put the text below the picture like a real caption where it would inform (for those so inclined) rather than distract, or maybe just caption one picture in the set a couple of days a week.

  2. Mark says:

    I love the caps, and I’d like to see them more often/on different days. Words matter to me.

  3. baxter says:

    I start everyday with your website as I eat breakfast before going to work. It sets the mood of the day. I like the caps and do look forward to your various themes, such as hump day and Fryday. But having caps once in a while during the week is good. The one thing I would say to lessen a bit are the interviews with spankers. All in all, I enjoy your website very much. Great work. Thank you. Baxter

    • Mike says:

      And I appreciate the interviews with the professional spankers. I actually visit professional disciplinarians now and then, and Andy’s interviews have brought a few to my attention who I may not have otherwise been aware of. These interviews often provide more insight into the lady’s experience and approach than a her own web site, if she has one. It’s a pretty small community, and getting a closer look at someone who offers a service that i might want to use is welcome.

  4. Wilson says:

    Great Pics….I agree with Mike…caps below the actual pic….
    But, by all means, keep the great pics coming !

  5. Tony Greeb says:

    The caps are the reason I come to the site every Sunday. While I’m there I often review the rest of the week. The caps give an immediate context for the pic that intensifies my experience and trips certain switches (no pun intended) in my brain. It’s not that I don’t have the imagination to create my own scenarios (indeed I use to visit every Saturday a couple of years ago and caption the pics in their own comment section, and read the ones by David, bill, Otktotto, Mike, Gus, and others prior to chemotherapy taking over my life for over a year…I’m cancer-free/ “cured” now, though I still and will always suffer some side effects). I use the caps as a starting point to spark my imagination and go from there. I have saved quite literally thousands to my hard drive and a separate thumb drive over the years. I collected these before you started posting them by “binging” any combination of subject with “spank, spanked or spanking”, and the word “captions.” However, it’s a lot of work to sift thru all the one’s that don’t do anything for me. It’s surprising how rare it is to come across one on your site that I’ve already seen. Also, it’s rare to find one’s that do nothing for me on your site. We must have similar sensibilities. Anyway, any days where you regularly post caps on your site will be a day that I visit there. I use to visit a site quite often by a man named “D” who had the absolute best caps for my taste. However he shut it down and started a new site where he frequently posts the caps below a blank pic, and only occasionally on the pic. I only go there every few months now to see if he’s back to the old style. It’s just too much work to save the pic and add his caps onto it, which is why I would be against Mike and Wilson’s suggestion to put them below the pic. I’d be OK with them at the top or bottom exclusively as long as they are “on” the pic. I also didn’t like most of D’s “101 Reasons…” series that you’ve posted from once or twice because it’s philosophically-oriented rather than action-oriented (“A spanking from me can help you break your bad habits” vs. “get your bare butt over here now; I’m going to teach you a lesson!”) even though I like his use of celebrities as the pics. In any case I’ve enjoyed your site for several years now. It’s the only spanking site I visit every week. Keep up the good work!!!

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