Meet Domina J and her Whack Pack!

Hi Andy,

Just want your readers to know, I will be traveling to Denver Colorado on March 31- April 2 for the Exxxotica Expo. The Mistress who owns The Wicked Playground (where I play) has been given a venue there and 6 of us will be the faces at the Dungeon in the expo. I am very excited about this and I cannot wait to go to Colorado!


Ok this is the Exxxotica Expo link This is a huge event and I believe Ms. Lady said we are invited to Chicago in June for their event and November again for Edison NJ. I do believe there is an expo in California as well but I haven’t see anything for it yet.

We are actually renting a van and driving out there which I think should be awesome or turn into a complete disaster and everyone hates each other lol! I think it will be great though.   I have never been to the Exxxotic expos but it’s just a huge adult thing with porn stars and such and us of course and they have all different types of venues there. Well I don’t know what else to say about the expo except come and see me.

Contact me directly, and tell me Andy sent ya! and my main email

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6 Responses to Meet Domina J and her Whack Pack!

  1. Mistress J says:

    Thank you Andy! You are the best 😉 Xoxo

  2. tom says:

    She appears to be a dominatrix, not a spanking disciplinarian.

    • Mistress J says:

      Tom I practice the art of BDSM and in My world that also encompasses being a spanking Disciplinarian. I have never followed rules nor do I like labels so when you said “She appears to be a dominatrix, not a spanking disciplinarian” you gave a Me a label and assumed that I could not be a spanking disciplinarian because of being a dominatrix? I know quite a few Mistresses that practice heavier BDSM but I have watched each and every one of them give spankings to naughty boys. Tom if you do not think I am a spanking Disciplinarian maybe you should spend a few minutes or an hour over My knee and then we can discuss afterward whether I am a spanking Disciplinarian or not 😉

  3. Harry the Bear says:

    Miss J is a terrific spanking disciplinarian.
    I have played with some of the iconic legends of spanking over the years (e.g. Dana Specht, Miss Chris, Alice Morningstar, Jennifer Brooks, etc.) so i can tell you without hesitation or reservation, that Miss J is a real up and coming star in her own right.

  4. Miss J, I would love to be spanked by you on the bare ass, especially over your knee! Do you ever come near the Trenton, NJ area ?

    • Mistress J says:

      Hi John. I always love to give a naughty boy a bare-assed spanking over My knee. I usually do not make it out to New Jersey unless it is for the Exxxotica Expo in Edison NJ but contact Me via My website and we can chat

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