Ah Kendal!

Okay, this is how people want me start: Where are you located and how do we get in touch with you?

I’m based in South Staffordshire and have my own private playroom, easily reachable from Birmingham. The best way to contact me is via email initially on misskendaluk@hotmail.com – all emails are answered by me personally and phone calls are arranged to discuss specifics.

Please check out my site or friend me on twitter too:


Twitter: @Miss_KendalUK

When did you know you loved spanking?

Very early on, although it took me some time to understand why I was so attracted to it. I had seen images of spankings and fleeting moments in film and TV that had excited my imagination, not to mention a few other body parts too…!

How long have you actually been giving spankings?

It’s been around 10 years, growing immensely in frequency in the last five.

Do you remember the first? How did it come about?

I wasn’t raised with a firm hand and during adolescence I went ‘off the rails’ as it were. When I was 19 I met a disciplinarian, who would change my life for the better. He gave me my first spanking – and boy did it hurt – but, more importantly for me, he helped me to recognise my own need to administer discipline. Using my bottom, he taught me how to spank safely and effectively, and when he felt I was ready, he presented me with a willing, older female spankee to play with.

And all I’ve ever gotten is new socks….

I was honoured, she was beautiful. It was, and still is, one of the most erotic moments of my life. The three of us together in a dimly lit dining room, he led the scene beautifully. At only 20, I was incredibly nervous and my spanking hand trembled over her buttocks. I’m doubt very much it was the hardest spanking she’d ever received and I have a sneaking suspicion that she also went over the knee of my tutor later that night to ‘finish her off’! Nevertheless, I was hooked!

What is your spanking philosophy? Is it fun, discipline, therapy?

All of the above. It very much depends on the individuals involved in the spanking, and what they need from it. This may change with each spanking too. I am in touch with my regular clients in the days leading up to their session to determine their needs and state of mind. Do they need to be punished for something specific? Do they want to recreate a moment from their past? Do they require a more light-hearted maintenance spanking to keep them on the straight and narrow? Do they seek only the cathartic aspect of the pain?

For me, I need to feel the fun aspect as much as I need to discipline. I take my pleasure from seeing the needs of my spankees being met, knowing that I am directly responsible for those indescribable moments of joy. It’s like power therapy!  

Let’s say I come see you, what should I expect?

First and foremost: friendliness, professionalism and discretion. My job depends on this and, I believe, it’s why my clients feel safe coming back to play with me time and time again.

This could be you Andy! Or any of your readers.

After a brief email exchange, and a phone call to settle nerves, a date is set. I session from a domestic property and welcome all new clients in for an informal chat. Once a rapport is built, it is time to make that long climb up the stairs to my playroom. I make only two guarantees in there: that I will not exceed any predetermined limits, and that you will receive the punishment you thoroughly deserve.

Aftercare is provided depending on the individual, though it usually consists of caressing the newly tender buttocks, a good cuddle and another chat over a hot cup of tea. No one leaves until I’m happy they’re safe.

That sounds absolutely delightful. What is your favorite position?

Without a doubt, OTK. I love the closeness. It’s such a vulnerable position for the spankee, nothing can be hidden. Another favourite is to have the spankee kneel up in front of me a cuddle into me while I spank them. Maybe I’m just very tactile, but holding someone that close while you discipline them can be so beautifully moving.

And implement?

I love using my hands – sometimes just for a warm up but often for a large portion of the punishment. Skin on skin is hot! My other favourites are the cane and belt – each very different but extremely effective.

Being only 5’2 do you have a hard time keeping someone over your lap?

My power does not come from my height or my physical ability to restrain spankees much larger than I, though I am surprisingly strong for a lady of my stature. My power comes from within – it’s in who I am, what I say and the way I move. By the time I come to put someone over my knee, they are in no doubt as to who is in control of the situation. Naturally, I’ve had plenty of squirmers and wrigglers – I spank hard – but I’m able to keep them in their place until I feel their punishment is complete.

Besides, once I have you where I want you, you won’t want to resist!

Haha, I might. Can you give a sound hand spanking?

My spankees certainly say so! I may be small in stature but I’m strong, and strong willed. My petite hands have a more concentrated area for impact. I’ve never had any complaints in that department!  

What do you get out of the spanking session?

A great many things – joy, fulfillment, pleasure, satisfaction, relief, a sense of both freedom and responsibility. Spanking is a passion for me, I need to do it just as much as the spankee needs to receive it.

One of the things I value most is an ongoing relationship with a spankee, where I have the chance to build on previous sessions and explore a whole variety of techniques, implements and ideas with them. A one off spanking can be a lot of fun, but it’s the longer relationships that I seek and encourage.  

Do many women come to you or just guys?

Some women, but not nearly as many as I’d like! I often wonder if this may change as I age – certainly if I were to seek a female spanker, I would prefer a lady older than I, though that is just personal preference.

Is there a difference or is a spanking a spanking?

There is a difference to every spanking I administer, not just between male and female spankees. No spanking should feel ‘routine’ or ‘samey’ and each one can be dramatically affected by the mood of the day, the temperature or even what you’re wearing. Spanking is an art form and, like a true piece of art, can never be recreated in the same way again.

And each bottom a new blank canvas…Were you voted most like to spank bums in high school?

I was once voted ‘Miss Bossy’ if that counts?! Corporal punishment had been banned in schools by the time I reached that age so it didn’t feature in my school life – though what a difference it might have made to my attitude were it still to have been permitted!  

What do you friends and family think of your job?

They’re incredibly supportive, some of them quite jealous! It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and my work is rarely a topic of discussion at family get-togethers, but it’s glaringly obvious to them how much I enjoy what I do. Thankfully, they are open minded enough to understand that my happiness is more important than outdated social rules on what is an ‘acceptable’ career for a young lady.

Would you spank any of them if they needed it or were curious about it?

I don’t see why not. I can’t imagine they would but I would be honoured if they had the need or inclination and did approach me.

Do you attend spanking parties?

I don’t really. I wouldn’t say I’m on the scene in that sense – I generally prefer the intimacy of private spankings.

Have you ever been spanked? Are you still?

I have indeed, not as a child, but my spanking beginnings were very much centred around my own bottom! I indulge occasionally, but very rarely these days. I have a far greater desire to spank than be spanked.   

Do you role play?

I absolutely do! I adore role play and am known for my attention to detail and abilities in this respect. My educational background is primarily based in acting and theatre so, as you can imagine, getting into role comes as second nature to me.

Favorite scenario’s?

I naturally fall into a very maternal role and therefore enjoy being Mommy giving my naughty child a sound spanking. There aren’t many scenarios I don’t enjoy, from the strict headmistress to the sadistic girl next door. I always think role play adds a certain something to a session.

Why do you think we crave spankings so much?

Because, at heart, we’re all just naughty boys and girls who never want to grow up! Being spanked is giving up responsibility for a short time, allowing someone else to punish you and take away your control. It’s so powerful and yet so simple, what’s not to love?!

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3 Responses to Ah Kendal!

  1. Mike says:

    alway wanted be spank by short person 5ft or 5ft 3 up i think some short female can spank just as hard as taller female any female can spank and spanking hurt

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  3. Stewart says:

    I’d love a spanking from Miss Kendal. Redheads are the best dominants 🙂

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