Ophelia’s West Coast Swing

Hello Andy,
Well, I had the pleasure of spanking one of your friends today….Twinkle.
Put it this way…..I imagine he’d be sleeping on his tummy for the next few days.
Could I ask you to promote my last few days….I’m heading to Phoenix and onto Portland.
I’d really appreciate if you could give my tour another push.
Many thanks
And from Twinkle:
Miss Havilland blasts your butt, no let up. She put me in a leg lock and literally blistered my butt. No joke. Her hand spanking was hilarious, I could take that all day…but when she landed in with a  wooden spoon and Ann’s bath brush, um owwh. There was no let up, only spanking. She broke a wooden spoon on me.
Ann apparently requested to spank and blister my butt literally, well Miss Havilland did. Simple as that. We had great conversation and she was so nice. But I will tell you this, if you want a severe spanking, and I mean SPANKING then good luck. Miss Havilland will not stop. In fact, I thought the spanking was over and we talked and then she took me over her lap again, leg lock and spanked more with Ann’s bath brush. I don’t think I have anymore skin on my booty, hahaha! Unless you can take it, do not ask for a severe spanking from Ms. Havilland.
But I will be back…for some reason.
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5 Responses to Ophelia’s West Coast Swing

  1. Frank says:

    Yeah Haviland. She sets up an appointment with you aND then cancel it at the last minute.

  2. Ophelia says:

    And we all know who you are don’t we with your snide comments ! Read my blog….its in simple English and written in words so you may be able to understand it….forgive me, I don’t have a crayon or any plasticine on me to either draw or mould you a diagram.
    I’ve explained time and time again that I cannot visit a state to see 1 person.

  3. That’s not me in the pictures…Andy has other pics from the damage provided by Miss Havilland, plus some pics of Ann. I don’t know how anyone would cancel, she was truly delightful, respectful and above all very strict! I got it again from Ann for round 3 but Andy can tell you about that — Twinkle

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