Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Party?

Dear Ms. Marwood,

Though I fantasize about spanking I’ve never been spanked. I’ve seen posts for big spanking parties. Do you attend spanking parties? Are they fun for everyone? I feel like I might be left out. Are the spankings free or do I have to pay? Is there one party you’d recommend? Or should I just go one on one with a professional disciplinarian? Thanks in advance for your insights.


Dear Will,

I’m  a very private person. I don’t go to spanking parties.  I did go once about 15 years ago and I found the people to be very nice. I’m sure it depends on who shows up at these parties. It’s certainly possible that some of them might be clique-ish and you might feel left out. I think you’ll have to approach it as an exploratory mission. Do whatever research you can on such parties. I would think there’d be someone you could contact and ask these questions to. If you usually enjoy meeting people, you will probably have fun at the parties. If you are an introvert, you may feel left out because you are too shy to mingle. My guess is there are parties that are free and some where there are pro Spankers there with whom you could book a spanking session for a fee. You might look for a party where like-minded laymen are gathering so you don’t have to worry about the fee issue. In many areas you can find Spanking Meet-Up groups. These groups usually meet for lunch or brunch and talk about all things spanking. They usually know about spanking conventions, parties, etc. If you can find a group in your area they could guide you better than I can. Why not give it a try? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and if you don’t like it, you can leave.


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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Party?

  1. tom says:

    I think that this man should get his first spanking from a woman like yourself, not at a party, so that it can be very private, and so that he can talk with her freely about his interest.

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