Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Illegal?

Dear Ms. Marwood,

Is what you do illegal? I wouldn’t think spanking a consenting adult is but with Backpage taking down all it’s adult ads, and I read of Pandora Blakes problems keeping her site up in England, it just made me curious?


Dear Thomas,

It is my understanding that as long as there are no sex acts performed in the session a spanking session is considered psychodrama and is not illegal. As far as Backpage goes, the majority of the advertisers there were actually escort services and sex provider services masquerading as independent dommes. Moreover, many of those were a front for human sex trafficking. So make sure you know who you’re dealing with. As long as you don’t get involved with people like that, you should be fine. Try doing a Google search for a Disciplinarian. Don’t go to a Craigslist or Backpage type venue. Or use the Eros Guide.

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