The Pen is Mightier Than The Hairbrush

Monica sent me this nice note. I’m not one to say “No” to a spanker.

Hi Andy,

I really appreciate your interest in my books and including them on your blog in the past.

I’ve released two new books as part of a series. They are not strictly spanking stories, although spanking does take place. They are about how Miss Pamela, a domme, takes over sub Mick’s life, with plenty of hot action along the way.

If you are so inclined, here are the covers and descriptions if you’d like to include them on your blog.

Messaging Mick

Pam Crane is looking for a submissive man. Many vie for her attention as she weaves her seductive web, but it isn’t until she meets Mick, a lonely accountant, that her Domme juices began to flow. She assigns him sexy and sometimes embarrassing projects, and he returns a well-executed and creative response. But now that he’s captured her attention, can he live up to her expectations?

Pleasing Pammie


Pam Crane and Michael “Mick” Reeder are carrying on a torrid text relationship. Sub to her Domme, Mick longs for nothing more than to please his Miss Pamela. For Pam, Mick is only one of many men clamoring for her attention.

In the course of her mistress adventures, Pam has never met any of her subjects in person. For her, staying in fantasyland means freedom. Fantasy means experimentation without ill effect and no unintended consequences. But sometimes fantasy leads to something wonderfully unexpected.

In a serendipitous moment, Pam meets Mick at the diner where she works. Suddenly, their fantasy life turns real. Miss Pamela tests, teases and torments Mick until he’s delirious with desire. It’s a sexy game they play until the fun turns serious for him. With heart on fire, Mick struggles to win Miss Pamela’s favor and keep her in his life.

Ebooks are available on Amazon. A paperback version including both books, Messaging Mick and Pleasing Pammie is available on the Messaging Mick page on Amazon.

Thank you so much, Andy. I usually get a nice bump when you mention me. Spanks to you!

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