Ms. Elizabeth Will Be There

 I hear you’re attending the Lone Star Spanking Party in May…tell me more about it.
Yes, I’ll be going to the Lone Star Spanking Party and I’m very excited about it!  The schedule has been recently released and there will be tons of activities.  I’ve been asked by Sarah Gregory to help out at the Bad Boys party and the Littles Party.  I will see clients while I’m there and shoot some video as well.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people as well as catching up with old friends!
Have you been there before?
No, this is my very first time, which makes it all the more exciting!
Do you attend many parties?
Last year, 2016, was my first year doing any travel and spanking parties.  Once I started (my first one being Chicago Crimson Moon in July 2016), I couldn’t get enough of it!  I do love parties as it brings spankos from far and wide to one small area where we can let our hair down and spank away to our little heart’s content!  This year I will attend Lone Star, Crimson Moon in July and October, as well as Shadow Lane in September.  There’s always a chance for me to add more as the year moves forward.
What makes this one special?
Well, not only is this my first time to go to Lone Star, which is exciting in itself, but…I will also be receiving an award for my winning Best New Female Spanking Top 2016 with the Spanking Blog Awards for video!  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to have won, plus to receive an award for it!  It will be a very special night of awards for all of the winners.  I can’t wait!
And my readers have a chance to be spanked by The Best New Female Spanking Top?

Wonderful party, Sarah!

Absolutely. Contact me: and let me know, as always, Andy sent you. You have the nicest readers I’ve ever met.
Will you tell us all about it afterwards?
Wish you could attend and have “firsthand” notes. Mostly, my hand. But I may be able to talk about it with you and your lovely readers.
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