Dear Ms. Marwood – Busted

Dear Ms. Marwood,

You’ve been around but I bet you  haven’t heard everything. Okay, here goes. My husband and I like a little spanking play sometimes pre sex sometimes by itself. Um, this is tough, okay, so I am draped over his lap and he’s spanking away when I notice our is door open and I noticed our 11 year old daughter transfixed. We scramble, try to cover up. I asked why she didn’t knock she says she heard noises and wanted to check on us. Now I’m beet red, my face not my bottom, from embarrassment.
How do I explain what we were doing? By the way, we don’t spank for discipline so it must have really been a sight to see.


Dear Clare,

It’s great that you and your husband have a healthy and fun erotic life. You’re very fortunate.  I know lots of spankos who will envy you. Enjoy!   …As far as your question goes, that is one I haven’t heard before!!  ADVICE #1: GET A LOCK FOR YOUR BEDROOM and use it from now on without fail!  SECONDLY:   I’m not a child psychologist so I’m hesitant to offer a prescription for handling this situation. I will say this: these days most 11 year old kids are not very innocent when it comes to the birds and the bees. They see a lot via the media. Hell, there is a spanking scene in an episode of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory!  (It’s charmingly done and completely unoffensive.) Ask yourself how much you think your child has been exposed to.  If you feel she already knows that this type of thing exists, you may just be able to tactfully broach the subject and let her know it was just fun and games. If you have ANY reservations about this at all, I would DEFINITELY get the advice of a licensed professional.

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