Dear Ms. Marwood – What’s the Deal?

Dear Ms. Marwood,

I went to see a professional spanker and everything was going well until she undid my pants. I wasn’t wearing underwear. I never wear underwear. Didn’t think it would be a big deal since she was going to spank my bare ass anyway. But it was, and she said she couldn’t finish the session. Was I wrong? Is there an underwear protocol? Do I have to go buy some just have them taken down?


Dear Hanes,

That’s adorable. No, you shouldn’t have to buy underwear just to go to a session. And I feel your pain… I hate wearing underwear, too. Here’s the thing: If that lady has some sort of aversion to anyone who happens to be going commando, it’s incumbent upon her to let you know that before she takes your appointment. Any professional needs to inform a potential client when something as integral as underwear in a spanking fantasy is a dealbreaker. That was not fair to you. E.g., for a many years, I wouldn’t play Mommy or Wife/girlfriend in a roleplay. It just made me feel awkward. Since those roles are common I would tell people before taking their booking. We usually handled it easily by changing it to step-mother and Wife/Girlfriend’s buddy or some such, but at least they knew and could opt not to visit me, if those things were a deal breaker. Having said that…. Now that you have encountered that situation and know it could be an issue, it becomes your responsibility to mention it before making an appointment with someone. It is extremely traditional for a spanker to pull a naughty boy or girl’s underwear down as part of the ritual of a spanking, so it could be surprising, at the very least, for your disciplinarian to discover you’re “au naturale”. My nature is to improvise, with any surprises, and keep things rolling along, as long as it’s not something outside my boundaries. I guess your spanker just isn’t very flexible. But, since you had no way of knowing, or expecting, that reaction, I hope—if she refused to complete the session because of it—that she gave you your money back?

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – What’s the Deal?

  1. Anton Pelican says:

    That made me really have a hearty laugh, and for two reasons: first, contrary to the friend here, I wouldn’t be able to go around without my underwear, with my delicate things rubbing against the roughness of my jeans; second, I thought of you, dear Ms Marwood, going around, maybe with a miniskirt, and your girly things being exposed at the first burst of wind, or something…Really priceless!

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