Miss Jennifer – It’s been awhile

Yes, it’s been forever since we’ve heard from Jennifer on this blog. She says she is just crazy busy. But she will do another interview soon. She did drop me this nice note and wants you to know she can squeeze you into her busy schedule for a hot spanking.

Hi Andy,

How are you? I hope you are having a good week. How is the weather there in California?
Thanks so much for changing my link. https://www.jenniferspanks.com/ I really appreciate it. You’re so sweet.
I’m glad you like the new site. Thank you.

I don’t like exact dates and cities listed publicly  but  here is a general one you can post.


Cleveland, NYC, St Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, D.C. area, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston and Seattle


Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Columbus, St Louis, Northern Virginia, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit and Nashville


Miami, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, St Louis, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Cleveland, Northern Virginia and Detroit


Northern Virginia, and more Coming Soon!


Hong Kong & Tokyo (have not decided if September or October), London, France, Seoul…more coming soon!


Hong Kong & Tokyo (have not decided if September or October), Seoul…more coming soon!

That is what I have right now as for my schedule. Love to meet new and old friends. Let me know Andy sent ya!

Miss Jennifer


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