Go C Laney – For A Spanking

You started at the “bottom” right? You were spanked.

Yes, I did!  And yes I was. I was working as a pro sub on the BDSM end of things, but most of my clients were spanking centric.

Spanking-centric. Love that. So you  you into spanking? Is it something you wanted?

I was into spanking before becoming a professional. Most of my scenes were centered on corporal and OTK spanking. I still enjoy being spanked.

So you are one of  us. How old were you when you first realized you liked spanking?

I’d say I was in high school. When I started sneaking erotica from the local library, I gravitated toward spanking scenes. My fantasy sessions always found me over a man or a woman’s lap.

How about the first time you were actually spanked?

In a private scene? I was about 18. I had just moved to New York and went full force into navigating the kink scene. It was with my second boyfriend.

How long were you a bottom before becoming a top?
It was a slow transition. The short story is six months. The long story is that I switched for a few years, both professionally and privately and then moved to topping.

Did the experience of being a bottom make you a better top?

I admit that I get greedy want to experience it all. That trait has been beneficial when playing with new people. I know what X implement feels like, so I generally walk into a session with fewer questions than most. I’m in tune with whom I’m playing with when topping.

Do you still feel the need to be spanked every once in awhile?

Of course! It’s been a bit since my last one and I should resolve that soon.

You are very lovely. How tall are you?

I’ll keep my height to myself. I’ve got wankers wasting my time asking to the point of being offensive. I don’t want my measurements to cast any doubts on my skillset. No matter my height, you’re here to be spanked. The quality of the discipline I issue isn’t dependent on how tall or short I am.

Yes ma’am. Where are you located and how do we reach you?

I can be contacted via email at mslaney@rocketmail.com. I rent a private studio in Manhattan in a central location. Or through my website: http://www.mslaneynyc.com/

That’s nice.

Isn’t it? One of the immediate perks is permission to meet at my own domestic rental in New Jersey.

Do you travel?

I’ve scaled back on travel, but am open to inquiries to bring me to you.

How do you usually dress for a session?

My joke used to be “like your Jersey Mom.” I’ve worn latex for a session exactly once. I dress casually but have a wide range of outfits, some a little fancier than others. I’ve issued discipline in Chanel dresses, button down shirts over jeans, and modest tops over skirts.

I’m ready to see you, what should I expect from the session?

Once everything is confirmed and you’re at my door, you’ll be met with a ‘hello’ and an invitation to come in, and be instructed to sit where I direct you. Providing this isn’t a role-play session, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss your interests and limits. I’ll establish my rules and then we’ll proceed.

Can you give a sound hand spanking?

Absolutely. It’s a skill I’ve had for over a decade and it shows no sign of weakening.  

What’s your favorite position and implement?

OTK! I like that there’s pretty much no escape from the punishment you’re due. My favorite implement is my wide leather loop paddle.

Sounds delightfully painful.

On the corporal/discipline end of things- I like you slightly bent over with your hands splayed against a wall to maintain balance. You’re fully exposed, leaving every part of you open and vulnerable.

Is it more discipline, fun, or role-play you dish out?

Discipline. I can be extremely strict, very loving, and if agreed to, can make it a fun, friendly session. However, the degree of punishment remains the same.

Do you believe spanking can be used as therapy?

I do. The word ‘therapy’ is a touch loaded, but I do believe that there is some emotional relief through role-play or even the pain alone. I’ve played with people who find the combination of role-play and discipline does address some core issues. Other people enjoy testing themselves and find relief in heavy pain play.

Do you have a favorite part of the spanking? Removing the pants, the first spank, squirming or tears?

The squirming and tears, especially when they happen simultaneously.

What do you get out of the spanking (as a top) ?

The sense of mastery over my play partner and myself. I love watching you slowly open up and lean into the pain, knowing I’ll give you what you need and that you’ll trust me to test your endurance.

Lean into the pain?

Self-control is sexy! I don’t have any desire to blindly wail on someone and deal with the consequences later, but I love the mental hold I have over myself when in session. While you’re leaning into pain, I’m becoming more focused; watching your every movement and even the way you’re breathing. I love the way my confidence shows in every belting and cane stroke.

Is it the best job ever?

Yes. It’s a job I’ve never second-guessed and has never gone stale. It’s a cliché, but it’s true- all of my sessions are unique.  I never have a ‘usual’ day.

Do you spank many women? Or is it mostly a man thing?

I have spanked women! They’ve usually been a third in a scene with another man. I don’t do it nearly enough, but I have spanked and have been spanked by women. It’s a fun dynamic, even when it’s a serious session.

What do your friends and family think of your profession?

My mother is the only member of my family who knows, and I’ve been open with friends to different degrees. I never give details as it’s no one’s business but mine, but from seeing my website, they have a good idea of This Thing I Do.

So you told mom….

My mother found out accidentally. She and I have always had a close relationship where she accepted me as an eccentric. Where I think most moms would cheer their kid on in sports, mine paid for my nose ring as my 16th birthday present and would much later help me get ready for dinner with a client at a five star restaurant. And we’re talking about a woman who speaks six languages and studied 19th century Spanish literature.

And she’s on board with this?

She’d prefer that I not do this, but she still gives me a kiss on the cheek and wishes me well before I head out to a session.


I started in my 20s, so it was this exciting thing that I didn’t deny when discovered. I never spoke first about it, but didn’t hide when asked.

I’m in my 30s now and I’m very quiet about it. I work in the arts industry and while it’s a less conservative environment than most, each part of my life has its place and doesn’t need to overlap.

Would you ever spank any of them if they were curious?

No. It goes back to healthy compartmentalization. I love my friends and honor my boundaries, and the same goes with those I play with. I love and respect them. Good boundaries are what make a good relationship.  

Why do you think men and women crave/need spankings so much?

I can only speak for myself. I crave the contact and crave pain issued from a loving place, rather than out of malice. I like the physical challenge and I like the attention. Depending on whom I’ve bottomed to, I adore the intimacy. When I bottomed, my best sessions were with those who were confident in their skills and took the time to know where my needs came from.

And when you are dishing it out?

I top with the expectation that partners will push themselves and do better than I do.  I expect they’ll be focused on their body’s reactions and see if they can take a little more, even if it’s just a bit. Sometimes it’s as much as a single cane stroke or making the leap to 5 or 10 and going through it though it’s terribly painful.

My sessions never get stale because I’m always setting a bar for my play partners and myself. If we are a good match, our sessions will only get better and better.

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2 Responses to Go C Laney – For A Spanking

  1. Mike says:

    she does look strict type person here iam sure her spankings hurt bad what funny is some who start out as bottom or spankee end up be good great Top and spanker some can really spank hard and know how give out painful good spankings

  2. Tom says:

    I wonder is she is willing to do a switch session. That didn’t seem to come up in the interview.

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