Dear Ms. Marwood – Even Money

Dear Ms. Marwood,

I’m sure there is no way to know where the spanking kink comes from but I was wondering if you think more people that grew up without being spanked are more drawn to it, or those that were are?
In my limited “casual” conversations with friends about spanking it’s the ones that haven’t been spanked that seem to gravitate to it more. Andy’s readers can chime in too. You all are good about posting comments.


Dear Sammi,

I honestly can say that, based the anecdotal evidence I’ve gleaned over many years, it’s about even.  That’s really the long and the short of it.

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3 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Even Money

  1. Mike says:

    the one who never been spanked growing up male or female normally become the spanker seem like or one who has been spanked hated it as kids love it when become adult that hard to explain too mostly one who never been spanked become spanker as an adult

  2. franzcoughka says:

    I was spanked, but others in my family were also spanked, and they never seemed to be interested in it like I was/am.

    Spanking has many ingredients that naturally attract people to it. As with any kind of taste, preference, or appreciation, some are born to be spankos, some not. If you were born to have the kink, and also got spanked growing up, it’s a powerful combination. If you didn’t get spanked growing up, you can only imagine what it might have been like. Obviously, it’s different as an adult in a consensual adult relationship.

  3. Mike Roberts says:

    It is definitely an interesting question and in my opinion one that has no definitive answer. I like looking at it from the other side- if every child who got spanked growing up (it was the norm in my generation) turned into a spanko- the world would be flooded with us! Obviously that is not the case so there are obviously other factors involved. For us spankos who were spanked growing up, it adds to our interest or in my case brought it to the surface as part of a defining incident.

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