Jane in NY – With Little Warning

Hi Andy,

I changed my plans and I ended up attending the Lone Star Party in Houston instead of DomCon. It was a blast! Late nights and lots of well-organised suite parties, plus educational events such as a scolding demonstration by Dana Speech, or a caning demonstration by Johnny Lake. There was a sexy 1920s dinner and dancing event on Saturday night that went late, of course, with many bottoms well-warmed by sunrise. I was pleased to have many keen bottoms lined up for my special serving of six of the very best. The Lone Star Spanking Party was a credit to the organisers, and a huge thank you to Sarah Gregory and her team for arranging it so well.
I would like to make sure that everyone has the correct dates for my visit to NYC. I will be in the Midtown East area with appointments available between May 29th and June 6th. Interested people may send me an email at info@strictjane.com and I will direct to them on how to make a booking.
Thanks Andy!

With warm regards,
Strict Jane

Accountability Hurts!
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12 Responses to Jane in NY – With Little Warning

  1. Frank says:

    Hey ! I thought the three girls thing was getting posted on the 27th haha

  2. Mike says:

    alway wanted painful otk spanking from Miss Strict Jane maybe a paddling too be on menu iam sure she can give me the spanking of my life i would behave for life around her in fear being punish by her i like sitting lol

    • Jose says:

      Belive you me, i have had some very painful spankings from Her, last one been recently when She was in Cali 😛

    • Mike says:

      Jose you can take and get my spanking for me next timw you make sessions with her thanks in advance for agreeing to take my spankin for me from her iam sure sweet miss strict jane would agree to it since you may see her before iam able too doubt she would be mad lol on other hand she may want spank me hard for trying get out of spanking and trying bribe some one else take get my spankings for me lol

      • Jose says:

        Mike, I will gladly take your spanking, i am pretty sure she will give us both a hard one for just debating this one LOL. Yes, there is a slight chance she will be back to where I live and soundly spank me again.

      • Mike says:

        Jose thanks for agreeing take my spankings But i do agree She would spank us both for debating this I have feeling she be mad at me for trying bribe you into taking my spankings
        So i would get spanked more and my punishment be more painful she will teach me lesson for trying get out of my spankings make sure i dont try the idea again

  3. Another Mike says:

    Note that if you’re going to visit Jane, although her booking calendar states that all time slots are Pacific Daylight Time, they’re acutally in local (EDT for New York) time. If you want to see her at 2 PM, book for 2 PM, not 11 AM.

    I followed the instructions carefully, and, when I verified the actual New York time, she replied that I had an extra hard spanking coming for “overthinking.” Isn’t it great that in this business, you can’t lose for winning? 😉

    • Jose says:

      You should know better, Strict Jane will always find a way to give you an extra hard spanking, besides, She always wins hehehe 😦

  4. Jose says:

    I am pleased to announce that Strict Jane made it safe to the U.K> and is having lots of fun, I certainly miss Her but wish her the best and safe travels.

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