Dear Ms. Marwood – A True Invite?

Hello Ms Marwood
As a 40 yr old male I can honestly say I’ve been obsessed with spanking my entire life. I was spanked by my ex wife on a regular basis and now that she’s not in my life anymore I find myself constantly looking for the same experiences I had with her. I have seen a few women on the professional level and they have been great but I still find it hard to get comfortable. I also find it hard to bring spanking up in a regular relationship. Here is my question? I have a friend who I also have work with for over 10 years. She has mentioned many times about how I am bad and should be put over her knee. I would love her too but I don’t know if she’s being playful or really means it. I’m confused because I never mention the word spanking to anyone but she says it freely. Does she mention it so much because shes into it?I would love to approach her about my needs but I don’t want to damage our friendship. How do I know if she really means it? Maybe I should just leave it alone.
Thanks for listening

Dear David,

Let’s face it, it’s always safer to just “leave it alone” as you say. You really do have to be willing for the possibility that any deeply personal confession like that could go either way.  A lot of people in our culture get all squirmy when someone gets a little too personal with them, and it could be about something as innocuous as to confess that they occasionally steal a roll of toilet paper from their job.  Take this with a grain of salt, but it’s my opinion that people who repeatedly make spanking references as your friend has are either spankos, or are curious about spanking. BUT there is every likelihood that she just has a provocative sense of humor and thinks she’s being funny. Again, you’ll never know if you “leave it alone”.  My first suggestion is:  if you ever find out that this lady wants to spank you, instead of intensely gushing about every thought you’ve ever had about the subject, and regaling her with fantasies and stories of your spanking experiences, you should play it as cool as you can. Keep your strong feelings and reaction to yourself, and keep the spanking time light and fun. “Needy” is not an attractive look on anyone. That WILL scare your friend away in flash. If you decide to broach it with this person, I think the best way to go about it is to wait till she makes one of her cheeky remarks and volley one right back at her and see what she does. When she threatens to be put over her knee, you can say something like, “Maybe that IS the only thing that will make me behave.”  Or, if you’re feeling brave, you might say, “Oh, sure. You wouldn’t dare!”  it may result in further joking and that’s all. But if the joking continues, I would take that as a sign that you could politely ask if she’s ever spanked anyone for real. My advice is that you make little inferences when the occasion presents itself and take it very slowly and carefully.  Use your gut and your best judgment in gauging her reactions, and if you feel encouraged, tiptoe further onward.  Good luck!

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3 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – A True Invite?

  1. Anton Pelican says:

    It could very well be that the lady is already into spanking; she grasped, with quick feminine intuition that David is into it, too, and is trying to make him come out and admit it.
    So you gave him the right suggestion: to open up, with tact and diplomacy.

  2. franzcoughka says:

    I think Ms. Marwood’s right. If someone’s a spanko, ask yourself how they might gauge another’s interest. I remember with my girlfriend (now wife) years ago trying to edge my way into the subject with her. Without any interest shown by her, it would have gone nowhere. If you don’t respond in some way, meeting your friend half way, she’ll probably assume you’re not into it. You’d be wasting a possibly great opportunity. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Send her signals back. If she’s just joking and not really into it, it won’t go any further than that, so nothing lost.

  3. Mike says:

    Maybe she already had some intrested in spanking didnt know how to go about it since know you she feel safe around you making comment about how she should take you over her knee to spank you made her brave too maybe she saw a hint from you that you like spankings

    maybe next time tell her something you did shouldnt had then make comment to her how you should be spanked then tell her she should take you over her lap give you a spanking or how you desver to be spanked by her

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