Lone Star Spanking Party – Recap!

Since I don’t get invited to the big spanking parties I asked if Blondie would cover the action for me in Texas. She was more than happy to do so. The following is her account of the great time in Houston.
The 3rd Annual Lone Star Spanking Party was held on May 18-22, in Houston, Texas. The 4-day, multi-party extravaganza attracted many of today’s top spanking models, and hundreds of spankos from many parts of the world (including Japan, Mexico, Canada, England, Australia, and Denmark, to name a few). 325 people were in attendance, and the excitement and sense of community at the event was exhilarating and a joy to be a part of.
I have been to several different spanking parties, but this was my first Lone Star event. I knew it was going to be a big party, but was still taken aback by the number of attendees, and the magnitude of activity. There always seemed to be something going on, and there was rarely a void in my day.

The weekend offered lots of scheduled demos and events, suite parties, and opportunities for private or public play. While spanking was, of course, the main focus, a definite high point was meeting so many friendly, interesting, and open-minded fellow spankos. It’s great to be around others who share such a passion for spanking, in an atmosphere conducive to exploration and discussion of our common interest.

Lone Star kicked off on Thursday evening, with a pizza party and meet and greet. It was great chatting with and getting to know some of my fellow partygoers and spanking enthusiasts. It seemed everywhere I went, every corner I turned, there was someone new to meet, to talk to….or to spank. It was wonderful seeing old friends, but just as great meeting new ones.

Anna with Dana Specht

Friday is when the real fun began, including a group of spanking demos that was definitely a highlight of the party. The first was erotic spanking with Sarah Gregory and Samantha Baker. The chemistry between these 2 ladies was amazing, and so much fun to watch. Their interactions drove home every point they vocalized. It was obvious Sarah felt right at home over Samantha’s lap. She was comfortable, funny, and clearly loved every minute of it. Samantha was the perfect erotic spanker, and brought out Sarah’s sexy and playful side. This is the perfect example of a healthy dynamic, and these 2 ladies nailed it.
Next, Michael Masterson gave a presentation on disciplinary spanking. Models Adrianna Evans, Stevie Rose, and Sugar Sugar were all taken in turn and given several swats each on their bare bottoms with Mr Masterson’s stern paddle. Mr. Masterson kept a very stoic demeanor, but even so, it was apparent that this man loves what he does. His presentation centered on technique, but the chemistry he had with his models made it very entertaining to watch.
Johnny Lake also gave a very thorough demonstration on the use and varieties of canes. On that, I will just say, If you ever get the chance to attend one of his presentations, do so. He is extremely knowledgeable, and you will not be disappointed.
Saturday was by far the busiest day of the party, and saw a lot of really fun events. One of the more memorable ones was the “Sinners and Saints Breakfast,” a secret spankers event in which a group of female tops “crash” a continental breakfast full of naughty and nice boys. Some of the tops who participated this year included Miss Elizabeth, Miss Rachel, Lady Bernadette, and myself.  Everyone had a lot of fun….and what better way to start the day than a steaming cup of coffee and scalding bottom?
The Saturday afternoon Vendors Fair hosted 24 different vendors. This was a public event, and took place in the main ballroom. One of the highlights was the Swats for Charity booth, which raised over $1300.00 for the American Cancer Society. Several good-hearted spankos sacrificed their bottoms for cancer research, including Uncle Bob from Uncle Bobs Woodshed, who also DJ’d the event. “Over time, I must’ve given Christie Cutie hundreds of swats, so I’m certain there’s only one thing on her mind: PAYBACK.”
Saturday night was the main party dinner, and the AAA Spanking Awards Presentation, which was held in the main ballroom across from, oddly enough, the local high school prom party. Out of respect to the hotel and it’s guests, the party planners made an effort to keep things on the down-low, but how do you present an award for “Best Male Spanker” or “Best Facial Expression” right within earshot of the prom king and queen?  Even so, everyone did a great job, and the event went smoothly.
For me, the highlight of the Awards Presentation was an emotional speech that Sarah Gregory made, in which she expressed her gratitude towards the spanking community. She said “spanking saved my life,” and poured out her heart about what spanking means to her. She thanked the people who helped her on her journey, and in doing so, touched on the core reason spanking means so much to me, and why I have attached myself to this lifestyle.

Spankers of the Year award winners. What did the losers get?

The Saturday festivities ended with a mass flogging at midnight, in the Main Party Suite. As someone who adores getting flogged, this was a phenomenal experience…. Lying on a row of massage tables with 4 other females, back and bottom exposed, being flogged continuously, over and over. At the end of it all, I didn’t even want to get off of the table. This was my first public flogging experience, and I don’t plan on it being my last.
Many of the most popular spanking producers and models, from across the country,  were in attendance, which means that you can expect a LOT of new content from many of your favorite sites, very soon. A lot of video was shot over the weekend. While filming, I had the pleasure of meeting 2 new female tops, Miss Rachel and Lady Bernadette, who will be featured soon on Mommaspankings.com. Both of these ladies are beautiful and talented, and give serious, stern, no-nonsense spankings. I know that everyone who enjoys strict maternal type spanking will love both of these ladies. It’s exciting to have so many great female tops entering the scene.
For the second year in a row, there was also a live video shoot. This gives interested party attendees the opportunity to see a spanking video taped live and in person. This year’s shoot was “Tanning the TSA,” where several obnoxious and bratty TSA Agents (Harley Havik, Ava Nicole, Sarah Dise, and Adriana Evans) get their bottoms blistered for unprofessional behavior. 
The party ended on Sunday, with a farewell brunch in the party suite. Even on Sunday morning, there were a lot of attendees who were still ready for more spanking fun. While so many of us were tired, and were ready to go home and resume our normal lives, we still wanted to cram ourselves into a Time Machine and go back just a couple days earlier – so we could have just a little more spanking fun.
And remember if you find yourself in Southern Cal and you need a spanking Blondie has an available lap.
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2 Responses to Lone Star Spanking Party – Recap!

  1. Uncle Bob says:

    Wonderful article, well written, and on a personal note: Anna is a pleasure to play with!

  2. Mike says:

    She seem like real cool awesome young lady both as Spanker and Spankee i seen her pics and videos

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