Dear Ms. Marwood – Don’t…Stop…Don’t Stop!

Dear Ms. Marwood,
Why do Spankers Stop Spanking? My question is really more of a philosophical one, but I hoped that someone in the profession, a woman who has been seeing the good and the bad end (forgive the pun!) of things, would have some insight. I have known three wonderful spankers, women with really a natural gift for spanking, to just stop altogether, never to discuss the subject again. Can someone just burn-out spanking too much? As a dyed-in-the-wool spanko, this little “habit” of mine is not going away soon, (I’m 47). Can you just be into spanking and then one day…not? And I guess the real question is, the one I am afraid to ask…Will you be giving up spanking anytime soon? Hopefully not before I get a chance to go across your knee!
Dear ForeverOTK,
It’s very sweet of you to be so enthusiastic about coming to see me.  I do hope we have an opportunity to meet one day.  As far as why Pro Spankers retire, I am guessing it’s the same reasons that anybody leaves their jobs:  moving away, meeting someone and maybe getting married, putting in their time and are ready move on, a better opportunity to make more money… Some people see this as an opportunity to make a certain amount of money and then go do other things they want like going to college, or traveling or buying a home or starting a new business.  Spankers are no different about their work than anyone else. What might motivate you to leave YOUR job?
Bottoms up!
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