Pick ‘Em and Comments

pick 3s32hzpo1_1280

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3 Responses to pick 3s32hzpo1_1280

  1. Anton Pelican says:

    Maybe the one on the left to spank me…But, Andy, why do you pick such…er… not exactly exciting girls and ladies to spank or be spanked by? Maybe it’s me, but those girls simply inspire, at the most, a dance at the debutante ball! There are simply thousands out there that are “right” and seem to beg to be in a spanking scene, both as subs or dommes..!
    For example, I was just looking at Lady Nadine, on the Lausboys’ link on your page… Well, guess what? That would be just a dream lady to be spanked by..!

  2. Wilson says:

    Miss Right will go over my knee…

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’d spank the one in the middle and get spanked by the other two.

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