The Strictmoor Video – Coming Soon!

Got a nice note from Elizabeth Spanker the other day. She is jumping into video head first. Lucky us.
Hey Andy!
I wanted to tell you about what a great experience it’s been shooting for Sarah Gregory’s Strictmoor Academy for Girls “Winter Edition”.  We all show up at a beautiful Victorian home not too far from where Sarah lives at about 9am.  We hope to start shooting at 10.  We have Sarah and John Osborne behind the cameras.  Justin was there to help by not only taking photos of all of us behind the scenes and for promo shots, but he along with John were the main brute strength behind physically moving lights, props, etc around.  Adriana Evans is an assistant director for Sarah.  Sarah has taken the time to organize everything and everyone.  We’d all been emailed scripts, but she’s got copies printed out as well as other info sheets that we can refer to.  This is serious business, and we have 5 scenes to shoot in one day.  The models are all shown where the dressing room is and we’re told what we’re shooting first.  You can hear the excitement in everyone’s voices.  Some have done this before, and others, like me, are first timers to the Strictmoor shoots.  We will be there shooting until we are done.  Plenty of food and beverages for us when we have a break or are hungry in the kitchen.


We had excellent direction from Sarah.  Her organizational skills are exemplary.  She had outstanding help from Adriana behind the scenes, and it made a world of difference for her to have an assistant.  There is no way to do something of this magnitude without some backup!  John is a real guru behind the camera and is an overall fun guy on the set.  Justin is so helpful and kind, and so skilled with the camera.  We have him to thank for the dozens of wonderful stills we’ll each have in our email inboxes sometime soon.  We all took what we had to do very seriously, but we had such a good time doing it!  We did a lot of work, but it was very rewarding once that final “Cut!” was said at about 8pm Saturday night.  Later that evening we all hung out in Sarah’s backyard for a late supper around the bonfire, taking time to reflect, relax and decompress.  
Between scenes that we were needed in, we were able to get some food in the kitchen, hang out and chat quietly.  Though it’s a big house, the sound carries throughout it.  “Quiet on the set!” was heard more than once.  I enjoyed watching scenes that I wasn’t necessarily needed in so that I could just get a feel of how such a big production is run.  A wonderful learning opportunity for me!
Though I met a couple of girls for the very first time for this production, we all got along very well, had fun and enjoyed one another’s company while we were together and shooting.  Of course, we had roles to play and we all did our very best to make the most of this “mini” edition of Strictmoor Academy.  While this episode of Strictmoor will take some time for Sarah to edit and for Samantha and I to get some voiceover work done, I can say that once it’s released, I’m hopeful it’s received as well as the episodes from the past.  I’d love to have an opportunity to come back as Miss Anne Welbourne in the future!
I couldn’t let go with just a note. Who were the other women in the shoot?
The other women in the shoot in recognizable roles were Samantha Baker, Audrey Sugarsmack, Ava Nicole, Mackenzie Reed and Alexia Ellis.  There were a few scenes where we needed someone shot from the back, or a flashback without a head, so it was Sarah, Adriana Evans as well as a good friend of Sarah’s who helped out here.
How many were first timers?
Samantha and I were, as was Mackenzie Reed.  The other three girls were being “sent back” to Strictmoor to be taught more lessons the hard way AGAIN.
Who enjoyed being spanked the most, if that’s a thing, and who hated it?
I can’t say that anyone on the receiving end really enjoyed the spanking while it was happening.  We delivered spankings that meant business, rather than just the “fun” kind, during the shoot.  I can tell you that Mackenzie took it incredibly hard, preferring it that way to get her best reactions, which typically amounted to actual tears.
Did all the ladies get along?
Absolutely, we all enjoyed one another’s company!  We had a blast!
What is the storyline at Strictmoor?
Strictmoor Academy for Girls is a college for wayward young women.  In this episode, three of the ladies who had been here before have returned for more discipline, along with a new girl, who is here to address her laziness.  They are here for continued classroom education as well as to have their behavioral issues addressed in a manner which will teach them lessons of a lifetime. 
A shoot with this many players is a big undertaking, was Sarah overwhelmed at any time?
Sarah’s done productions at least double this size.  This was a short shoot compared to typical Strictmoor shooting length standards.  Sarah had it all under control and her ability to keep things organized was impressive to watch!
How long is the script?
This was a 5 scene shoot.  Those 5 scenes took an entire day to shoot, starting at 10am with a short lunch break and wrapping at about 8pm.
Are the ladies given attitudes to play also, or do they just wing it?
Considering three of these ladies were coming back for another round of Strictmoor discipline, they came along with their attitudes/demeanor from their last visit.  Our opening scene was discussing the letters received regarding the ladies’ behavior that Mrs. Frobisher (Samantha Baker) addressed.  Rachel (Mackenzie Reed), the new girl to the academy had been very lazy, Belinda(Audrey Sugarsmack) is back to Strictmoor due to her rudeness, Susan (Ava Nicole) has a bad habit of breaking her curfew and Allegra (Alexia Ellis) just can’t seem to break her nasty habit of smoking.  Of course, these issues are just the beginning when it comes to reasons behind their need to be punished and disciplined.
The women get spanked in front of each other, does this add to the nervousness and excitement?
Absolutely!  They have to watch what they’re in for next.  Of course, whoever goes first has no idea exactly what they’re in for, other than they know it’s a hand or hairbrush, or caning scene.  But I really believe that they get rather nervous watching as they wait their turn over the knee.  I know there were plenty of nervous, butterflies-in-the-stomach moments for the ladies on numerous occasions as they watched.
What’s the gossip in the kitchen in between scenes like?
Hmmmm…kitchen gossip?  We mainly ate, drank coffee, talked about the scenes we’d just completed, what’s coming up next, who’s up next for a spanking…those sort of things.  I was checking my script, as were others, looking to see if there were certain things that needed to be said during our next scene.  We were decompressing in between scenes shot and enjoying each others’ company.  
Will you be involved with more Strictmoor Academy shoots?
I would be honored to have future involvement with Strictmoor Academy!!  I loved the amazing attention to detail in the script as well as during the shoot.  I hope to receive another invitation to join in with Strictmoor again in the future!
As you close your eyes and reflect on the shoot what memories stand out the most?
I smile thinking about how well organized the shoot was.  This type of undertaking could be sheer chaos without the amazing organizational skills of Sarah & her behind-the-scenes crew.  I smile thinking about how hard we worked, and how everyone was so ready to do their part.  I really enjoyed getting to know the ladies I worked with, and I’m honored that they trust me to deliver what they require in regard to spanking intensity.  It was a great group of people to work with, all day long.  At the end of the day, I felt a sense of accomplishment and exhaustion, and I know that was shared by all involved.  It was a good day that I will forever look back upon and smile.
Remember, you too can find yourself over Elizabeth’s lap:
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One Response to The Strictmoor Video – Coming Soon!

  1. Beautiful description Miss Wellbourne!
    It’s true, Sarah’s organizational skills made the entire day hard work, exciting& fast paced!
    A day filled with 4 pretty bottoms getting reddened… by us!
    Regards, Mrs. Frobisher 😉

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