JD A Well Spanked Man

You are just a spanko aren’t you? How long have you been into spanking?

I have been thinking about spanking as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I was always looking up spanking-related words in the dictionary, or looking for any reference I could find! At about 10-11 years old, rather than trying to play doctor with the neighbor girl, I was trying to engage her in spanking games….

Spanking games?

We used to play board games with spanks as penalties, like checkers.  Other favorites were Yahtzee, or my own favorite, strip/spank poker.  We used to play that the loser had to remove a piece of clothing or take a spanking, their choice!  After a few times getting spanked, it was less painful but more embarrassing to remove clothing!

Were you pretty active before you started doing video’s?

No, I really wasn’t. I had a few girlfriends that I tried to get to spank me or vice versa, but it was just playing around. I was hungry for the real experience, with someone who understood the psychology and could get inside my head.

You top, switch and bottom in video. How did you get into doing videos?

The fabulous Jennifer Brooks.

I met Jennifer Brooks at the first Shadow Lane party that I had the courage to attend. It was held a the Sportsman Lodge in Los Angeles. After the main dinner, I went over Jennifer’s lap for a spanking and was hooked! We discussed my appearing in some videos for her company, Hot Spankings, and the rest is history!

Can a man make money acting in spanking video’s?

I have been compensated on occasion, but I have to say that a guy should probably keep his day job! Some gigs that require taking a heavier punishment do compensate the models, though.

You are making all my male readers envious, you know? If you had your choice, would you be the spanker or spankee?

Wow – that’s like being asked to choose between ice cream and chocolate cake! I think it depends on the situation for me now, and my own mood. I definitely get something different from each role. But a woman who can really get my endorphins going by giving me a good old-fashioned spanking is hard to pass up.

You were out of the scene for awhile?

Yes, I went through a relationship where I was trying to deny my interest in spanking, which was doomed to failure, but I definitely got to know myself better for it. After that relationship failed, I was blessed to find my current partner who allows me to indulge my interest in spanking, though she and I have our own thing which is fantastic as well!


You have a wealth of knowledge and experience in spanking, I don’t have a question that will bring it all out, you might have to write a book. But please, and this will take you awhile, try to give us a glimpse into your life?

Well, I was born and raised in the Midwest, and went to college on the East Coast before settling in California. Growing up, I knew I was a hard-wired spanko, which only got cemented after I discovered a story about spanking in the “Letters” section of one of my Dad’s Penthouse magazines. I wasn’t spanked by my parents, but I got spanked once along with a friend at a summer camp I attended when we were 12 going on 13, and that really fueled my interest! I was paddled once in Junior High (yes, they still allowed that when I was in school there), but there was nothing remotely erotic or exciting about it – it just hurt like hell!

I didn’t have my first adult spanking experience until I was graduated from college, and then I never looked back!

When I’m not spanking or being spanked, I love good food, good wine, curling up on the couch with a book, and travel and hiking.

I may have some tops needing a bottom. How do they contact you?

Probably the best way is through my email: jdspanked@gmail.com, or my Fetlife (jdspanked) or Facebook (Josh Day) profiles.

Have you thought about starting your own business? Spanking of course?

I have. Ultimately, due to other time commitments in my life, I decided that working with some of the fantastic content providers and websites out there today was best!

I imagine you engage in spanking when not on camera too?

Of course – though the on-camera work let’s me unleash my exhibitionist side 😉

What’s the best part of getting a spanking?

Wow – that is another tough question. I like the anticipation, knowing that it is going to happen, and that no matter how hard I try to get out of it, I am going to end up with a sore bottom! I like the embarrassment of the moment when I have to lower my pants, or when she lowers my pants for me. And finally I love the endorphin rush of a good, long hard spanking.

Is there an implement that always gets your attention?

Haha – did you mean in a good way or a bad way? I especially like the feel of leather, but I dread (and love) the hairbrush. It has elements of domestic discipline that get my attention, along with the sting in my rear, of course!

Have you ever been brought to real tears?

Emotionally, no. But I have had my eyes water from the pain of a hard spanking, especially with stingier instruments like a hairbrush or wooden spoon.

I’m sure you enjoy roleplay since you’ve done so much of it. Do you have a favorite role play scenario?

I love domestic scenarios the best, or one’s that make me think back to teenage years.  I especially love being the naughty teenager peeking in on the girls’ locker room, and get caught.  The girls offer me a choice – get turned in to the principal’s office, or take an embarrassing spanking from them!

I don’t talk to many men about spanking but your situation is so special, you’ve been spanked by some of the best in the biz. Was Jennifer Brooks the first professional you worked with?

Jennifer Brooks hard at work

Yes. She really introduced me to the industry.

Nice introduction. What is she like, you know, as a person?

Jennifer is a great person. Very non-judgmental, had a way of making you feel comfortable taking your clothes off in front of a camera, lights, and roomful of strangers!

And as a spanker?

Since Jennifer is a spanko through and through, she understaood not only the physical aspect but also the mental. And she had been on both sides of the hairbrush, which in my opinion makes one a better spanker.

The memory that sticks out most?

My most fond memory of Jennifer is definitely getting spanked on the bare bottom in front of a room full of people after the dinner at a Shadow Lane party.  Very embarrassing for all those folks to see me kicking and squirming over her lap 😉

The photo’s on your fetlife are amazing. You’ve have some beautiful women spankers. How’d do you meet them?


A few are friends I have met through local or national parties, and many are local models that I have shot with through the store Customfetishshoots.


Who is the hardest spanker you’ve ever met?

Want to ride this Harley? Lap of course.

Until last month, I would have said Jennifer Brooks. But I had the pleasure of getting spanked by Harley Havik, an up-and-coming spanking model, at the Lone Star Spanking Party this year. When she started spanking me, I thought for certain she was using a paddle, but it was only her hand!

I had a few friends at Lone Star, who did you get spanked by this year?

Jenn D

I got spanked by JennD, Miss Rachel, Harley Havik, Strict Jane, and a few others.

Nice line up. Sounds like Sarah puts on a helluva party?

She is a great hostess – very much loves to entertain and make sure her guests are welcome, along with the other organizers.

So you actively hit the spanking party scene?

I try to attend Lone Star Spanking in Houston, which is just a great party, with fantastic organizers, and Shadow Lane in Las Vegas every year.

Are most of the women you’ve met truly into spanking or is it a fun paid shoot for them?

Some of the models are just doing a fun shoot, but I would say most are truly into spanking. If it is in your blood, it makes for better chemistry on camera.

Agreed. Let’s talk a few other big names, like  Gigi Allens, how were those sessions?

Gigi Allens was not only gorgeous, and a fantastic spanker, but she really had a way of making it extra-embarrassing! I really dreaded the moment when she pulled my pants down, all the while she is commenting on how childish I look standing there in my briefs about to get spanked like a naughty teenager!

She’s amazing on camera. I haven’t seen her for awhile though? Is she still into spanking?

I think that she is still active, though I haven’t had the opportunity to work with her recently. I’d love to though!

Stevie Rose is finally breaking big. She was mostly a bottom (and still does a lot to that) but she’s also becoming a fabulous top. What’s she like?

Stevie is a very special person. She is truly into spanking, and enjoys both roles, though I think she is really channeling her dominant side lately! She is a pleasure to work with as she can enjoy herself and doesn’t take things too seriously, while still delivering a great performance. On top of that she is a genuinely nice person – just don’t cross her when she has her hairbrush in her hand!

Who have I forgotten to mention?

Well, Jennifer Brooks had some great talent working with her at Brooks Applications. I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa Van Buren, Chantal Sauvage, Janet Beckwith and Felicia Gates and Selena Serena. The spanking I got from Felicia and Selena together was especially embarrassing, sexy and painful all at once!

Did you ever work for NuWest?

Unfortunately I never had the pleasure, though I think that one of the great all-time male subs, David, worked for Leda for a while.

Which companies have you worked for?

I have been luck enough to model for Brooks Applications (Hotspankings), ClareSpanksMen, DisciplinaryArts, CustomFetishShoots, and Stevie Rose’s I-Heart-Spankings.


You probably can’t remember all your spankings. But give me one memory that’s always in your head?

Well, there are so many! But I think it has to be the time my girlfriend and I were out for a hike in the mountains, and she surprised me by packing a hairbrush…midway through the hike I got my shorts and briefs pulled down for an OTK spanking, right there on the side of the hiking trail! To add to the embarrassment, a couple behind us on the trail was probably close enough to hear the spanking, though I doubt they saw anything. But I was certainly thinking about it all the way back to the car (and feeling it). Anyway, I still get goosebumps thinking about that very public spanking.

What are your plans moving forward?

Enjoy life, and live each day to the fullest, and maybe have some more spanking fun along the way!

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9 Responses to JD A Well Spanked Man

  1. Tom says:

    Who is Gigi Allens? I never heard of her or some of the others mentioned. I imagine they make videos but are not professional disciplinarians. Correct?

    • Josh Day says:

      Gigi Allens is a professional, and has done some video work for Clarespanksmen.com. She is originally from Australia!

  2. Ethan says:

    How lucky to have been across the lap of Jennifer Brooks. She has got to be my all time favorite spanker.

  3. Mike says:

    Gigi Allen is spanking model she on Clare spank men’s. spanked call girls etc not pro disciplinarian she switches spank naughty boy/girls get spank her self make video

  4. What a great interview! Hope to meet you sometime down the road, Josh!

  5. A.J. says:

    Very nice and informative interview, Andy.

    I esp. like the parts about Jennifer Brooks. I was very lucky to do a switch session with her right before she became “famous” at Nu-West. I was on travel in San Diego and scheduled an early morning hour with her, early enough that we had breakfast together before playing. I still remember that breakfast conversation and our play after. We had so much fun together we lost track of the time and my 1-hour with her turned into three and neither of us cared! She was a wonderful person and, although we never played again, stayed in touch for a few more years.

  6. Robert Wenn says:

    Any memories of being spanked across the knee of Chantal Sauvage…..?

    • jdspanked@gmail.com says:

      Yes indeed! She was one of the harder spankers I ever worked with, but had a way of building it up so that I didn’t realize how hard I had actually been spanked 😉

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