Tea Time and Spankings – Jane’s In England

Hi Andy,

London is awesome. Please post the following, thanks!!!! 

I’m having a glorious time in the unusually warm London sunshine. I’m never far from my implements and several naughty English bottoms have met with them already. A rosy bloom on pale English skin is intoxicating. I have the week ahead to squeeze in a few more miscreants – until July 1st. To those who are reading this in the UK…come to me in central London for a disciplinary thrashing!
Emails are preferred:  info@strictjane.com
With warm regards,
Strict Jane

Accountability Hurts!
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6 Responses to Tea Time and Spankings – Jane’s In England

  1. jasnstir says:

    Good morning Strict Jane!
    I hear from several miss behaving boys in London… They need to be in contact with you right away!
    Madame Samantha Baker

  2. Jane's pet says:

    Hi Strict Jane, glad to know You doing well and having fun, here, i am patiently awaiting Your return to book my next session.

  3. Thrash_me says:

    Wow – the wonderful and amazing Strict Jane is in London!
    As someone living near London, I really hope I get the chance to meet her and receive a proper strict and severe thrashing from her.
    Jane – if you happen to read this, then an email will be on its way tonight.
    My bottom is simply tingling (or maybe that should be trembling) at the thought.

  4. Thrash_me says:

    Hi Jane – I have sent you an emai in regards to a session in London.
    I wanted to let you know on here, just in case it ended up in your spam.
    Obviously I won’t post my full email address in a public forum, but please look out for an email from an aol account – ‘paddle………..@aol.com’. Hope you are having fun in London (although the unusually warm London sunshine has been replaced by the more usual cold London rain!!!.

  5. Mike says:

    Bet sweet Miss Strict Jane go easy on Naughty Boys while OVer her Lap she spanking them right. anybody want take my spanking for me from her?

  6. David says:

    Do you slipper strict Jane

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