Elizabeth Burns – Sound Spankings

I have a website that sells spanking audio clips. I have had it for years, but I am just about to relaunch it with a new name and web address, as well as a new look. I was wondering if you would make a post about it? It will be coming out sometime this week I am hoping. Is that something you would be open to?
The website is up and running now. The address is SpankingAudioClips.com. There people will find free spanking clip samples, over 25 spanking clips that include scolding, real life spankings, stories and more. I have several more clips I will be adding over the next few weeks. Also, information about phone sessions, custom audio clips and the ability to get a weekly phone message from me. Anyone who signs up for the mailing list (signup is located at the bottom of the site) will get free audio clips throughout the year, be notified of any sales and more.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Ed. Note: We are going to start sharing exclusive clips with you, my readers, if I can get wordpress to accept audio files.
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8 Responses to Elizabeth Burns – Sound Spankings

  1. Mike says:

    One thing i would do while listening to audio of her speaking scolding is follow along put my pants dow bend over chait lay across seat part pretned iam over her lap as she spanking me

    • I would think some of the audio clips from my “scolding/POV” page might be very good for someone in this position to feel like they are getting a good talking to and about to get a spanking. Lots of authentic scolding to make you feel like you are really in for it!

      • Mike says:

        I agree knowing too a spanking coming too can’t get out punishment as well while in position waiting knowing mess up no one fault but own even scary know it strict female who spank really hard spanking going be very painful

  2. Jon says:

    Elizabeth did a custom clip for me and it was fantastic. I also did a phone session with her a long time ago (11 years? good lord, where does the time go?) and that was amazing also. Highly recommended.

    I really need to go see her for an in person session.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Jon. Time sure does seem to fly, doesn’t it? Well, it might not quite so much when your bare bottom is over my lap getting a spanking! 🙂

    I love doing phone sessions, making audio clips and having naughty bottoms over my knee.

    Anyone interested in a live session can check out my travel schedule at http://www.elizabethburns.com and contact me through the site.

    • Grady Allen says:

      Elizabeth, do you love giving patty cakes spankings to good boys like me? Or am I fixin’ to get a good dose of the hairbrush for lying about being a good boy? Yikes! BTW, congrats on the new website–looks and sounds fantastic!!!

      For those of you wanting to go see Elizabeth, DO IT!!! You WILL have a super SORE bottom afterwards but it is completely worth it!!!! Elizabeth is the REAL DEAL! OUCH!!! I can’t wait to go across her lap again!

      • LOL Hmm, where is my hairbrush?? I think naughty boys who lie and say they are good boys get a good hard blistering with my hairbrush, right across their bare bottoms! So, that is exactly what is in store for you! Any other questions? 🙂

        Thank you for the comments on the new site, as well as the nice things you said about me. I can’t wait to have you across my lap again!!

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