Cassandra – Exhales!

Hi Cassandra pleasure to speak with you.

It’s a pleasure to speak with you, too, at long last.

You like spanking naughty boys don’t you?

I don’t just like spanking naughty boys, I LOVE spanking naughty boys!

How about naughty girls?

Well, I don’t discriminate between bottoms.  If there is one there to be spanked, it matters not what the gender is!

Have you always enjoyed spanking or is it something you got into later in life?

I guess as a younger girl I was always a bit bossy with the boys.  I’d play games with them, “teacher and naughty boy” even at the early teenage years.  I really came into it though in my later years. It’s the taking from it that I enjoy…..

Was your first spanking experience with Peter and Katie and their fantastic company Institute of Discipline?

It wasn’t actually.  I have my primary subbie who is very much my naughty schoolboy.  I always dress him in traditional school uniform with short shorts and bend him over my knee! He has been a BIG fan of Katie for lots of years though, and when I told him I was doing some spanking with the brilliant Institute of Discipline he was overwhelmed. It was like he’d met movie stars just by knowing I was going to be in their company!

All the women that work for them are sooooo great are you friendly with them or do you ever meet?

I was actually chatting to one of these friendly women at my photographic studio whilst she was modelling one day when she mentioned Peter and Katie.  A quick exchange of telephone numbers took place and the rest, as they say, is history. I haven’t met them all as yet but they all seem a lovely crowd.

Besides you, who is the hardest spanker in the group?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’d have to say Katie – she’s the BOSS! But I have seen Victoria Carter in action and she is pretty awesome…..

Miss Carter ready for action

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

Yes. There are 2 really.  One at school, way back in the day, playing on “the bumps” adjacent to the school grounds (you could sneak out through the trees and not be seen). We will call the lad Stephen.  I recall dragging him over my knee and whacking his bottom or not doing his homework.  I think I was playing one of my teachers who’s name escapes me. 


 Lucky Stephen and the second one?

The second was with my primary subbie…..lets call him Paul.  He was in his school uniform, brown corduroy shorts.  The feel of the fibres as I pulled them down, his traditional white vest and pants.  I remember his chastity device digging in to my right leg and being rather uncomfortable which just made me more determined to make him suffer.  Whack, whack, whack…….his rosy red bottom and the sting of my hand.  Sublime.

You do a lot of video work. How different are the scenes under the lights as opposed to a private session?

Not very much different really.  Private sessions tend to be in role play anyway, with the bossy, finger wagging auntie or arm crossed teacher.  It’s an easy transition from one to the other.  Peter and Katie make it a really relaxed and comfortable experience though.  Katie is always on hand for advice as well, which is lovely.

 What kind of advice does Katie give you?

Katie tells me to relax my shoulder more as I’m spanking for their videos.  I think I must look a bit too eager! She is a fabulous role model and if there’s anything I’m unsure about, she points me in the right direction.

So eager to spank. And you do give private sessions, how do we contact you and where are you located?

Well, my mobile number is 07596113269 and I have my own website:

There are actual testimonials on there so it’s almost like a “product review” haha!  My chamber is based in Swinton, Rotherham with train stations close by for easy access.

Do you have a spanking style? Say we come to see you, what should we expect?

I enjoy the closeness, bottom right up, your arm around the back of me.  I like an open chair so I have lots of room to swing my arm!  My favourite is one knee spanking though, so I can wrap my right leg around your legs tightly.  I can feel the squirms better that way…

Hold on, let me catch my breath. Okay, with all that video (acting) work you must be great at role play?

I like to think so……….hee hee

 Any favorite scenario’s?

Probably a private one I had at Exhale just this week. Naughty nephew, pinching apples and money from his mum’s purse.  I was looking after him for the weekend, his mum was away.  I had her permission to deal with him as I saw fit. I used my hand, hairbrush (ebony of course) pumps, plimsoll, traditional slipper and tawse before I just happened to have my horse’s schooling whip to hand……I told him it was for his own good though and it would make him a better person in the future.

Do you think spanking can be used for therapy? Or is it mostly discipline?

It’s like Pavlov’s dogs – the reward invokes the behaviour and vice versa.  I use it mostly for discipline though.

You look like you really enjoy the cane. Is it your fave implement?

Yes, without reservation.  I have a prison dragon cane called “Canedice” – she is my cane of choice. But, a crop, flogger, tawse, martinet, Canadian prison strap……if they find their way into my hand and there’s a bottom around, I’m going to have to use it.

I’m an OTK kind of guy, can you take someone over your lap and blister their bottom with just your hand?

I’ve never managed to blister a bottom, but I have managed to blister my own hand! A bit of determination and a 20 second rest to allow my arm muscles to recover and I’m back in there!

You look imposing. How tall are you?

Just a dainty 5’7”

What’s your favorite part of the spanking? First spank? Begging? Squirming?

Hmmm, the anticipation for both of us. I know what’s coming, how it’s going to feel, how they’re going to feel.  It’s very powerful.  The crack of the first spank is always the best though.

 Do you ever get tears?

From time to time….

What do you get out of the experience?

Depends on the spankee.  The naughty ones who keep chelping back and are never sorry are lots and lots of fun (aren’t you, Peter?!!)

 Is it the most fun job ever?

Without a doubt!

 Are you smiling the whole time you are spanking?

I have to be careful as I’m a very pleasant, smiley kind of woman.  If I’m being filmed and staying in role, it’s easy as I’m far more strict with myself.  In a private session, as long as it’s something that the spankee finds funny too and it’s only a short slip out of character then we can chuckle together. But I always seem to have a wry little smirk on my face.

Have you ever been or are you still spanked?
Not really.  I always like to experience how it feels from the subs perspective so have tried a few things, including being spanked, but I find it difficult to turn the dominant off! That means I want to drag them over my knee all the time!

Why do you think we naughty grown men and women crave spankings so much?

Hmmm, the feeling of being over someone’s knee, absolving all of the things that you’ve done wrong and the sound of the “crack” as that hand makes contact. Delightful…..

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3 Responses to Cassandra – Exhales!

  1. Saltee1 says:

    Love these English ladies! 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    i need go over her lap for otk spankin i been naughty boy

  3. David Cavender says:

    Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, wish I was in the UK long enough to go over your knee and get leg locked into a good long spanking, but here I am in Florida looking for your twin 🙂

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