Dear Ms. Marwood – Browser History

Dear Ms. Marwood,

My recent browser history must be fascinating. I’ve been looking up spanking online and I found you. (In the nick of time?) My fiancee just told me, in our ‘get everything out in the open” chat about his predilection of spanking. 
I don’t know how I feel about it, I love the man, but I’m not that kinky. I guess anything between consenting adults is fine and I’m not against it, but what if it does absolutely nothing for me? Should I let him go to professional women like yourself? I haven’t tied the knot yet, should I run for the hills? 

Btw, I’m stunned at how popular spanking is….


Dear Bridezilla,

I don’t think you should run for the hills. I give your hubby a lot of credit for opening up to you about his love for spanking play. You have no idea how many spankos would love to admit their predilection to their partners but won’t take the risk.

The best news is that you don’t seem appalled or horrified. It’s fine to honestly admit that its not something you’ve ever thought about. Most people are probably in that category. You may try involving yourself for your husband’s sake in these activities and find that it doesn’t do anything for you at all. You may find yourself hesitant, for fear of hurting your husband (which is actually what he wants you to do), and that may scramble your brain. Or you may get a real kick out of it. Who knows? I was a newbie years ago with a spanko boyfriend. I was shocked at first, but I figured that if he was so ordinary, it must not be that bizarre a thing to do. At the outset, the hardest thing was to get over my concern about hurting him. Once he convinced me that my holding back was just a disappointment to him, I took him at his word and found the whole thing exhilarating. Who knows how you will react but if you have any curiosity at all, I encourage you to try it for your fiancee’s sake. If it’s not for you, at least he will know you gave it your best shot. The best advice I can give you is to give it a fair chance. After each try you guys should give each other feedback and share your honest reactions. If you end up thinking it’s just not your thing, then you may just want to encourage him to go see a pro Spanker. Make sure you do your due diligence and find someone trustworthy with expertise. More disappointing than getting a sub-par thrashing is getting done but someone who’s just in it for the money. Anyone worth her fee will spend some time with him on the phone to answer question and concerns.

Be open and honest with him, whatever you choose to do, and you’ll find the best option so make sure every gets what they want and need.


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