Dear Ms. Marwood – Baby Bro.

Dear Ms. Marwood,

I’ve been spanking naughty boys and girls for a few years now. And I love it. I told my brother when I started, like I told him I was into kink, but didn’t explain it any further. We are really close. He thought it was funny. Well he’s 22 now and curious. Our parents didn’t spank us and he feels safe with me, question is, cause it does seem odd, should I spank him? Should I tell him, and help him, find someone else to spank him? At times I think it might be fun to dish out a couple dozen to his butt, and he could use them, other times it feels like a line not to cross?


Dear Beth,

What an interesting quandary! It’s really hard to dole out the definitive advice on this one. From your note, you sound very sane and well-adjusted, open and communicative with your brother. If you feel he is mature enough to understand and establish the appropriate boundaries, you could try spanking him. Even a brief demonstration-spanking so he can feel what it’s all about. Maybe start with him standing and give him a few good whacks with a real stingy paddle as hard as you can, just so he knows that spankings hurt – perhaps more than we think in our fantasies! If that doesn’t discourage him, and you both feel comfortable, give some OTK a try. In the “olden days” it was not uncommon for an older sister to discipline her younger siblings. But now there is a very different family dynamic. Only the two of you know what feels healthy and not inappropriate. If you do try this, you must agree that you will sit down right afterwards and give each other honest feedback. Without that, some weird thoughts and feelings can gurgle up. They can evoke some deep emotional conflicts in some people, men more than women. The last thing you want is some unspoken reaction to start building a deep rift between the two of you. That will grow bigger and stronger, day by day, and could even ruin your relationship. So if you’re not the kind of people who can lay all cards on the table throughout, you shouldn’t go down this road at all.

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2 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Baby Bro.

  1. Frank says:

    Don’t say anything, just sit down and tell him to bend over

  2. A.J. says:

    Brother/sister at this stage in your lives? Maybe not.

    Better – why not FIND him a girl who will accommodate him…? Have a trusted friend you could ask (with his permission)? You could do the searching and interviewing, go over them with him, have a trial, and if it happens it happens.

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