A Budding Star – Cassidy

First let me tell everyone we are bff’s, pen pals, spanking soul mates, right?

Spankos for life, and besties for life. When are we getting our matching best friend tattoos?

But you are new to the Spanking Community. How long have you been into spanking?

My whole life. The earliest memories I can clearly recall go back to when I was about 5 years old.

Tell us how your spanking fantasies turned into reality? What has been your path to this moment now?

A few years back, I stumbled upon a few different websites of Professional Disciplinarians when I was Googling “spanking”. I thought it was pretty dumb, but for some reason I kept returning to their sites… A little while later, I finally decided I’d go visit one in hopes that it would end my spanking curiosity and interests. Well, I’m here now!

As a top, bottom or switch?

I started as a spankee, and once I satisfied my desire to bottom, I felt like it was time to try topping, and found I loved it the same.

Which pro’s spanked you? And tell us a little more about them?

Gotta keep a little mystery don’t ya think? But it’s not too tricky to figure out whose spanked me. Both are awesome women who have amazing laps and can deliver quite a spanking!

Fine. Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave someone?

First spanking? Oh my… Well when I was a kid, I used to trick my brother into playing games that would involve me spanking him or tying him up. I remember I had to ease up a bit, because twice I hit him so hard that he cried.

Mean big sis, and the first one as a grown up?

The first time I actually took someone over my knee as an adult, was one of my friends. One night, I half-jokingly asked her if I could spank her, and she froze up and asked “Will I get bruises?”. At that moment, I knew she was curious and told her it would be fine, and I’d meet her at her house in 30 minutes with my implements. What good fun we had! About a week or so later, I got one of her guy friends over my knee too.

So you’ve played with some of your vanilla friends, any of them come over to the dark side?

Haha, not really. A couple have joined me a fetish parties just to see what it’s like, but that’s about it.

You went to fetish parties? Were you nervous? Were they fun?

Nervous at first, but once I settled in and started chatting with people, I felt comfortable. I even did my first flogging scene that night, as a bottom. I enjoyed it, but the BDSM scene isn’t for everyone. I brought one of my friends to a party, and she actually passed out watching my flogging scene, she didn’t like seeing me being hit. We like to laugh about it now. Needless to say, if you are interested in the BDSM type scene, I definitely recommend checking out a party!

You’ve been on both sides of the brush, will you continue to switch?

Of course. Each day is different; Some days I’m rather toppish, some days I just want a good spanking. Though lately I’ve been leaning much more on the top side of things.


What does a good spanking do for you, both giving and receiving?

Honestly, I don’t really know how to put it into words. Spanking is just something I’m hardwired to do. It’s very therapeutic, fun, and also great for emotional release.

I seem to be talking age lately in interviews. You are young, is that an advantage or disadvantage for you?

When I first started topping, I thought my age would be a turnoff for most. I’ve found that most people don’t care. Plenty of men have expressed an interest in bottoming to me, and it really adds to the humiliation aspect of it, and I thoroughly enjoy that!

Somehow I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting bad boys and girls across your knee. I hear you already give blistering hand spankings, true?

It’s very stingy and someone recently called it “evil”, but I guess you should to come feel it for yourself to verify. 😉


But I’m an angel. You already have a small arsenal of implements. Favorites?

I have quite a few. I have so many favorites! Recently I picked up this studded belt strap that has this cute wooden  handle. I love my vintage style hairbrush, or any hairbrush for that matter. But you can’t go wrong with your big old school paddle. 

Do you enjoy role play?


I think you’d make a great babysitter. Or student who turns the tables on the teacher. You have any favorite scenes?

How did you know those are 2 of my favorites? I also really like being your strict teacher/tutor, girl-next-door, daughter, or perhaps fitness coach. Or any situation where someone turns the tables, I’m very fond of.

You recently shot a video, which I haven’t seen yet, tell us about that?

Yes, I shot my first video with Mr. Rob (DelcoSpankos) and Miss Jenn. The storyline is: Our family was out on vacation, but I had tests coming up and was told to stay in and study. My mom goes out, thinking that I am in studying for my tests. Instead of studying, I decide to sneak out, go partying, and drive home drunk (while underage!).  My mom ends up returning to the hotel early due to a headache, and I find her sitting on the couch, awaiting my arrival and looking very unhappy. She scolds me, lectures me and takes me over her knee and spanks me soundly with her hand and hairbrush.

The next day, my dad arrives home. He sees the hairbrush in Mom’s hand and me nervously biting my nails, and knows something is up! Mom explains to him what I did the previous night, and boy, Daddy is angry! I get taken over his knee and am hand spanked. My parents then take turns blistering my bottom; I get hairbrush spanked by mom, belted by dad, and then strapped by mom. Super strict parents, am I right?! By the end of it, I am a very sorry girl with a very sore, very red bottom.

Sounds amazing. I hear you’ll be at Shadow Lane. Will you be taking sessions?

Yes, I will be! And it’s only a few weeks away so contact me NOW!

Then maybe I should have led with this announcement. Tell us how to book a session with you?

If you’re interested in a session, shoot me an email at sassyxolassy@gmail.com. I also take sessions in Seattle, where I’m located.

When will you have a website up and running?

Websites are lots of work and I’m really busy, but perhaps one of these days I’ll get one up. For now, you can follow me on Twitter at @SassyXOLassy or, I’m on FetLife as SassyXLassy.

I know Elizabeth Spanker wants to work with you. Shoot some videos. Are you up for that?

Yes! I’m really excited to be meeting her at Shadow Lane.

Will you do a follow up interview? Let us know all the details of Vegas?

Sure thing! It will be my first time going to a national party, I’m looking forward to it!

If we finally meet and only have time for one of us to be spanked, who gets it?

*grabs you by the ear and takes you over my knee*

Does that answer your question?


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5 Responses to A Budding Star – Cassidy

  1. mike says:

    I follow her on twitter and seen her fetlife profile she one young lady I hope get chance go over her knee lap for good spanking iam 46 she 20 something butt shouldn’t matter when getting spanking from her I alway have fantasy being spanked by female younger then me

  2. Mr Rob says:

    Great interview and no doubt this girl will be a star. She already plays like a seasoned veteran. Can’t wait to work with her again.

  3. Tom says:

    Seems like a delightful young lady. I do hope to meet her.

  4. A.J. says:

    Fun interview; and nice find, Andy!

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