Shadow Lane Thru Her Eyes – Josephine Drake

So, how was your Labor Day?

 I was at Shadow Lane Friday through Sunday, so I spent Labor Day itself recovering from all the fun!

Okay, long answer, don’t leave out any details. Tell me all about the party and weekend like you are writing it in your diary?

 The weekend was an absolute whirlwind of socializing and spanking. When I first got to the back-to-school themed party, I was mostly meeting other tops, which was delightful… but I was thinking to myself, where are all the students who need their bottoms reddened? Well, I finally got someone over my knee and I was off to the races! I stayed up way past my bedtime, doing my part to get the classroom a bit more under control.

I booked a few very satisfying private sessions for the following morning, after which I attended the bad boys party. I sat in a chair with my implements while various boys approached me to confess their indiscretions. I had to administer a great deal of hand spanking, paddling, and caning… but your readers will be glad to know that it seemed like most the boys were remorseful afterwards, leaving the party with fully adjusted attitudes.

I then stopped by the vendor fair to peruse the wonderful wares which included paddles, videos, and some very serious looking chastity devices.

The evening black tie themed party was mostly socializing and private play back in a few peoples’ rooms. I won’t give any indiscreet specifics, but I played with a teen aged girl and her Daddy, a panty-thieving sissy-boy, a badly behaved youngster who required rubber pants, and a gentleman who had only topped in the past, but bottomed to me for the first time. It’s hard to imagine that I could have had a better time!

Who did you hang with most of the time?

I reconnected with my dear friend, Andrew Morgan, so we ate most of our meals together. It was great to see him and discuss spankings of yesteryear.

 Who did you meet new that you can’t wait to see again?

 I don’t like to name names, but they know who they are.

Tell me something about:

Samantha and I kept running into each other and talking about spanking some naughty girls together, but both got very busy. Next time!

Georgia is a Los Angeles friend and a real firecracker! We ran into each other briefly in the gift shop and then again at the party, but I didn’t get to see her play this time. I’m telling you, it was a fly-by-the-seat-of-one’s-pants, wild event!

 Best spanking experience that weekend?

 How on the planet earth am I supposed to pick one? I genuinely enjoyed every single person I had across my lap. Each person has their own particular lovely qualities and I feel lucky that I get to connect with them in that way.

How many spankings did you give?

I lost count… but to tell you how much fun I was having, I actually strained my arm! That’s a first for me.

Did you take any?

No, dear. Mother doesn’t bottom.

Tell me something that happened that no one else knows about?

 Now that would be kissing and telling, wouldn’t it. You DO know what happens when you get caught sticking your nose in other people’s business, don’t you?

I can imagine. Hate to be selfish, but did my name come up at all?

You were all we talked about, Darling.

 Haha. Serves me right for asking. And more importantly, did anyone book sessions with you because of my blog?

I booked a few wonderful sessions and I’m sure it’s because of your blog! Thank you for informing the world of my attendance.

Thank my readers. Were there any planned events or activities at the party or is it more of a social?

It was a perfect balance of planned events and socializing. I only wish I had found the schedule sooner. I would have attended more of the events, including the female top pampering parlor and the naughty girls punishment party. Next year I will plan better and have it more dialed in.

I love Vegas. Did you go to the strip? Gamble? Eat well?

I did my best to make the healthiest choices available at the casino’s restaurants (which were actually better than I expected)… but I was way too busy punishing mischievous bottoms to leave the premises.

Was this your first ShadowLane party? What did you think?

It was indeed my first Shadow Lane party and I fully intend to come back next year. Does that answer your question?

Give me all of your contact info again and are you staying at home for awhile or back on the road? And where will you be going?

It looks like I might be up in San Francisco at the end of September. I will post the dates on my website as soon as my plans firm up.

Josephine Drake

Los Angeles

And by the way, Andrew… I hope you have a good excuse for your absence. I’d hate to see you spending the entire party next year in detention or worse. I suppose we’ll have to take that up with you then!

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3 Responses to Shadow Lane Thru Her Eyes – Josephine Drake

  1. T.P says:

    So much better than the silly captions. Good job again!!

  2. HEADMASTER36 says:

    Nice cane. When did you last bend over for a real bare bottom caning in the United Kingdom you naughty girl?

  3. jc1213 says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Shadowlane party and I thoroughly enjoyed being across your lap! I’ll be in touch for a session.

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