Josephine Drake My New Neighbor

We are neighbors now, right? You call LA home?


I do indeed! I’m living and spanking right here in Los Angeles.

How long have you been down here?

 I’ve been here since February 2016, but I just opened my new domestic discipline play space, Corner Time this past month.


Great name. What would be an appropriate house warming gift? Emphasis on warming.

Wooden spoons, hairbrushes, or bars of soap are always a safe bet for your dominant disciplinarian hostess.

Where in this vast city have you set up shop and how do we contact you?

Corner Time is located in the up and coming mid-city area of Los Angeles, just 5 miles west of downtown. You can contact me for correction through my website:


Tell me about the new space, is it more dungeon or domestic?

 My new space is exclusively domestic. I designed it specifically for the administration of strict, traditional corporal punishment and age play. I do also enjoy dungeon play—and there are some fabulous spaces for that here in Los Angeles—but Corner Time is for all the disobedient employees, children, and babies who are turned off by a “whips and chains” atmosphere.

I love that.

The space is fully equipped with classic punishment implements such as hairbrushes, spoons, canes, paddles, and straps… as well a spanking horse, sturdy wooden chair, and plenty of Ivory soap. Of course, when a mouth-soaping alone isn’t enough to get the message across, my claw foot tub is available for more serious scrubbing sessions. For moments when particularly immature, bratty behavior rears its ugly head, I am fully prepared— my nursery includes a seven-foot crib, a highchair, plenty of diapers, plastic pants, bottles, pacifiers, and baby attire. When you act like a baby, you very well may get treated like one!


Not asking for me, of course, but is there parking?

There is plenty of street parking.

Secluded? Or will everyone hear the spankings you give?

The block I’m on is somewhat business/industrial…plus I’ve done a lot of soundproofing. No one will hear you crying, dear.


You offer many things, besides spanking, tell us a little about each?

I have many areas of interest, too numerous to mention here (my website is quite thorough). Specific session activities are important, but my primary drive is to discover the psychology of those with whom I play. For me, understanding the headspace of another player is the key to true connection… and to gaining control.


But you still roast a bare bottom from time to time?


I absolutely adore roasting rumps! In fact, I often start even my non-domestic scenes with an over the knee spanking. There’s a lot you can tell about a person when they’re across your lap.


What can you tell about a person once you have them over your knee?

I can see straight into their soul. I also have eyes in the back of my head, so like most female dominants, I’m pretty much superhuman.


Does spanking almost seem vanilla to you?


Vanilla is delicious.


Do you enjoy it as much (or more) now than when you started?


I might actually enjoy it more. I like to take my time more now, often giving long, drawn out spankings.


What is your headspace during a spanking?


I am focused and absorbed. I like the rhythm of spanking, reading the bottom’s response, and controlling it. The expression, to “play someone like a fiddle” generally refers to a less directly physical manipulation… but it is indeed something like that.


What do you get out of the experience?


I enjoy the control. I derive great satisfaction from putting my subject though their paces, no matter the intensity level, and the endorphin rush we both experience from that.


You role play right? Any favorite scenarios?


I love role play scenarios of all different types, but I do particularly enjoy playing a neighbor or teacher who makes the neighbor-child or student in question call her “Mommy.” It’s perhaps a perverse kind of coveting.


You are in great shape. You wrestle?

I do grapple from time to time, though I don’t train regularly anymore. These days I stay fit by going to the gym, running, surfing, and spanking naughty smart alecks.


Guess it’s no problem keeping a struggling bottom across your lap?




Tell us what to expect once we drape ourselves over your knee?


Draping isn’t the term I would use, as it’s usually more of a pulling-by-the-ear-and-forcing kind of scenario. If true punishment is involved, I’ll start with a hard hand-spanking and follow that up with a hairbrush for sure… then it would all depend on how repentant you are. Otherwise, I do enjoy a long warm-up spanking that gets progressively more intense.


What do you think we get out of the spanking experience that keeps us coming back for more?


Knowing that you are in the care of a strong, female authority figure who really does have your best interests at heart. Plus, I give an excellent spanking.


We spoke awhile back. So I’ll try not and ask the same questions again. https://someonesgonnagetit. visiting-the-drake-josephine- drake/


You finished the interview saying your mom thought the idea of spanking people may be fun. Has she ever spanked anyone?

I have no idea. She’s very private about how she gets those kinds of kicks… though it wouldn’t surprise me.

Would it just be too weird to do a 2+1 session with her?

Yes… however, I have done sessions with my Domme Mom, Mistress Reba! She has been dropping hints about maybe coming out of retirement, so doubles could be in our future.


Any vanilla friends interested in giving spankings?


Oh, yes! I can’t tell you how many of my pals come to me for advice on how to reprimand their difficult partners or co-workers. I always do my best to be a good Samaritan by sharing my expertise.


If one of them came to you for a spanking would you oblige?


Though it would, of course, depend on who it was—being the good friend that I am— I would in most cases help my pal out.


Now that you are in Hollywood, which star would you like to spank?


Hmm… it’s hard to choose. I would love to spank those naughty girls, Kristen Schaal and Sarah Silverman, partially because I think they’d also enjoy it. A teacher/school girl scene would work nicely, I think.

I also wouldn’t mind spanking that big boy, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There’s something incredibly pleasurable about making a very large man suffer— the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Plus, he seems like he has a good sense of humor.


Which one needs it the most?


In light of recent news, there are a few Hollywood folks who deserve more than just a severe spanking… however I don’t like to play with real anger or disdain. I like spanking smarty-pants rascals, not genuine creeps.


Or have you already spanked celebrities? (no names but maybe hints haha).


I did spank a very well known musician more than once. He knows who he is— I’m sure he probably still needs it!

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3 Responses to Josephine Drake My New Neighbor

  1. King Marshal says:

    I had the pleasure of finding myself over Mistress Josephine’s lap and I will attest to the strength of her hand as well as her ability with any implement she decides to wield. It was an amazing way to spend an hour. Although the corner time…

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  3. Matt ward says:

    Mistress I’ve never been spanked n no I deserve to be put over a woman’s knee and spanked to tears do u know of any women in Lancaster california that can punish me

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