Dear Ms. Marwood – Money Exchange

Dear Ms. Marwood,

When I see a pro do I pay up front or after the spanking? Do you count it before proceeding? I know it’s a business arrangement but it feels weird “leaving the money on the dresser”. I guess there is no office or receptionist to bill my visa, just wondering about etiquette?

Dear Anon,

I suppose every Disciplinarian has her own of doing things. I usually request my clients put the balance of their payment in an envelop and we work it into the roleplay at the beginning. “My mother sent this to pay for the class trip.” Or something like that. But my style is to greet my clients “in character” for our roleplay when then come in the door. Some people don’t operate that way. I don’t know how those ladies handle it. The best tack for you to take, for proper etiquette, is to ask. It will be perceived that you are making the effort to be respectful.

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