Remember San Fran

you are sooooo close to getting the best spanking of your life…..Juliette (is there an “e” on the end or isn’t there?) there is definitely a paddle on your end if you are smart enough to contact her.

She’s arriving on the 17th. I’d say, book now, and let her know Andy Sent Ya!

Here’s her fetlife contact info:



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2 Responses to Remember San Fran

  1. Jane's pet says:

    I saw DcplnrianJuliett yesterday, let’s put it this way, my ass ended up patched up by 8 to band-aids!! A lengthy OTK hand and wooden spoon spanking, followed by corner time, then, a caning holding Mannequin Bob, blood was draw, I even dance for Her, more corner time and up to the spanking bench I go for one of the severest strappings mu butt have felt, yes, she pushed me to my limits and asked to take 10 extra strokes, needless to say, that I was screaming my lungs out and tears were freely flowing from my eyes.
    Another great session.
    Thank you, Ma’AM, looking forward to the next one, safe travels.
    Highly recommend Her if you dare to jump on Her lap!!!

  2. Stewart says:

    That red hair would give me a signal that there is some long hard sound spankings ahead πŸ™‚

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