Josephine By the Bay!

So don’t take my word on how amazing a session is with Josephine Drake?

How about the word from one of San Francisco’s loveliest spankers, Naturally Gin? Tell ’em Gin!


A spanking acquaintance of mine has been encouraging me for some time to have a session with Josephine Drake.

And wow! I am so happy I did. This delightful woman gave me the best hand spanking experience ever. The rest of the session was amazing as well and I cannot wait to be over her knee again!

Josephine will be visiting San Francisco again in April. You can read more about her views on spanking here. (her dates may fluctuate, best to set up the session now, and tell her Andy and Gin sent you, maybe she’ll pack the big green monster!)


Smiles and Spanks,


And if you live or are visiting San Francisco you should absolutely see Gin too. Click below!


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