Catching Up With Jenn D

Hi Jenn, I just realized it’s been years since we’ve seen each other.
Wow, you’re right, how does time get away so quickly. I think about you a lot & definitely miss you & our time together! I can’t think of a more fun day: spankings, you showing me around your city and all the sites, good conversation and sharing a meal together.
Well I certainly had a great time too.

You know that you introduced me to something NEW, something I’d never experienced before & never knew I liked?
Yup, can you guess?
Spanking me?
Of course that, but Brie Bites from Trader Joe’s.  I’d never been a fan of Brie (definitely prefer “aged” hard cheeses, like “extra sharp”, that have been aged sometimes for years), but when you brought over a goodie bag of treats for me (I do still have the bag you gave me),

Trader Joe’s plug. Noticed how we heated the cheese with a just used paddle?

I knew that I’d want to try the Brie Bites since you got them for me and well… I’ve found that trying new things in life can sometimes make an amazing difference in your life, know what I mean? 😉
Like spanking me? Then let’s ask this, any new spanking tricks or techniques since we’ve last met? I’d be happy to try them.
Oh, you’re asking for it? I am always learning new things…If you’re not learning, then you are doing something wrong!  And I have a thirst for knowledge…particularly the knowledge that can only be learned/acquired “by doing” as opposed to reading about it.
You’ll have to elaborate.  Has your style changed or gotten more refined?
I’d say that there are certain tried & true things that will always remain the same. But I do different habits/games for a certain time period, and then move on to something new. I’m always trying out new things, or hearing about something cool that I want to try out, there’s a million different ways that a session can go, but unfortunately you can’t do them all.  Have I ever done the thing with you where I make you hold a coin to the wall with your nose, tell you exactly the position I want you to hold, and make you count on top of it? If you make any mistakes, whether that be not holding your position perfectly, making a mistake with count or how I have specifically requested that you phrase your count, or drop the penny, there will be VERY HARSH CONSEQUENCES. I won’t ruin it, by telling you what those consequences might be…
Nope we never played that. Do you still have the most squirming reducing leg lock around?
Absolutely! Have you forgotten? Some people say it’s inescapable & one of my trade marks. I do have a great drawing done by the fetish/spanking artist Sardax that shows me sitting on a chair, vintage hairbrush in my hand with a spankee over my lap in my famous leg lock. Sardax absolutely got my legs drawn with such accuracy, everyone is always blown away by it.  Some say you could recognize me by my legs & that leg lock alone, I’m not sure if it’s true, but they may be right.
Any implements that you just adore?
Yes, so many! The handmade implements that were made with me in mind, specifically as a gift, are my favorite.  Many have my name “Miss Jenn” engraved on them. I also have a collection of hairbrushes that seem to be growing (perhaps they are breeding?), most of which are vintage hairbrushes.  I have quite a few photos on my site, feel free to peruse them (beware they may cause a rapid heart beat – from excitement, fear or drool appeal)
You still living in Seattle?
Absolutely! It’s paradise here & this is & always will be “home” for me.
But you travel, often?
I do! I got the traveling bug when I was in college, and it’s never gone away. I wish I could travel everywhere, but sadly with limited time & how much travel takes out of me (despite that I *love* it), I have to pick & chose where I go.  This past year, I’ve been going to a lot of cities that fall into one of these categories: 1) my trip was partially or fully sponsored 2) people are opting to do the Miss Jenn Experience 3) I have a spanko friend in a particular city that lets me do sessions out of their home so I don’t have to pay for a hotel, or 4) being a travel companion for people who want to get spanked & explore a new city with a fellow kinkster, traveler, & spanko (me!!!) and 5) cities that I’ve got three or four good spanko friends in that I know will book me for sessions, I know I’m going to have a great time with them, and it feels like I am “coming home” because my friends do such a great job of welcoming me back, picking me up at the airport and making sure I have everything I need. I’ve been averaging 1-2 cities per month, many of which never even make it on my travel schedule.  To find out more about these different options you can check out my website on this page:
Just not to LA? Or avoiding me because I’ve been so good?
Definitely not avoiding you, I’m sure you know how much I adore you! And being “good” should get rewarded, not avoided. I always think it’s funny that people think that if they are annoying enough on email or social media that this will make me “want” to spank them.  Are you crazy?!? If you annoy me, I will have ZERO interest in ever spanking you! I only want to spank people I like, people I care about. It’s because I care about you & your well being, that I spank…I only want the best for you and for you to be the BEST that you personally can be, to live up to your fullest potential.
Are you on social media? Do you have a site, email? How can we say “hi”?
Of course! Best way to reach me by email: I made the switch to ProtonMail about 1.5 years ago due to  Swiss privacy laws & encryption & I highly recommend in this political climate for others to do so. It’s nobody’s business that you are kinky & a spanko, and it should stay that way.  I am on social media on & off. I was on social media constantly during the first couple years I got into the industry. Life was a lot more leisurely then, & I had the time to goof around a lot. Then I basically vanished off social media… Some people grew concerned that I had left the industry…Not the case at all, my good friends know that I’ve been taking care of a family member. Socialization & fun banter back & forth became a thing of the past. Anyone who has requested a session from me, knows I am definitely still around and doing the same amount of sessions as in years past, if not more. Hopefully people will understand that for this reason, I am no longer quite as accessible for social chit chat as in the past. Besides why would you want to chit chat, when you could be getting spanked?
Did you choose to be a professional spanker, or do you think it somehow chose you?
Without a doubt, it definitely chose me. With all of the things I was intensely passionate about in my life, they were always things I stumbled upon, things that I never knew existed…and that once i knew they existed, I couldn’t imagine life without them. As a little girl, nobody ever told me that I could grow up to be a Professional Disciplinarian.
What’s your headspace like during the spanking? Are you laser focused or do you roll with the moment?
Primarily roll with the moment, as some of the most amazing/intense moments in a spanking, have come about from going with what some sixth sense told me needed to happen at that moment in time. 5 min before, I couldn’t have told you I was going to do what I did. Not sure if “sixth sense” is exactly the right term for what I’m trying to describe, but it rarely ever guides me wrong. There is some laser focus as well, in that my spankee may have emailed me some goals that they wanted to accomplish in this particular spanking (that might be trying out some new spanking positions they’ve never been put into, having some phrases said that “really hit home” for this particular person, or other such goals) or I may have some goals for the session in exactly how I want to impart the lesson that needs to be learned. On another note, sometimes I do go into “top space” which is like “sub space” but for tops (spankers).
Is there a perfect spanking?
Yes and no.  There is no recipe or prescription for the perfect spanking.  But you will definitely know it when it happens, there is no feeling quite like it, and mere words don’t do it justice. I always say there are a few things that are “key” in spanking & what makes a great or mediocre spanking. There is the skill, technique, creativity, passion, and effort you put into into the spanking and/or role play.  But there is another factor that is just as or possibly even more important than that… I call it “spanking chemistry”, and it’s something you either have or you don’t have with another individual, and it’s not something you can fake.
Have you gotten tears from many people?
Tears are rare, but they do happen.  Most people, especially men, even if they want to, find it hard to cry.  I’ve found that you need 2 things for crying to possibly happen.  1) the intensity/pain, AND 2) intense emotions (typically remorse for something the indididual did or did not do, that they truly feel horrible about.  This can’t just be “oh I haven’t been working hard enough on my work project”. Many times this regret/remorse may be from their childhood.  Other times the intense emotions may come from a feeling of being truly cared for, accepted & loved by their Disciplinarian (in this case me) and that connection between spanker and spankee.
Is that like getting a merit badge?
In some ways yes, just because so many people have this as their goal. And I enjoy helping others to achieve their goals.
I know spanking works wonders, and I would think as a top rewarding when you truly help someone?
Yes.  I’ve had many careers & jobs in my life, but the ones that I was passionate about, the ones I say were “my calling in life”, ALWAYS involved helping others and making a difference.
Anyone ever tell how beneficial your service was to them?
Many people 🙂 I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing it.
What’s your favorite part about spanking?
Well besides the more obvious parts such as endorphins, touch, connection, & the fact that spankings make people feel good. Is the truly amazing people I’ve gotten to meet that I’d never have gotten to meet otherwise. For whatever reason, spanko’s tend to be high quality people. My life is so much richer because of the phenomenal people in my life, & that includes you too, Andy. Just think, if we weren’t into spanking, we never would have met. What a sad thought 😔
It is. And luckily I met you when you first started out, now you’ve been at it for quite some time.  What have you been up to since we “chatted” ?
Oh gosh, so many things, I’m sure I will forget more than 1/2 of them.  1.5 years ago I started a Patreon site as well as various clips for sales sites, that focused primarily on audios: spanking & discipline audio clips, a few erotic audios, and general fetish audio clips.  If you are an acousticophiliac, I’m sure you’ll love it! There are links from my website, if this interests you.  I’m “temporarily” taking a break from Patreon, as there is a certain expectation of audios to be completed and right now I am extremely busy with travel and in-person sessions. In fact, right now a lot of people are flying to Seattle for the primary purpose of being spanked by me. I always feel truly honored by this).
So you are recommending seeing a pro?
If you’ve never been spanked or if you’ve never seen a Professional Disciplinarian, it is never too late to try something new and you are never too old to be spanked! I know I personally led a very sheltered life, & didn’t get into spanking until much later in life.  There are many who have shared their stories with me about not having their first spanking until their 50’s or not exploring sexy kinky things they’ve fantasized about, until after they retired. If it wasn’t too late for me or for these spanko friends of mine, it’s certainly not too late for you.  And don’t feel like you ever need to ask me if it’s ok to come see me because you are a certain age that you feel is too old, I get this question a lot.  I feel that age is a benefit, not a deterrent, and although I enjoy all men, I especially enjoy older men.  As the quote goes “Age is like fine wine – it gets better with time”.  My youngest spanko is 18, and my oldest is 89!
So I’m your oldest?
haha, And I must say it is quite delectable to explore your own kink. Spanking is most definitely a huge part of my personal as well as professional life. And I do get spanked in my personal life.  I don’t talk about it much because of the fact that it’s not something I really offer (I do make a few exceptions if it’s someone doing a 2-hour or longer session that I know & trust. And I have a few other rules, such as needing to be a man, someone who is respectful of boundaries, and has the skills to provide the type of spanking I like, and either close to my age or older). I’m not mentioning this as an offering, but rather as an example of someone who came to identify as a spanko later in life, who feels extremely exhilarated exploring this side of myself. Who couldn’t imagine without it being in my life in some shape or form.  And who feels extremely blessed, and how sad I would feel if I had to repress this side of myself, and couldn’t ever enjoy, explore, play…
Is it still the most fun you can have with, well, your clothes on?
Seriously, can you think of anything better???
That it?
Well, all this talk about spanking, makes me want to get you over my lap right now for a good hard spanking.  You are long overdue.  When are you coming to visit Seattle, Andy?
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5 Responses to Catching Up With Jenn D

  1. Stewart says:

    I’d sure love to be over that sexy lap having my bare bottom spanked with those implements.

  2. baxter says:

    those legs and lap and that brush, oh yeah, love a spanking from her

  3. ticlaude says:

    me to baxter

  4. markbtm252 says:

    Yes indeed, excellent poses

  5. Stewart says:

    She’s so hot and so strict. I’d love a spanking from her, a true fantasy.

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