A Spankee’s Memories…

Had a great chat with a fellow spankee the other day. He (let’s call him, Baker) has seen many of the women we feature here. Thought you’d enjoy his recollections and testimonials.

Hi Baker. How old were you when you realized you were enamored with spanking?

I remember when I was about five years old misbehaving in an effort to get a babysitter – a teenage girl – to spank me. Despite my best efforts, it didn’t work. Then when I was in my very early adolescence, maybe 12 or 13, I came across an ad (possibly for Ralph Lauren) in a magazine that featured a photo of a girl in her early teens dressed in riding clothes and holding a riding crop. There was nothing inherently erotic about her pose, but the effect of the riding outfit and the riding crop fueled my masturbatory fantasies for several years. When I was about 18 or 20 I read both “The Story of O” and “Harriet Marwood, Governess” and I was hooked.

Did you have one recurring fantasy?

My recurring fantasy has been for a very long time to be punished in front of an audience – a group of women or just one woman who would watch me receiving my correction, comment on my suffering, laugh and make suggestions to the disciplinarian as I struggled to maintain my composure. As an additional thrill, one or more of the audience members would join in the spanking.

That’s a good one. How old were you the first time you were spanked? By whom? And how?

My mother spanked me on a few occasions when I was very young, but quite mildly. A psychiatrist might disagree, but I don’t think that those spankings had anything to do with the fantasies that I developed later in life.

Alright first pro spanking then?

The first proper spanking I received was when I was about 25, living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This was long before the internet and I found the disciplinarian’s ad in an underground newspaper. She was a young African-American woman and we did the session in the basement apartment where she lived in one of the Boston suburbs. As I recall, she did not have much in the way of equipment, but she did have an extra-long ruler that she used quite harshly on my bottom. I came away with some long-lasting bruises that were a challenge to hide from my housemates, as we all shared one bathroom. It was not always easy getting in and out of the shower without exposing my marked bottom.

Was it everything you hoped it would be?

Yes. The disciplinarian was very strict and demanded complete submission, which is what I craved.

What did you get out of the experience?

Besides the bruises? I think that the most important takeaway from the session was that there really were women in the world who genuinely took pleasure out of administering harsh discipline to men. For many years after this initial experience I sought out professional dominatrixes who engaged in a variety of activities, from bondage to whipping to electrical play and so on. It was only in the last three years or so that I discovered that there were women whose sole focus was on spanking, without all of the trappings of BDSM, which had come to be of less interest to me than pure spanking.

Okay, that’s our groundwork, you’ve seen a handful of professionals and you aren’t afraid to name names. So tell us a little about these ladies:

Before we get into specifics, let me say that all of the professional disciplinarians I have seen have been wonderful. I don’t think that any woman becomes and remains a professional disciplinarian unless she has a real passion for spanking. By the way, when I use the word “spanking”, it includes not only hand spanking and spanking with hairbrushes, wooden spoons, paddles, etc. but also covers heavier disciplinary implements such as canes, straps, tawses, etc., generally focused on the buttocks. It excludes, however, the fetish-related aspects of BDSM and certainly does not include the “happy ending” that many professional dominatrixes allow.

Let’s start with someone I adore but haven’t managed to be spanked by, Naturally Gin?


Miss Gin was the first professional spanker that I saw, about three years ago. I had seen her website and I was very impressed with her no-nonsense approach and obvious devotion to pure spanking. As she puts it, there is no glitz or glamor in her sessions, just spanking. She is my go-to person for spankings and I devoutly hope that she keeps up her practice for many more years.

How many times have you seen her?

I would guess that I have been spanked by Miss Gin upwards of a dozen times. I really have not kept count. Each session has been unique and each session has been amazing. She always seems to know exactly what sort and degree of punishment I need each time I see her and she adapts the session accordingly. I have never come away from a proper spanking from Miss Gin without feeling refreshed and elated.

And sore it sounds like. I don’t want to ask you to rank these women in any order, but she’s at or very near the top of your list?

Gin’s hand-iwork.

If I could only be spanked by one person the rest of my life, I would choose Miss Gin.

That’s a great endorsement. Let me add a clickable photo…if it works?!

By the way, Gin is doing the San Francisco Aids Walk. She has for years. You can sponsor her, it is so selfless and rewarding. Get your karma points:


Okay, before we go on with the pro’s, you are married right?


You kept your spanko side a secret from your wife? But she discovered it?

It would be more correct to say that I kept my BDSM activities a secret from my wife. And yes, she caught me on a couple of occasions, most recently shortly before I discovered Miss Gin and the world of professional domestic disciplinarians.

How did she react?

My wife was extremely unhappy about my BDSM activities, particularly the “happy ending” aspect. On the other hand, when I showed her Miss Gin’s website (and eventually introduced her to Miss Gin), she came to understand that receiving professional discipline did not have to mean engaging in BDSM activities. She also came to accept that enjoying being spanked was a fundamental aspect of who I am.

Since then you’ve taken her to witness some of your punishments?

Yes, a couple of times with Miss Gin and once with Miss Cassidy Lau.

Does she enjoy watching?


Has she taken an implement to you?

Yes. After seeing Miss Gin together we acquired some basic spanking implements that we use occasionally at home.

Has she been spanked?

Miss Gin spanked her briefly and relatively mildly on a couple of occasions.

Does she get or enjoy any of the scene?

Not really, but she understands its importance to me.

She sounds amazing and it must be a relief that she knows your “secrets”?

Very much. It is great that I can go to her and say “I am planning to see Miss So-and-So on such-and-such date for a spanking” and know that she will be ok with it so long as it does not conflict with anything else that we may have planned.

Alright, back to the pro’s, London’s Miss Rodriguez?

I have seen Miss Rodriguez three times on various business trips to London. As you noted in your interview with her, she certainly has long and beautiful legs. She is also very personable and puts me at my ease very quickly. One of the things that I find endearing about her is that, as the spankee, I do not feel overwhelmed by her. In fact, I find myself coaxing her a little bit in our sessions, suggesting various activities that she might not otherwise think of. For example, the last time I saw her I coaxed her into whipping my back with a French martinet and also meting out a large number of strokes of the cane in increments of 50. She does not strike extremely hard, so the effect of the groups of 50 strokes was quite bearable, although the cumulative effect – I think that we got up to about 200 strokes – began to wear me down. 

Miss Rodriguez


So it was still a thumbs up meeting?

I will certainly see Miss Rodriguez again when I visit London, partly because I am looking forward to the ten sets of 50 strokes of the cane that she promised me at the end of our last session. Also, I was quite invigorated by this part of an email that she sent to me following our last session: “It was a brilliant afternoon which left me with a lasting feeling of satisfaction and peaceful joy. Thank you.” Wow! She had a lasting feeling of satisfaction and peaceful joy and she thanked me! That is definitely a turn on. There is nothing much more gratifying that knowing that your disciplinarian was satisfied with her work and felt peaceful joy. 

And while we are in London, Kami Robertson?

I saw Miss Kami on one occasion in London last fall. She is normally based in Newcastle, but spends one week or so each month in London. I recommend to anyone lucky enough to be in London (or, for that matter, Newcastle) when she is in town to see her without fail. First of all, the photos on her website do not do her justice at all. She is really very gorgeous. Second, although her English is near-perfect, she has a hint of an Eastern European accent that makes her seem exotic and a bit mysterious. Third, she is extremely capable with the implements that I enjoy most: the cane, the strap and the tawse. She punished me steadily for an hour with those implements and I was in heaven throughout. She has an excellent touch and excellent aim. She also seemed to enjoy herself, which is important to me. I came away nicely marked but not damaged. I would go back to see her in a heartbeat. In London she uses a dungeon-like studio, so if one prefers a more domestic setting she may not be the right person to see.

This one is sad, since she recently passed away, but you were lucky enough to visit Miss Isis?

I was indeed lucky enough to receive a proper spanking from Miss Isis about a year and a half ago, with my wife present for the whole session. We both enjoyed it thoroughly and found Miss Isis to be delightful. She obviously very much enjoyed spanking me too, particularly with my wife there, and she shared her joy with us. I was very saddened when I learned that she had passed away.

She sounded spectacular. I know Miss Gin was a fan. Let’s move to a few laps we’ve both been bent over, Strict Jane?

Strict Jane was the next professional disciplinarian that I saw after meeting Miss Gin for the first time. We did a session in her hotel room near the airport in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it was not a terribly nice hotel and the setting was pretty uninspiring. Strict Jane certainly meets my ideal of being physically fit and she knows what she is doing when administering a spanking. I recall that she had soaked her canes overnight in order to increase their sting and they certainly did sting! For part of the session she put me in some kind of restraint attaching my hands and feet to the bed while caning me, which is always a turn on for me. . I suppose that it is a hangover from my BDSM days, but I really do enjoy being restrained while being caned, strapped, etc.

 I love Jane. Wish she’d write more! We’ve both seen Josephine Drake too?

Miss Josephine has spanked me three times, twice in Los Angeles (once at someone else’s studio downtown and once at my hotel) and, once, in a double session with Miss Gin, in San Francisco at La Maison de la Maîtresse, a super well-equipped play space. Miss Josephine is impressively fit and she is quite a big and strong woman. She could certainly take me in any kind of physical tussle. It is quite thrilling to be stripped naked and bent over her knees, thoroughly secured by her muscular limbs. She is also an excellent hand spanker and very adept with the hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle, etc. Those are not my favorite implements, but I could appreciate the skill with which she wielded them. I was very happy at both of our first sessions when I was released from her leg lock and allowed to stand in the corner before submitting to the cane and strap.

The first couple of sessions that we did were quite straightforward – a thorough hand spanking followed by caning and strapping. As I have indicated, her hand spankings are excellent. She is also skilled with the cane and the strap. And, unlike the majority of the other professional disciplinarians that I have seen, she secured me to a spanking bench before administering the caning and strapping. I finished both sessions nicely marked, but not more than I expected. The pain level was quite high, but not unbearable. 

The third session that I did with Miss Josephine was in San Francisco quite recently, at the famous Maison de la Maîtresse. Miss Gin attended the session purely to watch and purely for her own enjoyment. Of course, having her witness my punishment was terrifically humiliating  and exciting for me, as it fulfilled my long standing fantasy of being punished in front of an audience. The session started in the domestic room of the Maison, where Miss Josephine had me strip down to some bikini underwear that Miss Gin had picked out for me to wear. She then bent me over her knee for a very intense hand spanking, which also included a number of strokes with a hairbrush, a wooden spoon and a paddle. I think that Miss Josephine laid it on a bit heavier than in our earlier sessions in order to show off for Miss Gin. It certainly worked. I was writhing and squirming and Miss Gin was smiling broadly.

 Her hand spankings are rock solid.

After the hand spanking, we moved on to one of the dungeon rooms, where Miss Josephine stood me up with my hands stretched over my head and my back and bottom exposed to her. She then whipped me on the back and bottom, first with some floggers of increasing weight and then with a couple of cats-of-nine tails. She whipped me quite hard, even harder than I used to be whipped when I did regular BDSM sessions. We had agreed in advance that Miss Josephine would not make me bleed and she respected that limit while whipping me, but just barely. It was incredibly exciting to watch Miss Gin’s face as she watched me suffering under the whips. Although I am pretty sure that Miss Gin is mainly interested in punishing bottoms and thighs, she certainly seemed to enjoy watching me take a hard flogging and whipping on my back. 

Next, Miss Josephine bent me over a spanking bench face down and secured my wrists and ankles. She then laid into my bottom with a variety of canes and straps. Again, she respected our no blood agreement, but only barely. Finally, Miss Josephine attached me to some sort of leather covered table, on my back, and caned the fronts of my thighs, very hard. I could barely endure this part of the session and it left me with very significant marks from the tops of my thighs to my knees. It’s a good thing that Miss Josephine has excellent aim, as many of the strokes to the front of my thighs came very close to a very sensitive part of my anatomy. 

After the session, Miss Gin took me out for coffee to allow me to decompress, which I appreciated very, very much and which says a lot about Miss Gin’s personality. 

To sum up, besides her unquestionable spanking skills, Miss Josephine has a pleasant personality and is obviously quite intelligent. She is fun to be around and I would definitely see her again, particularly if Miss Gin wished to witness the punishment.

You’ve even done something I haven’t done, met Cassidy Lau, tell me more?

I did one session with Miss Cassidy last summer in Seattle. She came to my hotel suite and punished me in the bedroom while my wife was reading in the living area. That was quite exciting for me, but I think that my wife’s presence may have been a little bit unnerving for Miss Cassidy. Miss Cassidy is lovely and very young and is working on acquiring the experience that she needs to be a world-class disciplinarian. I have no doubt that she will develop into a formidable disciplinarian if she sticks with it. If I find myself in Seattle again, I would certainly want to have another spanking from her to see how she is developing (and because she is so very attractive).

And you know Cassidy is hitting the road soon. She needs to hear from you to set up her travel. Email her at sassyxolassy@gmail.com

Sorry I digressed. Tell me about Georgia Payne?

I have done one session with Miss Georgia in LA. The session was special for me as, at my request, Miss Georgia invited a vanilla friend of hers to witness the session and even to participate to a small degree. We developed a scenario where I had committed some wrong against the vanilla friend and she had brought me to Miss Georgia for correction. Both Miss Georgia and her friend played their roles to perfection. For most of the session I was restrained over a spanking bench while the vanilla friend watched as Miss Georgia punished my bottom with a wide variety of implements and, at one point, invited her friend to lay into my bottom with a strap, which she did with enthusiasm.

Going into the session I had a healthy respect for Miss Georgia, to a large extent based on your interview with her, and I requested when we set up the session that she not leave me with any marks that would last more than a week, figuring that would keep the chastisement well within my boundaries. In fact, Miss Georgia is so talented that she pushed right up to those boundaries and no farther. The marks that I did have, mostly bruises on the sides of my bottom, cleared up in exactly a week.  

I was very, very impressed with Miss Georgia. First of all, I found her to be very attractive in person – she struck me as a very well turned-out and made-up woman who, other than being dressed in skin tight latex, was ready to go out to a rather dressy cocktail party. Second, while my email exchanges with her had been somewhat businesslike, I found that in person she was warm and friendly, at least until she began applying a switch to my buttocks. Finally, her choice of a friend to witness my correction was spot on. The young woman appeared to be purely vanilla (and I believe that she was) and was fascinated by what she was witnessing. When she took the strap to me it felt completely natural, as if she had never strapped anyone before but was determined to get it right. And she did. 

I am already planning another visit to Miss Georgia, again with her vanilla friend in attendance and with perhaps a somewhat more intense level of punishment. I would recommend Miss Georgia very highly for anyone interested in receiving serious punishment from a lovely and highly professional lady.

Let’s wrap up with someone who is AWOL, and we desperately want to hear from soon, Alice Morningstar?

I have seen Miss Alice twice, once in LA and once in San Francisco when we did a double session with Miss Gin at Miss Gin’s studio.

Miss Alice has a pretty face and she is also a formidable, take-charge sort of spanker. The first time I saw her she practically tore my jeans and underwear off before putting me over her knee and spanking me soundly. It felt great to be manhandled so roughly. After the hand spanking she dragged me by the ear to the corner to stand and wait for whatever she had in store next. Then she dragged me by the other ear and had me lie face down on a bed. After that, although I had asked for a moderate correction, Miss Alice laid into me quite heavily, particularly with the strap. Since the strap and the cane are my favorite implements, I had nothing to complain about, although Miss Alice did leave me with longer-lasting and more pronounced marks than I had anticipated.

We got together again a few months later with Miss Gin for a double spanking session. This was the only spanking session that I have done where both of the disciplinarians actually participated in the punishment. I think that they really pushed each other, as the result was the hardest spanking that I have yet endured, progressing from hand spanking to various pervertables to straps, canes and tawses. There were several moments during the session when I thought that I really could not continue, as both Miss Gin and Miss Alice (especially Miss Alice) worked on my bottom and thighs with every implement in Miss Gin’s collection. I recall especially when Miss Alice put me in what she referred to as “the diaper position” and struck my inner things very harshly with a hairbrush. I nearly begged for mercy at that point, but I gathered myself up and carried on. By the way, I never ask to use a safe word. I have confidence that the professional disciplinarians that I see are experienced enough to know when, if at all, to lighten up. And, to paraphrase Miss Georgia, it wouldn’t be punishment if the spankee had a safe word, would it? 

Is there anyone you haven’t seen that you want to see?

Everyone! Anyone looking for a spankee is welcome to contact me through Andy!

There you go ladies, a man looking to be spanked. Give me a holler….

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6 Responses to A Spankee’s Memories…

  1. Stewart says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a good spanking.

  2. Robert says:

    This was a great post. I really enjoy the perspectives of men on the receiving end. It’s nice to hear from people who have seen the pros and get a feel for how that fits into the contours of their real-life relationships.

  3. A.J. says:

    That was a great interview, Andy, and I hope you do more like this.

    And “Baker” (who, obviously, can take FAR more than I can or want) started with Gin!!!

    My time with Miss Gin was a couple years ago. We started out with the preliminary talk about what was to happen and what was expected, etc. In less than 10-minutes I knew I would like her. When it was all over I was in love with her. I still think very highly of her. She’s very capable about what she does, but most of all – you will really like her.

    Jane, Josephine, and Cassidy are on my “Got-to-see!” list!!!

  4. Ethan says:

    Loved this post. Would love to hear from other guys (or gals) who have been to a pro.

  5. weltsok says:

    nicely done. Also met Georgia. Gets into your head bigtime. Just discovered Alice, but was about a month late. Now she’s gone….wrote my story and was all set to send it to her. Still hoping she comes back and accepts new people.

  6. Mike says:

    Gin is wonderful, just as described here. She encouraged me to see Miss Josephine, who is equally skilled but also has other charms. Nice article about my always favorite subject. Thank for this blog. Thanks to all the great women who spank naughty boys like us. But after decades of seeing professionals, I attest that Gin is something special

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