Asa Jones and His Spanking Emporium

Asa, it’s a thrill to meet you. You truly do do it all, author, photographer, artist, video producer and retailer. What do you do in your spare time?
Haha. Yes, I do tend to make myself busy, always have.
Tell me about life now?
I am retired now, and my family, the grandchildren in particular take up a lot of time.
So it’s a balance of time?

I think I am rather good at playing and creating adventures. When not doing that I have a train set! More of a model village really, I like making the houses and scenery.
Everything lights up at night. I walk a lot too , I always have. I love the countryside, and everything in it. I have many books on the curious and spiritual places, so you will often find me sat on a Bronze Age stone, or in a stone circle. The other week I was exploring tunnels under a grand old country house where the ‘Prince of Silence’ lived, that type of thing. Antiques, I dabble, I buy and sell. As well as my spanking art I paint ordinary pictures, and sell them.
Have you been doing this long?

🙂 a simple question, but a rock hard answer. I started after an awful period in my life, when I needed comfort, and set off on a journey to find someone to spank. After a few failures I found Charlotte. This was around seven years ago. She was perfect, but then as people do, she changed, and our ways parted. So…simple answer, seven years ago!

We have a lot to cover. What came first, books?

My imagination, especially for masturbation purposes, nearly always spanking. Then girlfriends. But creatively, photography came first and writing second, then video, now back to photos and writing, which I put together for my illustrated stories.

Do all your books feature discipline?

No, my books are varied. Under my real name I write children’s books, and paint the illustrations. I have always been interested in the curious, the mysterious, and unexplained, like I said before. I went to a spiritualist church to research a book I was writing about a man who disappeared into another world through using tarot. I learned how to do it and went on classes! I came top and did them for a while, until they scared me….then I stopped. So my early work varied, and my children’s are a change, but now, nearly all are spanking

What is your favorite scenario?

My favourite scenario is a difficult choice…to watch would be a woman spanking a young woman…teacher schoolgirl probably.

But for me to be in, a Master and Victorian maid. I acted in one once where I spanked two, Amber and Charlotte. I felt as if the camera had melted away, and I travelled back in time. I was there! They were my maids! I was…WAS…a Victorian Master.

How many books have you written? Are they full length novels?

Not as easy to answer as you think.

I ask the tough questions!

I have written thirty, most are e-books, just a few are in paperback. Not all are spanking. But you see, some I have written as a ghost writer, and then they are worked on considerably by the author who uses them. I am not allowed to say which ones, or who the authors are. I got fed up of all the process and my stories being swopped about and characters being changed etc, so I put them all on my blog now. All are photo illustrated, all are free. I love it, and that is it…the key phrase! Yes I get a bit of money in royalties, but spend it, and a lot more, on my shoots! It is a hobby, spanking is my hobby…I do it for the love of it, not to make money.

Free? Better give us your website info now….

My web site is… Here you will find links to my stories, videos, my tumblr blog, my Twitter, about the models, Gor, photo sets, my art. etc. it is a never ending work in progress.

So we can find everything there? Books, Art, Video’s and your store?

My goods… I do sell things in a shop in the town where I live, and where I sell my antiques and collectibles, but they are paintings of steam trains etc in my studio I sell my naughty art. Now and then I put on a spanking event, at a sort of open day, people who come can buy art. All the rest…cards, cups, prints, t shirts, aprons, shower curtains, bags, yoga mats, oh lots of things are for sale through ‘Fine Art America’ …just click on ‘art’ on my site.

You truly do have an emporium. You have clothing, cell phone holders, greeting cards…. Your blog is amazing too. You offer FREE photo stories, right?

an excerpt

Oh yes, I do free photo illustrated stories. All are available on my site, just click on ‘photo stories’ ….you will read why I do them for free. Like I keep stressing, I am not in this for money. I make a bit but nowhere near enough to cover what I do. I do it for the love of it, it is my hobby. I can do what I like, without the toxic influence of money. I am not after people’s money.

Me either!

I also have clients, ladies who need physical correction. Most are professional ladies, good professions, good jobs. I have noticed that about spanking, it seems to attract intellectuals. I cannot talk about them, it would not be right to, my reputation is built on trust and respect. All my clients are recommendations. I do not charge, but have a honesty box, to help with rent. Some put nothing in, but might treat me to lunch, others put £10 to £50 in….it does not matter. One put £2 in once….cheeky bugger! I would rather have had nothing. I have a waiting list, but none of my clients ever quit! They are all repeat clients, some have come thirty, forty times!

Lucky man. And the models. Yours are beautiful. I love Lady Kenworthy and Lisa from Peter’s work. How did you find them?

Some have approached me after being recommended by others. Some I get from PurplePort a modeling/photographers site. They say in their profile what they do. It is safe for them, and good for us (photographers) togs, if they fail to show for a shoot repeatedly or are not very good for one reason or another, we can let the other togs know. Same for them, if a tog is not respectful they say so…you could easily be blacklisted. I have lovely references, all say I am a nice chap and a numerous gentleman.

They are beautiful. Are they all into spanking? I mean do they all love spanking?

Yes, they all like being spanked, or spanking, or switch.

Tell us more about them?

My top two are Samantha and Kate, but each and every one is lovely. Some people assume models are tarts…WRONG. They know who they are and what they are. They like spanking and showing their bodies…exhibitionists maybe. But all are lovely and my friends.

Are you always seeking new talent?

I have a waiting list of models who want to come and be spanked or spank….so am not really looking for more. But if a really fabulous bottom wiggled it’s way to ask…then yes!

How often are you shooting new films?

I don’t shoot many videos now, I like to photo best. But still do the odd one. I am doing an event…a public spanking, I might video a bit of that. I just shot video’s of Samantha spanking Kate, I hope to do more…it’s just time!

But I’ve heard wonderful things about your shoots?

Naughty but tasty cakes.

Oh our shoots are fun. Lots of tea and cake, lots of giggles, more chatting than anything! All the models get involved, with ideas etc. funny moments happen all the time, if I catch them on a photo I post them on tumblr. I love to share days from my shoots on there, and a lot are a behind the scenes glimpses of what we get up to. My followers like them, it makes them feel like a friend, which is true. I always think of regular followers who message me as friends. I have met quite a few.


I start such a post, something like this… ‘ hello, I hope you are all okay. Sit down, the kettle is on, want a biscuit? Remember the post about…. Then I tell them a little story from the day.

You are also a paint on canvas artist. Do you find time to paint often?

I paint in oils on canvas, and water colours on paper. I am working on a couple dancing just now, not all my art is naughty.

Ok more about you. When did you first realize you were into spanking?

How did it all begin, what influenced me etc? Well, I had better put the kettle on!

Billy Bunter and Minnie the Minx

I remember at a very young age, using my toy soldiers to act out a spanking as I lay on my tummy bobbing up and down because it felt nice! You see, Billy Bunter was getting caned on the t.v. Every Saturday tea time. Minnie the Minx was spanked every week in my comic. Lucy and old black and white films often featured a spanking. 

Were you spanked growing up? Witness many? Or was it a book or television show that sparked your interest?

I was  surrounded by spankings! I lived in a large Victorian Semi Detatched House, above me a Mrs.T had two daughters, both very troubles some…oh my the got some spankings! They were ‘through the wall’ on the other side of my bedroom wall, and many a night with my window down, and theirs, we would lean out talking, often of the trouble they had been in. Other nights I could hear their spankings drift in through my window!

Amazing. Did you witness any spankings or just hear them?

Well, below me was another naughty girl, also getting regular spankings. I will call her D.

This was the first real spanking I saw, I went around to their house with my Mum for some reason one day, to be greeted unexpectedly by great shouting, smacks and squeals! I was ushered in and the spanking on her bare bottom was just finishing! She was sent to the corner as I sat by my Mum for ten minutes or so, and then left with something! I was shaking with excitement!

You were hooked?

What chance did my poor brain have? Over the next years I saw a girl spanked at a bus queue, in the park, at school (a few) and on a train…almost. She was threatened with one, and how I wished she got it…but she behaved. This image stayed with me, so later in life I hired a steam train and made it happen! It is in one of my videos ‘A First Class Spanking’

And the first time you spanked someone?

The first time I spanked someone was my first girlfriend, and she was in her school uniform, I was in mine. I had just got my fingers sticky and we were chatting. She asked…(in a lovely posh accent) ..”if I was really really naughty and made you mad, what would you do?” I said I would spank her, at which she said…”Oh goody! Will you spank me now?” I did..and never looked back! Lolol

Do you spank in your private life?

No, I do not spank in my private life. I keep it completely separate.

Have you been spanked? Because you have a bevy of gorgeous women with amazing laps that I’m sure would be happy to assist?

No, I never get spanked. But yes all my girls would be happy to! They have hinted…but no thanks, not for me. I tried it, so I could write about it with feeling, but I am Dom, and it felt odd. In my mind I imagined I was a girl. Not sure what a psychiatrist would make of that!?

Have you been in any of your films?

Yes I have acted in a few films…I was brilliant! Lol… I really enjoyed them. But my wife asked if I would not be in any more, and of course, I respected that request and have not done any more. She is a good woman and tolerates (not embraces) what I need to do. So am happy to oblige.

What is it about spanking that’s so naughty and fun?


The being caught and anguished looks.

The chastisement.

The baring of the bottom.

The positions.

The bottom itself.

The reddening of the bottom.

The sounds.

The implements.

Corner time.

And so much more..

What should we look for, from you, in the future?

You can expect more of the same.I want to explore Gor more, I read all the books and fancy doing a ?Gorean School for Slave Girls.I do a lot of vintage and have posted many stories to old photographs and drawings. I have a huge collection. I have written about the fabulous old illustrators like  Malteste, Herric and …I hope to do studies of their work.

My web site is still developing, stories need writing, photos need taking…and clients keep coming.

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