Brigitte – Seattle’s French Mistress

Fine, I’ll delay my respite by a couple of days, so I can bring you this interview. Enjoy.

Another Seattle spanker, is it something in the coffee? You are becoming the spanking hub of the US?

I am starting to suspect it might be something in the coffee myself, we have some amazing spankers in Seattle. I am a caffeine addict and I always brew a pot of coffee before my sessions.

Do you know Jenn D?

Ms Jenn and I are good friends and sometimes do duo together.

Jenn is the best. Are double sessions fun?

She is and 
I love doing duos. I call those “Double the Trouble.” When you work with other disciplinarians, your energy and creativity increase exponentially. I always get a rush from dishing out a good old fashioned spanking but doing it with another spanker intensifies that rush.

Wait you already have me way off course. How long have you been giving spankings?

I started giving spankings when I was in college so it has been a bit over 30 years.


Do you remember the first one you gave?

I was at a club wearing my riding boots. I started talking to a gentleman who offered me money to discipline him while wearing my boots. Being adventurous, I agreed and I really enjoyed myself. I did some research and realized that there were many people out there who liked being dominated.

What a crazy start. How long have you been pro?

Over 30 years. After my first play for pay I was hooked and decided to do this professionally.


At what age did the thought of spanking excite you?

Once I started spanking others. I was spanked as a child and it was anything but exciting.


Have you always been a top?

Yes. I have tried switching a few times and I really did not enjoy it. I dislike pain and I have difficulty letting go. I like to remain in control of myself. This is also why I do not drink or indulge in other mind altering substances.


So you were spanked as a child?

I grew up in France in the 60s and 70s where spanking was widespread. Back then, you could actually buy a small whip called Le Martinet in any supermarket. It was meant to discipline unruly children.

Like next to the cereal aisle?

It was made out of a small broom handle with leather straps nailed to it. I also went to Catholic school and the nuns did not shy away from corporal punishment. Spanking is now illegal in France but back then, the philosophy way basically” spare the rod, spoil the child.


What is your spanking philosophy? Straight up punishment?

While I enjoy dishing out punishment spankings, I also have a nurturing side. I see spanking as a very intimate act involving a lot of trust which brings the spankee back to his or her childhood. Whether or not someone has been spanked as a child, most of us have been impacted at some point by a strong, domineering female figure during our formative years.

Amen to that!

Spanking brings us back to that space of being small and powerless looking up at that towering figure. In a nutshell, my spanking philosophy is “I am doing it for your own good, I spank you because I care for you”.

I love that. Do you believe in safe words?

Absolutely, especially if it is our first meeting and/or they are new to spanking. I sometimes (rarely) engage in “non-consensual consensual” but only if I have a very good rapport with the spankee. Without a safe word, you have to be extra aware of your partner’s body language. Personally, I do not want to cross the line between spanking and abuse. Using a safe word is the best way for my spankee to give me feedback on what is going on with him.


What is “non-consenual consensual”?

There are different kind of non-consensual consensual play. Mostly you do not use a safe word and it is better done between people who know each other well: the submissive needs to have total trust in that the dominant will not truly hurt them and the dominant needs to be able to read both physical and verbal cues.

In some of those scenes you do push your partner limits and endurance, another example of non-consensual consensual play might be a role play where the person acts as if they are resisting the top and begging them to stop during the session (which of course falls on deaf ears).

Say I come to see you, what should I expect?

Before we meet, I would ask you to tell me a bit about your experience, pain tolerance and expectations. I would also ask you what type of spanking you are looking for; strictly disciplinary, nurturing, role play, more sensual and nurturing. Last but not least, I like to know if you have a favorite spanking position and if you have any physical limitations.
Once you show up for your appointment, we would spend 10 minutes or so having a chat and a nice cup of coffee prior to your session. It would give you an opportunity to relax and realize that you are in a safe place and it gives me an opportunity to assess you in person.
I also like to spend a few minutes after the session on “after care” to make sure that you leave my space in a good frame of mind. Getting a spanking should be freeing and I don’t believe that a spankee should leave feeling awful about himself.

How do I set up a date with you? Give us your contact info?

The best way to contact me if through my website
I do screen new people for my own safety and I also do require at least 24 hours notice.

Do you travel?

I wish I could travel more but I have a regular job and other responsibilities which prevent me from touring.

Do you have us fill out a questionnaire? Talk to us first? How important is that before the session?

I do have a contact form with a questionnaire on my website to help me screen my clients and to get a general idea of their level of experience and what they are looking for.
Once I receive the contact form in my inbox I either get back to you and start a conversation about your upcoming session. If do not “feel it” or the person is into things I am not interested in, I just send them a nice note declining to meet.
I believe that good communication is key to having a good session and it starts with having an honest and open dialogue before meeting.


Do you scold?

I scold, I nag and I am great at it! I also LOVE pulling ears so if it is a no no, you’d better tell me before we get started LOL.


What is your favorite part of the spanking?

Having someone who is butt naked and vulnerable over my lap and feeling the impact of my hand on their cheeks.


You spank adult boys and girls?

I only see adult boys for sessions. I have done duos in the past with female professional spankees and it was a lot of fun.

I meant adult of course. Any preference?

I prefer to spank adult boys.


Any differences in the sexes or a spanking is a spanking?

A spanking is a spanking!

Who takes a spanking better?

Women have a higher tolerance for pain and also tend to let go and go with the flow more easily.

Women are the best. Do you ever get tears?

Absolutely. I can (and will) spank someone to tears. I love it.

Okay back to earlier, say I show up and not only you, but Jenn D too, opens the door. How does that go? Do you play it by ear? Do you have plan?

We generally have checked base and have a plan but then let the session develop organically. Both Ms Jenn and I are very intuitive spankers, easily able to pick up on cues and read body language.

Jenn D spanks!

Jenn is amazing, tell me something about her I don’t know?

I could tell you but I would have to spank you LOL

Which one of you spanks harder?

We both spank very hard. I think the best thing to do would be for you to come and see us and decide for yourself.

I set myself up for that one. Which of your implements is the scariest?

I have many scary implements. I love British discipline and I have an assortment of canes. I also have some awesome wooden paddles but the one which has the hardest impact is my long wooden shower brush. It is nice, sturdy and made of heavy wood. The long handle gives it a nice leverage.

Which do you love most?

Aside from my bare hands (favourite tool) , I have a strap that can be used as a slapper on one extremity and as a more paddle like impact tool on the other. I love it because of its versatility and also because I made it myself out of a wide leather belt.

No grocery store martinet?

While I do not currently own a martinet, I do have a small whip which is very similar.

How do you know when a spanking is over?

I sense it from my spankee’s body language. I can (and have) spanked naughty boys nonstop for the full duration of their session (1 hour). I enjoy giving those kind of marathon spankings, I take 2 acetaminophen with a very strong cup of black coffee and I am good to go.

Do you enjoy role play?

Yes. I especially enjoy doing auntie/naughty boy and teacher/student role play but I am also very creative. I love making up a storyline. I can turn my play space into anything I want. All it takes is a good scenario, imagination and a willing spankee.

Is this the best job ever?

Absolutely. I have been doing it for a long time and I still enjoy it. I like to joke that it’s the best job ever because I get to be a bitch and get paid for it.

What are the downsides, if there are downsides?

You have to screen prospective clients carefully for your own safety and also to make sure that you are a good match and both parties will have a great experience.
I think it is important to maintain a balance and see things in perspective. It can also be easy to become burnt out and blase. This is why I keep low volume and am choosy about whom I see. I want my clients to have an amazing experience but I also want to feel that wonderful feeling a top gets from a good session.

With the State of the Union these days I have to ask, do you consider yourself a sex worker?

I do consider myself a sex worker. While I do not have sex with my clients (neither do many other sex workers such as phone sex operators, strippers etc.) I do cater to people’s “fetishes”.
Some spankees come to me for behavior modification and/or a therapeutic approach but others do get sexually aroused and see it as a “kink”.
New legislation such as SESTA/FOSTA do affect my ability to advertise my services and could potentially hinder my business.

Should anyone feel guilty about seeing you? I mean do you think it’s cheating in any way?

I do not think that spanking is cheating and if anything punishment spanking can help relieve oneself of guilt. I want my spankees to leave my house having had a fantastic experience not full of guilt and self-loathing.


Will you do anything special for anyone who says “Andy sent me”?

I do something special for all my naughty boys. I provide them with a safe and nurturing space where they can explore their limits and fantasies and get a break from everyday stress.
My goal is for my clients to leave my space feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with a sore bottom.

Why do you think we crave/need spankings so much?

I think it’s because people need to get back to a time and space when they felt vulnerable but loved at the same time.
A time when a strong maternal figure took on the burden of making major decisions for them and holding them accountable. Simpler days.

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3 Responses to Brigitte – Seattle’s French Mistress

  1. zalkatt says:

    Maybe I need to move to Seattle. I need a permanent relationship with a capable woman to indtruct, discipline and guide 24/7.

  2. Walter says:

    Lots of errant liberals in Seattle who need some discipline!

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