Bumping Into Baton

Mistress Baton just concluded her AmeriCANE tour and we’ll have a new interview with her soon. But we received a wonderful testimonial from  P who had a fab time with her.
I became aware of M. Baton’s American tour through Andy’s blog. I didn’t know if any of the locations would work out, but I have wanted to scene with her for several years.  Go figure, we ended up being in the same city for part of her tour.  I emailed M. Baton to see if she had any session availability. She mentioned she might and we started trying to figure out logistics. I was nervous this wouldn’t work due to the short notice of trying to plan a session the day before.
That night I went down to my hotel restaurant for dinner. Andy, I kid you not, guess who was there on the phone and having a glass of wine and ?? M. Baton!!! Do I dare say something? What if she’s with someone? What if they don’t know she scenes?  So I got a napkin and wrote a small note asking her to stop by my table and say hi if possible and left it at her table. YOLO#
About 5 minutes later guess who gets off the phone and brings their wine glass to my table ?! M. Baton!! Right there and then we sat and figured out the session logistics and chatted like old friends. She wasn’t rushed, she wasn’t out to fleece me for drinks, she just wanted to talk about spanking and caning. She was excited to go hard and wanted to make sure it was ok.

The next day, I arrived at the agreed location. You’ve all seen the videos so I don’t need to tell you she is an accomplished spanker. We never discussed a specific role play but she had one in mind that’s she jumped right into naturally and it felt perfect.  We started off OTK with the Nu-West brush. She has an arm like a cannon and you’re not going anywhere till she decides.   Next was on the something called the Clacken. It’s a most intense implement.  Like a reinforced bath brush.  We did 12 full force swats with that and it takes your breath away.
Last was the cane.  What she’s known for. I wanted to experience her range of severity.  So we did 24.  6 medium, 6 hard, 6 severe, 6 judicial.
Medium…. not bad, gets your attention
Hard… on par with what I  expected
Severe… oh sh*t, I’ve never felt this before
Judicial: 😳 ! Soul on fire! Dialed it down to 3. I did find the courage to take 2 more since our paths my never cross again.
We stopped just as I was feeling warmed up and she was in her groove, but this was at my request because I had done an intense scene 2 weeks prior and only saw Baton since she’s from so far away and I may not have had the chance again.
In closing, you can watch the videos to see her skill so I want to focus on what an amazing person Baton is. You’ll be in the hands of someone who is an expert at their craft. You’ll get as intense of an experience as you want while it being light hearted and fun.  The fun vibe you get in the videos isn’t acting!
She had another event an hour later and asked if I wanted to chat for a bit. I couldn’t, but the offer made me feel even more at ease. Enough at ease that I would have asked her to continue further had session time not expires.
I wish she was local so we could delve into more scenes.  It felt like we barely nicked the surface. I can’t recommend her enough to any of your readers who are in a city she will be touring.
Favorite memory: We were at the same play party that night and I saw M. Baton walking through the crowd, her canes in a carrying case slung on her back over her shoulder. On Twitter, she had invited people to come and be caned by her. She was in all black and looked like a ninja assassin looking for bottoms to lay stripes on. I don’t think anyone took her up on the offer and it’s a shame because they have no idea what they missed out on. But I could see her energy radiating and it was amazing. Once again, this is someone intensely dedicated to and in love with their craft.
To Mistress Baton, thank you for what was one of the most random and fun encounters. I promise to do all 24 at severe and judicial if you’ll come to visit again.
I’ve copied her on this email because I know us randomly crossing paths at a hotel restaurant will sound unbelievable !
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3 Responses to Bumping Into Baton

  1. zalkatt says:

    You are very fortunate. Having never been canned by someone who knew what she was doing it would have been quite an experience for me. The one time I was caned I had to lay on the bed bottom elevated and the lady just rapidly whipped my bottom until it was bloody.

  2. Jane's pet says:

    P: you indeed was extremely lucky to experience what few of us did, have a session with Mistress Baton on this Her AmeriCane tour!!! I enjoyed every bit of my Two-hour long session, from the chat to the hand spanking followed by Her famous Ed-Lee (Nu-West) brush to the dreaded Clacken and the caning. I also highly recommend Her and my video will be up soon.

  3. jack says:

    thanks for writing about the session.

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