Mistress Baton Recounts Her AmeriCANE Tour

So you just recently flew home from your AmeriCANE tour. How did it go?

It was intense and exhausting and educational and fun! Over 28 days I offered sessions in eight ‘new’ cities, and while touring takes its toll on both body and mind, I simply adore it…not only am I able to practice my passion, but also find great value in the personal connections with bottoms during sessions and the BDSM professionals I encounter along the way.

Are you jet lagged?

I am. It takes about two weeks for my energy levels and sleep patterns to normalize.

Was this your first trip to the US?

No. I’ve been there several times before, but it was my first multi-city tour, though.

What do you think of our little country?

I love it…America is a beautiful country, with friendly people and wonderful bottoms to pull over my lap.

I’m sure you have no problem finding folks to go over your lap. What was your favorite city? Or just tell me something about each one?

Ottawa was cold and there was a lot of dirty snow heaps. The people were really friendly and more than made up for the weather.
Toronto was beautiful, but my time there was too brief to properly appreciate the city.
New York was fantastic, less intimidating than I thought. Of all eight, it was my favorite city, partly because I stayed with a dear South African friend and I felt less alone. I loved Pandora’s Box, from where I conducted my sessions.
Chicago was a shocker—I did not anticipate the snow or the bitter cold. Chicago Studio was an exceptionally well equipped dungeon and beautiful. I had great food and amazing sessions there.
Houston was warm and humid. The Texan bottoms were fabulous and I can’t wait to see them again!
San Francisco is pure eye candy and I stayed with a dear friend.
Los Angeles was my last tour city and I was exhausted by then. Meeting Mistress Cyan St James was a highlight of USA experience, and of course, being a Guest of Honor at DomConLA. I had fabulous sessions there.

And we got to briefly hang out!

Yes! The time I spent with you on the day before my departure was very special. The only disappointment in LA was the fact that I didn’t get to pull you over my lap for a proper hair brushing!

Yeah, no one really wants to spank Andy!

Oh stop it. You know why!

You weren’t exactly feeling well?

You can say that again! As a result of an acute allergic reaction you were met with swollen eyes and itchy hives all over my body.

You still looked marvelous. And even though I already knew what you looked like, I didn’t realize how much inner beauty and happiness you radiate.

Thank you, Andy.

And so sweet. There used to be a game show called What’s My Line where celebrities try and guess your profession, I don’t think any of them would guess you are a disciplinarian. You had no idea what I looked like. Let’s see how well you lie, what did you think of me?

You were kind, interesting and handsome too. So thoughtful, bearing gifts when I was feeling unwell.

Maybe I was two out of three of those things. Speaking of that, and not of me anymore, you do a lot of 2+1 sessions, did you hook up with any other tops on this tour?

I love Double-Domming, but on this tour, I only did 1-2-1’s. Next year though, I’ll be collaborating with numerous famous Disciplinarians.

So you’ll be back next year?! Yay! You were also honored at LA’s DomCon? What’s involved in that?

I’m planning on it. At each DomCon they invite a few among those in the BDSM community who have achieved prominence and excellence to attend as Guests of Honor.

Then you were long overdue. How was the show?

I attended seminars presented by leading experts in their respective disciplines. I found these valuable and educational and the hosting Dominatrice were both skilled and eloquent.
The Awards Dinner was a memorable experience, with magnificent outfits, great food and entertainment.

Any gossip?

You know I won’t gossip, Andy…

Drats. I don’t think the US is as big on caning as Europe and beyond is, did you use it much here?

About half of my sessions were caning sessions and the other half were OTK. Americans love the cane too, but most recipients prefer sessions of lesser intensity.

We are wimps. I am happy that You are embracing OTK more. Is it from demand or you enjoy it?

I enjoy it immensely, especially now that my hands have become accustomed to it, and I don’t bruise any longer. My OTK sessions often incorporate elaborate role play scenarios and it’s such fun.

I notice you employ the famous Leg lock when taking someone over your lap. I enjoy that, do you start that way over one knee or it evolves to it?

I usually start out that way. I like it when the recipient is unable to squirm, it makes them feel more helpless.

You have a wonderful otk clip coming out, and you dedicated it to me?

Yes, “Let’s Get Crackin’”.
I hope you enjoyed it.

I did. But you didn’t use my brush?

I was going to, but unfortunately it broke in my luggage during the flight home.

That’s sad. Did you know you kind of stole that brush! I really just wanted a photo of you holding it but you were so excited by it and said thank you so I was happy, honored even to give it to you. I usually bring an implement when I meet spankers. I’ll get you a sturdier one next time!

I was mortified when you told me it wasn’t originally a gift.

Andy’s brush!

Please don’t be. I was so thrilled you liked it. And I was happy to give it to you. I recently watched your face in a clip of you caning and you enjoy it so much! Can otk compare to that feeling?

They are both wonderful.

And it never gets old?

Never. Every bottom is different.

When and where are you headed next?

England, July 2019.
16 July Lancashire, 221s with Miss Sternmore
17&18 July South Yorkshire, 221s with Miss Raven 666
19 July Manchester, 221s with Miss Eris Martinet
22 July Kent, 221s with Lady Amber
23&24 July 121s London

I hear my readers are coming to see you? Aren’t they the best?

Many of your readers came to see me. They were/are great.

So they should let you know Andy sent them?

Please do!


Give us all your contact info?


Easy enough. Answer me this: Is it cheating not telling a spouse or partner you see a pro?

Many men have shared a similar story with me…about how, at the beginning of a marriage, they would have told their wives about their BDSM urges, and for many this was met with disapproval. She would have flatly refused to hear any more about it or practice it. This is not wrong…if she Dominated his submissive nature, while not being a Dominant-inclined BDSM practitioner, or if she performed sadistic acts on him (such as spanking) despite not being a sadist, she might have experienced psychological damage.
For many others, the newlywed wife participated happily for a while, but shortly after then lost interest altogether. Most often though, the husband never told his wife about his BDSM urges, out of fear of rejection/separation/revulsion.
In all three instances, the husband’s urges remain. It does not make him a bad husband if he has a submissive or masochistic nature. If these masochistic/submissive urges are intense, then it would be psychologically damaging for him not to have them fulfilled. And that is why I have no problem being the keeper of so many people’s secrets. I do not see their secrets as toxic. From my point of view they are just men seeking to fulfill urges, that would have negative or harmful effects on the wives expected to fulfill them. It does not damage me to spank or Dominate them—as a Dominant, Sadistic Dominatrix, I absolutely love it. I am no threat to any marriage, since I only have sadistic and domineering interest in my clients, as opposed to sexual/romantic, and therefore I carry no guilt where this is concerned. I don’t think it is unacceptable.

With a spanking I could see this but how do they hide or explain your marks to their significant other after a caning?

Easy. Take a wet cotton cloth and place it over the bum cheeks. It allows most of the sensation and pain of the caning to be experienced, but leaves no marks.

I thought was over ever getting spanked again but I was so enchanted by you I would have happily dragged my old saggy bum over your lap! ?

Time, logistics and allergies worked against us. Prepare yourself for May 2020 though…

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5 Responses to Mistress Baton Recounts Her AmeriCANE Tour

  1. Gus says:

    Great interview, as always, Andy. But what time of year was it when she visited? Surely all that snow and cold wasn’t in June, or was it? She seems like a warm, playful, intelligent person. The clips you usually see of her are brutal, but it sounds as if she doesn’t mind tailoring a session to something gentler, though still painful, for folks who can’t bear an all out attack. That is good. Too bad you didn’t get to sample her spanking personally. Better luck next year, and be sure to tell us all about it!

  2. someonesandy says:

    Gus she was out here in the middle of May, but LA was her last stop. My butt isn’t upset that she didn’t spank me, but that’s the only part that is!

  3. John Crawford says:

    You are a world class DOMINRIX!
    Thank you for all the kind words about Texas!

  4. jack says:

    I remember when she announced how she was cruelly outted at home. Such a horrible thing to do to someone. I wonder how hard it is to blend, when you’re a star…that happens to be beautiful. I can’t imagine playing with her and not wanting her hardest cane strokes. That’s who she is!

  5. Jane's pet says:

    I was lucky enough to session with MB in Los Angeles. and to be the 1st Angelino to go over her lap for an hour-long role play hand spanking/hairbrush spanking, this served as the warm-up for our second-hour where I was secured to the caning bench and given 6 hard swats with Her Claken paddle (That sucker packs a punch) and 24 cane strokes from Medium to Severe severity this part of the session was filmed and it is on MB store of the Big clip site that cannot be mentioned here..
    Looking forward to her May 2020 tour.

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