OTK Day – My Temperature’s Rising


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  1. zalkatt says:

    I’m going to start by giving you a hand spanking just to get your bottom a bit hot and stingy. When I let you up you are going into the bathroom hanging in the shower you will find a long heavy bath brush I want you to take it off the hook and bring it directly to me. You will place it on the floor where you can reach it. I want you to take your pants and underwear completely off. Fold them neatly place them on the chair over there and place yourself across my lap. When I am ready I will ask you to hand me the bath brush which you will do immediately without question. I will then finish your spanking. By the time I’m done with your bottom, you will feel like a small naughty boy crying begging and kicking your legs. Since you are not a little boy but a grown man that doesn’t know how to listen and obey I am not going to let you up until your bottom and legs are blistered almost to the back of your knees.

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