Macie’s Mom – She’s Got It Going On…

Sorry, I think of Stacie’s Mom every time. The song? No? Rachel Hunter? Worth a view sometime. Anyway, it’s great to finally catch up with Macie’s mom. Two women that spank. Alright Macie’s mom can I call you by your first name?
You may call me Ms. B. 

Mrs. B and Macie


Hm, I think I like Macie’s mom more. So let me get this straight it was your daughter who got you into professional spanking?  That’s different. I think we need all the details?


Correct, my daughter instigated my interest in spanking. She started spanking about 6 or 7 years ago. We have a very close relationship; she told me all about her exploration of different kinks and how she really enjoyed spanking the most. At first I wasn’t very interested but hey, whatever floats her boat, right? She’d been spanking professionally about a year when one Sunday when I was visiting her she invited me to stay and watch her upcoming session. The client was a regular and she knew he’d enjoy the added humiliation of having someone watch. So I watched, but still wasn’t that interested. Few months later, again I was visiting and this time she invited me to not only watch but participate in a session. So I hesitantly took the paddle and placed a few tentative swats on the client’s bottom. And a few more. It wasn’t long before I was hooked! I finally realized why she enjoys it so much. And I loved the feeling of power.

You weren’t surprised that Macie started doing this?

Nothing surprises me with Macie! haha She’s quite adventurous in all walks of life.

How long was she giving spankings before she told you?

As mentioned above, she told me everything from the very beginning of her journey. She’s very open with me.

And how long have you been giving spankings professionally now?

About 5 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Were you a mom who spanked? Or was this all new to you?

I spanked Macie when she was young (she still has the paddle and there is a video on her Clips that are For Sale site that shows her using it on ME! Payback, I guess LOL) But I’d never had any exposure to adult spanking. I’d led a pretty vanilla life. I had heard of adults who enjoyed spanking but it just seemed weird to me back then.

Probably is weird. But man, is it fun. How old were you when you picked up the paddle professionally?

I believe I had just turned 60.

Was it just a natural fit?

I was unsure of myself at first – I was afraid of swinging too hard, of maybe causing damage. But I enjoyed it and wanted to learn more. I caught on quickly and was pleased when returning clients commented on how my skills had improved. Macie was a great teacher. Now I can’t imagine not spanking.

Who was on the receiving end? Was it a double session with your daughter?

Yes. After I realized how much I enjoyed spanking, Macie and I set up double sessions where we both applied the paddle.

Did she have to teach you anything? I mean giving a spanking and giving a session are two different things? Setting up a site? What to wear? What naughty bottoms want? All that fun stuff?

Macie taught me a LOT! I observed how she conducted sessions. She showed me the “safe” area to aim for on the bottom and how to swing different implements. She told me to wear whatever made me feel powerful. Each client is different; some want role play, some want just a spanking, some want scolding along with their spanking. We always sit and chat with new clients to find out what they’re looking for in a session and go from there. 

So much to learn. I wish I had homework like that. Anything else?

She taught me to have confidence in myself. She encouraged me to go out on my own and start my own disciplinarian business. I was very hesitant and, frankly, afraid. How could I do it on my own?? I needed her!! Who would come to my small town? Who would want someone my age? As it turned out, spankees come from many miles away, and my age is actually an asset for this type of work. Many of my clients are older men who are looking for a “mother” or “aunt” to discipline them. They tell me it just doesn’t feel right to go across the lap of a 20- or 30-something girl. My mature appearance along with conducting spankings in my spare bedroom helps to convey the feeling of the naughty little boy being spanked by his mom or aunt.

If you were to give tips to new disciplinarians what would you say?

I would recommend finding a mentor, someone who can teach you techniques and safety.

Do you two offer mother daughter spankings?

We do whenever we can coordinate our schedules. We enjoy traveling together and will open up mother/daughter sessions at our destinations. We love doing mother/daughter sessions and we’ve discovered we have a natural rhythm as we spank. We sort of read each other’s minds. Believe me, a mother/daughter session is not for the faint of heart! lol They can be intense.

Has she ever given you a few payback swats?

lol – not serious ones, but we’ve made some fun videos in which she spanks me.

Which one of you spanks harder?

I generally do, but she can spank pretty darn hard too. She’s very good with the cane.

Have you ever been spanked?

As a kid, I got the yardstick across my bottom more than once! Since I’ve started spanking professionally, I’ve been spanked several times. I feel it’s important to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end and what each implement feels like. 

I just heard about you from one of my readers W who coincidentally just saw you. He dropped me this note afterwards:

Wow, I was really impressed. She was the perfect choice for somebody’s first visit to a pro. As an older guy I felt comfortable talking with someone my own age. Her stories about how she got into doing this late in life and why she enjoys spanking guys I found intriguing. Hope you do interview her.

Well this is that interview! Why do you enjoy spanking guys so much?

Why do I enjoy spanking guys? I’d have to say it’s the power exchange. Most of my life I was under the control of a man (father, husband) and felt so constrained. Now that I’m older and single I’m finally coming into my power. You might say it’s “payback time” LOL  I’ve discovered I’m a little sadistic, too. To have a guy across my lap, squirming and grunting, brings a smile to my face. Hearing his gasps as I lay the belt across his backside is delightful. But also I like helping people, and I enjoy providing this service to those who need it. I’ll give them a warm bottom and also offer a nonjudgemental ear for those who need someone to talk to. A sort of therapist, if you will. 

Do you spank naughty gals too?

I’d be happy to, but they never schedule with me. The few who have scheduled never followed through. I’m not sure why?  I did have one couple once who scheduled me for the two of them. She took it harder than he did.

C’mon ladies. I know most of you need spankings too. Back to the note:

Here are a couple of pix from my session. Thanks to a lovely long and thorough OTK warmup (actually very relaxing after being on the road already for three days of my cross-country trip) she got me to take the hardest spanking of my life and to enjoy/savor almost every stroke delivered with a huge heap of lovely implements that you can see there on the bed beside her (as well as the marks, therefrom, on my bottom).

And on Ws testimonial it leads us to the most important question: where are you located and how do we contact you?

I’m located in a small Ohio town called Wooster, about an hour south of Cleveland. My website is and my email is I’m also on FetLife and SpankingTube.

What should we expect when we come to see you?

We will sit and chat for a few minutes to get comfortable with each other. I’ll ask about what you’re looking for (we may have already covered this in email but I’ll do a recap), your spanking experience, what kind of spanking you want, and so forth. Then we’ll move into the spare bedroom where we will start the scene. I always start with a warmup with my hand (unless the scene calls for no warmup), increasing the intensity slowly. Once I feel you’re warmed up properly, we’ll move on to heavier implements. And I have a LOT of implements! I listen closely to your breathing and watch your body language. I’ve been told I’m very good at taking clients right to their limits and then backing off just in time. Towards the end of the time I may announce that I’ll do 10 more and sometimes let the client chose the implement(s). Once the spanking is over, I rub lotion on the red bottom, give you a hug and a bottle of water. We may talk for a little more before you leave.

Do you do a lot of prep work? Try to find out what makes us tick and cater our spanking or just take over?

There’s always prep work, from preparing the space, to picking out the proper outfit for the scene, to getting into the right head space. Often there has been email correspondence about what the client is looking for and I try to cater to that: Am I an angry neighbor lady? A boss chastising an employee? The aunt who caught him peeking in at her daughter? Am I the wife who caught him wearing my panties? Role play scenes are endless and so much fun. Some clients want a stress relief spanking, so no role play and very little talking as I take him into that head space where he can relax and let go. Newbies are also fun, introducing them to different implements and sensations.

Why do you think us grown ups seek spankings?

There are so many reasons! Some want to relive the past of being over mom’s lap. Others are carrying guilt from the past, from not being punished when they should have been and want to make amends now. Some seek stress relief. Some are curious. But many times I hear “I don’t know why I need this, I just do.”

And you’re more than happy to deliver them?

Absolutely! 🙂

What’s your demeanor and headspace like during the session?

During the session my demeanor kind of depends on the scene. If I’m “angry” at you, I’ll strictly scold. If it’s a stress relief spanking, I’ll not talk much. But my headspace is always “I’m in charge here and you will do as I say.”

Do you role play? What are your thoughts on safe words?

I love role play! I like to offer the use of safe words but seldom are they needed.

Do you have a style like in the letter? Start slow? Start over underwear? With hand? Or is every spanking as unique as a snowflake?

Every spanking is unique, but I do like to start slow with my hand, either over underwear or on the bare. Lightly at first, and then increasing the intensity. I’ll use a few light implements to finish the warmup, and then move on to the heavier implements. 

On occasion, I get a request for a punishment spanking, during which there is no warmup and I start spanking hard immediately with no safe word in place. I mean, if mom is mad and puts you over her knee and takes the hairbrush to you, she’s not going to let you use a safe word! lol Or give you a warm up.

What’s your favorite moment baring the bottom, first spank, squirming?

I love the initial going across my lap, getting settled, rubbing the bottom in anticipation and the first smack. It’s so intimate.

I like being summoned over the knee. Relinquishing control.

Also, I really like hearing the grunts and gasps, and the squirming. Not only is it fun, but it gives me feedback about how the session is going for my client. I can usually tell if it’s ok to go harder or if I should back off a little. Sessions when the client just lays there being all stoic and macho is not much fun for me. I need and love reactions!

You a big lecturer?

I lecture if it applies to the role play. I will also do mouth soaping and corner time.

Oh my. Favorite implement?

That’s a tough one! I’d have to say my short handled bath brush. It’s easy to swing and really packs a punch. Other favorites include my London Tanner “Grandma’s Slipper” paddle, my Spencer paddle, and my canes.

Scariest one?

My Canadian Prison Strap.

Do you draw blood?

Sometimes, although I try to avoid it.


Sometimes tears flow. If it happens, they are from emotional release rather than pain.

Do you and Macie compare notes and ideas?
Yes we do! We are like a team.
How awesome is it that you two have an activity to bond (haha bond) with?
We’ve always been close, but this has brought us even closer. It’s been so much fun being on this journey with her.
What makes for a perfect spanking?
Having chemistry or a connection between me and the client counts for a lot in a spanking. I like when he gives me an overview of the scene he’d like and then lets go and trusts me to handle it properly. I like bantering and laughing with the client. I like when he’s squirming and gasping as I spank him. And I especially like it when after the spanking he tells me that was exactly what he was hoping for. To me, those things make a perfect spanking. Having a happy, satisfied client is always my goal.


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10 Responses to Macie’s Mom – She’s Got It Going On…

  1. Baxter says:

    Great story about a disciplinarian closer to my age. She really can redden naughty bottoms. However, I was not able to connect with the website.

  2. zalkatt says:

    Amazing and beautiful lady. I am 65 and would love to be spanked by someone around my age. I am looking for a long term permanent relationship with a capable lady who uses domestic discipline on a regular basis. I am also a switch but believe the lady should be in charge.

  3. W. says:

    Andy: Your title for the post is so very clever — and spot on.  Super great interview, as always! W.

  4. Jennifer says:

    As someone who has been over those knees on many an occasion, it is wonderful. Well, not while it’s happening. But definitely before and after. A great woman and a wonderful spanker.

  5. Johnny C says:

    I have been lucky enough to visit Ms B several times at her home in Wooster. If you are looking for an old fashioned maternal disciplinarian, you have found your perfect match! She is kind, caring, but very strict when getting to the seat of the problem, she is authentic and real as it gets. Johnny from Chicago simply cannot wait to visit her again!

  6. Rose says:

    Hello Miss MacieMom I’m writing to you to see if you can give me a good spanking for my attitude I have. I’m over 18 years old. So hope you can help me out.

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