Slapsisters Redux

Sure you only get one chance to make a first impression, but it doesn’t stop you from making a great 2nd impression.

The first time I sat down with Sisi of the Slapsisters, I got answers, a little curt, a little guarded, but still enough to run an interview. And most of you responded positively to it.  Like you always do, to the fabulous women who take the time and do an interview for me, for us really.

And your outpouring of love, requests for custom video’s and sessions from these Essex sisters, inspired Ms. Sisi to open up a little more. And boy does she. So warm, so honest.

I’m ready to jump over her lap, and her sisters…you will be too.

Hi Sisi, it’s nice to chat again.

Andy, thank you for giving me an opportunity to answer your questions again, this time more fully.

What made you want to come back again?

When you first approached me, I was still just beginning to reach out to a wider audience. I wasn’t aware of your blog and barely active on Twitter. Now I am much more confident and comfortable with both, and everyone you two reach and would like to elaborate about how I came to be a disciplinarian.

Well I’m thrilled to have you back. Let’s just chat. How did you stumble into the spanking scene?

So I got into spanking nearly 6 years ago via a work friend, who had a friend that did spanking, she used to tell us a few things about her at lunches out, and I decided that I could do that!

You just decided you could spank bare bottoms?


Yes! I was working for a surgeon when my colleague who gave me the idea. I got as much information as possible from her, then launched Slapsisters. I have since given up working at the doctors, but I do have a vanilla job, I am a part time caregiver in the community, looking after elderly and disabled people, which also involves me tending to people’s bottoms!!

Ew, but not in a fun way tho. So you weren’t into spanking it just sounded like a job opportunity?

It sounded like fun. I approached my sister with the idea, and to my amazement she agreed to do it with me. So no, this is not a kink of mine, but I do genuinely love what I /we do.

Sidetrack: Do you have any kinks?

I don’t actually have any kinks, but I am very open minded and I do enjoy meeting and working with the different people I see through Slapsisters.

Back to business: Had you ever spanked anyone before?

Neither my sister or I had spanked previously, I went out and purchased a small cane, and we did a quick practice on each other, but we realised that we do not like pain ourselves!! Therefore we do not switch!

Yeah, I hear spankings tend to hurt?


Haha yes. As I said we tested our first cane on each other, and we always try out new implements too, but we have seen the impact of a real spanking on our clients, and frankly, that is not for us!!

You have other implements now?

Of course. We have built our arsenal extensively since then, I always have my eye out for something that can be used in our sessions, and we have had lots of gift implements given to us too.

So that first spanking…

I did the spanking, my sister waited in the room next door.

Really why?

Our visitor, had just paid for one of us. So my sister waited, just for security. I was nervous, as you can imagine and my sister was itching to join in! After thinking about it, we decided not to charge more for both of us, same fee for one or two of us. So from then on we both joined in together.

So you’ll both spank me for the same price?


Hold on a sec, I’m feeling a bit weak. That’s an amazing offer. How did you advertise your laps in the beginning?

I started off with adverts on a spanking website, which was how my friend had suggested I start, which I still do now, together with having profiles on more spanking sites. We didn’t want to be greedy or overpriced, so we keep our tributes very reasonable, including as mentioned earlier, charging no extra for two of us.

I know a spanking isn’t rocket science but you were good at it right away?

I’m not sure how good we were at it originally, but I think the novelty of having 2 sisters operating together was a real bonus!

I’m sure it still is. And now you are accomplished?

Truthfully I like to be good at whatever I do, so I definitely strove to get better both at technique, and at the mental psyche necessary to be a good dominatrix. I do so enjoy the different people I meet, and I love to know that my visitors leave me thinking that they have just had an amazing session, and can’t wait to return.

Both naughty boys and girls make it over your knees?

We only have spanked men, or naughty boys!

What? Why’s that?

We have offered to spank ladies, but are still waiting to be taken up on this!

I can’t believe that.

I think the reason that we don’t get women visitors is because we are professionals, and I believe that women can get a good spanking from willing men for free!

I think they just didn’t know about you. Ladies. Step up, I want to hear from the first woman who gets spanked by the Slapsisters.

Speaking of that how do we meet you?

We are located in Essex in South East England. 
My email address is
I also welcome subs into my home, where they can perform domestic duties under my strict supervision.

So you are expanding your horizons?

Indeed. Last year I began to expand my services, and I do a lot more one to one things now. I offer Skype sessions, or private videos of me giving chastisement, telling you to undress, and ordering you to self spank. I also now spank my sub to your scenario, and call him by your name.
I offer a befriending service to cross dressers and TVs, a place where you can feel comfortable wearing what you want, and can get dressed up, and change outfits as much as you want.

Finally I offer a long distance slave service, via Skype, with daily communication and tasks. For those who prefer a good story, I am happy to send you an email of your chosen scenario, for you to read at your leisure as often as you want.

Seems like a lot. Anything else?

Well since you’ve asked. I am currently looking into making clips for general sale, which I am hoping to have available on my website soon.
I do enjoy the variety of things that I now offer, and I really do always strive to give the absolute best service that I can, I am so excited about the wider audience that I am reaching.

Let’s talk a little more, in person, spanking. Do you like to role-play?

We do enjoy roleplay, and are happy to take suggestions. We have done lots over the years, naughty neighbour, mum and aunt, headmistress and teacher/head girl. Police women, shopkeepers, landladies, etc. As well as just giving a good hard discipline session with no scenario.

Just an old fashioned bare bottom spanking. Any other types?

We play the dice game often.

Dice game?

Dice game, specialty dice you roll for number of strokes.
Roll again to choose the implement
And roll again for position.

Sounds better than craps. And you both spank or they roll for that too?

If we play together, we take it in turns.

Do you ever spank two people at the same time?

We have and it is great fun. Always looking for friends, maybe couples so we can spank that female bottom finally, girlfriends, whatever.

How much easier is it having your sister there with you?

I enjoy working with my sister, we get along so well, and can read each other so well, but, I do also enjoy the one to one sessions.


What’s great about one on one?

I find I can really connect this way, undiluted attention and a real chance to work on what I think my visitor wants. Be that a slower regulated pace that builds up, or a very chatty session, where they can reveal their true feelings about why they enjoy their kink. Or just a hard and fast caning with a devastated bottom at the end!

Do you have a favorite moment, one on one, giving a spanking?


Honestly I don’t have a favourite. I just want my visitor to have the best time possible. But my favourite thing is making a good connection with the person.  Hm, but I do love to look them in the eye while I remove their trousers and underwear!

That’s hot.

And I do prefer to warm a bottom up thoroughly first, so that I can really deliver a good thrashing with implements. My favourite implement, it must be said, is a horse whip!

Now I’m speechless.

Good. And I hope this covers everything you want to know?
It has been my pleasure to tell you more about me.

Again my website is
  I do hope that you will have a look at it, it is constantly being added to, and updated.

Thank you again Andy for allowing me to tell you some more about myself and Slapsisters.

My pleasure. Thank you. It sounds like you’ve really tackled this kink?

I love what I do!

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5 Responses to Slapsisters Redux

  1. The link for the site is broken; and anyway, unfortunately, at least for a few months, we cannot take the chance to infect those lovely ladies.
    Wise people that care for the neighbour and themselves, stay home as much as possible.

  2. Another Mike says:

    Andy earned himself a four handed spanking. The link to the website is correct, it’s just not formatted as a “go to” link. Type it in and you’ll get to the Slap Sisters web site.

  3. Baxter says:

    the dice game sounds interesting

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