The Vanilla Interviews – Naturally Gin #2

I thought it might be fun to send silly vanilla questions to some of your favorite women. See if we get any insights. It’s 12 of the best, and 1 to grow on. Let me know what you think?


What is the last thing you took a picture of?

My very spanked bottom after a session with Ms Drake because I wanted to post it on my blog, Smiles and Spanks. Rather difficult to take a photo of your own bottom, but I am getting better at it.

Were you popular in high school?

I was very unpopular and was very much a loner, I still am. I spent most of my time reading outdoors, I still do.

What do you order normally when you eat Chinese food?

Chow mein (no bean sprouts) and steamed vegetable dumplings.

What’s your best feature?

I’m not sure that I have one. Let me ask my SO…they responded with, “You have a few great features, which one is the best depends on the priority of the beholder. You are very true to yourself, no games. You have a great sense of pacing, and aesthetics. You are very organized. Also very clean. If we are talking physical features: you have striking blue eyes and a great figure.”

What perfume do you wear?

It is a Patchouli, Nutmeg, Cedarwood combination that I have been wearing for years. The name of the perfume is embarrassingly cheesy. I’m not going to say it.

Is your room messy or clean usually?

My home is always perfectly clean and organized. I cannot function in a messy space.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes ever?

My llama shoes. Super comfy, which is very important as we do have a lot of hills here and I very much enjoy walking. No, they are not made out of actual llamas.

What causes and charities are nearest and dearest to your heart?

I participate in the San Francisco AIDS Walk every year. The walk raises money for Project Open HandPRCACRIA and many more Bay Area HIV/AIDS service organizations.

Always happy to take donations.

Name one important characteristic you look for in someone you consider a friend?

Honesty. That’s the most important characteristic ever.

Are you laid back or high strung?

Laid back. Northern California style laid back.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

I got stuck in a children’s swing at Belgatos Park. Don’t worry, I got out with a little help.

Do you like to sing in the shower?


I have a special Shower Time playlist and I do often sing along to it, although I will admit that I have a horrible singing voice. What I find to be really great to do in the shower is Shower Orange, an Enlightenment of the Soul. Have you heard of this? Give it a try. Very refreshing.

If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

Living in this city it’s actually easy to make yourself blend into daily life in such a way that you are “invisible” to most people. So really I get to be “invisible” every time I go outside. It’s wonderful. Of course these days I am staying inside and staying safe.

Mostly unseen

Bonus, I live in San Francisco and there is nothing more I love than spanking. Use the links below to learn more and contact me.

Smiles and Spanks, Gin
NaturallyGin & The NaturallyGin Blog
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2 Responses to The Vanilla Interviews – Naturally Gin #2

  1. A.J. says:

    I played with Gin a few years ago. I still remember how much fun it was, and how wonderful she was. IS! A wonderful person! Thanks for this interview, Andy.

  2. naturallygin says:

    Reblogged this on Smiles and Spanks.

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