Our Miss Brooks – Theda Brooks!

Hi Theda, it’s wonderful to meet you. You are a no nonsense disciplinarian, right?
Hi Andy, Yes I like to think that I am, I do not provide the erotic side to discipline. I am strict in my sessions, but I will always respect limits.

No bondage, no piercing, no other punishments, just good old fashioned corporal punishment?
No, I am just a Traditional disciplinarian, I do not provide the dominatrix side of punishment.

I love that about you. Wish there were more purists like you out there. At what age did the thought of spanking bare bottoms tickle your fancy?
I got introduced to the scene in my 30’s, so I think I was grown up enough to make my own mind up about the spanking world.


Do you remember the first spanking you ever dished out? We want excruciating details please.
Yes, I do I will never forget, but if you do not mind Andy, this is very personal and private to me, I just do not want to be telling everyone as it was a very private matter.


Well can you tell us how it made you feel?
I guess like anything a little nerve wracking at first, I guess your first time at anything may not go perfect, but once you get the hang of it all it all becomes good.


And as a professional is there a thrill to giving a spanking or is it more like a service? A responsibility?
Yes, I provide a service, but I love what I do. In my personal life I take CP myself, so I know what I need to do to deliver. Please note I do not switch in my sessions, I just provide CP. So, as you can see, for me this is a way of life and I  love what I do!   It’s part of my lifestyle so not just a service.


Sounds like you love your job?

How long have you been giving spankings professionally?
I have been available to the public, just short of a year. But have been doing this behind close doors for many years prior for close friends


Lucky friends. Why do you think we crave spankings so?
CP is addictive and gets into your head. I know this as I take it in my private life, CP for me is a mental thing and not just a physical one.


What do you think the benefits of getting a spanking are?
Spankings hold many benefits, it can help with your emotions, stress etc. Also many people are brought up with spankings, so  they do not know any different and if they do not get their fix, they will suffer mentally.


Is it more emotional than physical? More therapeutic or more punishment?
 The answer to me would be ‘all of the above’ and I think many of your readers would agree with me?


What you really offer is accountability isn’t it?
Yes! It is accountability, as many men would like to be punished for real life crimes. And they take this very seriously. I completely understand that.


How tall are you?
I am 5ft 6inches without heels, I always wear heels in my sessions.

I always get carried away. So before we get any further, let’s give out all of your contact info and location?
Thank you, I am based 5 minutes from Manchester Airport, Altrincham,cheshire.
Send me a note. I can’t wait to hear from you: Missthedabrooks@gmail.com
And check out my website: http://thedabrooks.co.uk/ because you know you need a spanking!


You know we do, and we want to see you! I love your space, tell me about it?
My session room is very traditional, I love the Victorian era, so I have created myself around that.


Sounds spectacular. Tell us what to expect once that door opens and we are beckoned inside?
I like to get straight into mode as soon as that front opens, so if the guys or ladies want a scenario as soon as they arrive, I will slip straight into the scene or roleplay as it makes the experience more real. After the session you are not rushed out, I will provide a drink and a little something to eat to make you fit for your journey back home with that sore red bottom.

Do you have a spanking style or philosophy?
I don’t have a style, I do not pretend to be anyone else, I feel it is important to be you and not want to be anyone else or any style that is why the people come to see you for you not for being anything else.


You offer different types of spankings. Can you tell us about them?
I try to cater myself to what clients ask for at the end of the day, it is about them and their experience and what they want, that is why they come to see us ladies that provide this service.


You have a variety of implements?
I have an Aladdin’s cave of straps, tawses, canes etc. You will not be disappointed. All of top quality.


Do you have a favorite? Is there one that never fails to make an impression?
I love to use my leather straps, do not ask me why, I just love to use them, I do have a favourite one which I call my Granny strap.

My Granny Strap. Want to feel it?

Do you have a favorite position?
I do not mind, I think it is good to use different variations, just so the person getting my attention does not get bored.


I doubt boredom has ever been an issue with you.Can you deliver a sound hand spanking?
Oh, Yes. You guys and ladies will not be disappointed with my hand spanking. I have an extremely harsh hand. My hand does hurt and I’ve been told many a time how harsh it is. Please read my reviews page.


Do you have rules we need to follow?
I just expect you to be respectful of me.


Yes ma’am. How important is communication?
I need proper communication in the form of a phone call before our session. This is very important, then I know your likes and  dislikes for your session and what you expect, so I can do a good job of your time with me and make it memorable and real for you.


Do you lecture and scold?
Yes, I do, I do it in a way without shouting at you but I am very strict with you, You can see video examples of this on spankingtube under Theda Brooks and also on my twitter @Missthedabrooks.

Is there a point of the session you enjoy most? The baring of the bottom, first spank, wriggling?
I enjoy the whole experience.


Do you get tears often?
This has only ever happened twice in sessions for me. I think it depends on the other person on how they are feeling and how they are taking the punishment and also what state of mind that person is in.


Do you role play? Favorite scenario?
I do both, I do not have a particular favourite, I make sure that I am a good actress on the day and play the part.


You spank both naughty boys and girls? Any differences? Or a spanking is a spanking?
I spank both, I think with the ladies I do have to hold back a little as we are a little more delicate, but I still make sure they know they have had CP otherwise, there would be no point of paying me a visit.


Do you believe in safe words?
I do not ordinarily use them, but if the other person feels safer using them, I will allow it.


But you are out to inflict pain? How do you know when you are really get thru to us?
I can usually tell by your body language.

And when it’s time to stop?
When it is time to stop, I will tell them I am stopping and stop the scenario etc, But  I will always make sure if they feel they have had enough, if they have not I will carry on as I do not want them leaving not mentally satisfied.


Do you provide after care?
I have creams in. I do not rub it in that is for the client to do as I do not want them to get aroused as I do not provide relief for them.


theda black 20-02-21-at-12.53.21-PM-768x1024

I’m waiting for you Andy, and all your “fan-nies”!

How should we be feeling as we walk out of your door?
Is it important to me that you leave mentally satisfied as a sore bottom can fade after a few days, but the mental side to CP will be with you always.
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2 Responses to Our Miss Brooks – Theda Brooks!

  1. baxter says:

    Interesting interview. I would imagine a disciplinary session with her strap would be memorable.

  2. Bruni says:

    Having had a session with Miss Brooks I can confirm everything she says here is true, especially the last bit about the mental side of CP staying with you always.

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