Miss Rattan The Lost Interview….

I found a lost interview from Miss Rattan. Thought it would be worth publishing (Edited a bit because travel info dated):
First off it’s been 5 years since we’ve talked, officially. How’s life?
….far too long, young man. Life is great for I am blessed with good health and great friends which equals Happiness to me!!
You still delight in giving spankings, right?
Yes, I still delight in over the knee spankings with young or old!!!!!
Does it ever get old or feel like a job?


No it does not get old for each individual is unique and brings something different to the experience for me.

Give us your details too, where you are, and how we contact you?

I am located in downtown Toronto and may be reached there for sessions at my email missrattan@gmail.com,  I have a domestic play space.

I’m partial to domestic discipline….just sayin. We decide to see you, what should we expect from the moment you open the door?

Be prepared to be Gobsmacked! I shall be wearing a tight fitting dress in red or black and will greet you with a friendly smile and casual conversation. I enjoy meeting new submissive for it presents an exciting challenge and even when I know someone I am always making sure new experiences are to be introduced by way of implement or fantasy.

Are you all friendly, smiles, casual conversation, or do you get right down to business?

Yes, I am very down to earth and friendly. I love to do more than smile……laughter is always key to my sessions for naughty and witty is fun!

Another top that laughs at my predicament? Man, that gets to me.


Our session, every session, will begin with casual conversation and we will go over what will be taking place in session to be clear. Than we get down to business!

Is it more fun spanking someone new or someone you’ve seen before?

I enjoy the challenge of spanking someone new! Getting to know them and seeing how they react. However, when you know someone well it’s certainly very comfortable.

Do you spank women too? Any difference? Or a bare bottom is a bare bottom?

I do find a difference in spanking women….they have more area to spank! Generally speaking their bottoms are slightly jiggly and that is nice. And they are usually able to take it just as well as their male counterparts.

Mine’s too jiggly now to be honest.

I enjoy input by way of moans or just body movement where the skin quivers. I can read body language very well even when they do not make a sound! Tears are welcome!


Describe a typical spanking from you, if there is such a thing?

A typical spanking by me? Well you would have to ask the Spankee! Lol I enjoy a strict spanking over the knee by hand and with implements. If one is sensitive than the spanking will be delivered more sensually.

Do you want input from us? Or do you just want to take charge?

I do enjoy input, not by mouth, but by way your body is naturally twitching, clenching and the moans and groans or crying. Tears are always welcome!

What’s your favorite part, the baring of bottom, the submission, squirming?

My favourite part is the ritual of the baring and submitting.

You said tears are welcome, do you get tears often?

I do not get tears often however that is really because “boys are taught not to cry”!!

Meanest implement you swing?

The meanest implement I have is the cane and rubber long strap. It really depends on the persons. The wooden spoon seems to scare a lot of people lol.

Favorite position?

My favourite position is over the knee! 

Do you have a spanking outfit? What will you be wearing when we see you?

I usually wear a skirt and blazer and strip down to my lovely lingerie. 

And to remind everyone, you are a tall woman right?

I am tall at 5’10 “

Do you role play?  Favorite scenario?

Yes I roleplay. I adore it.  And the Strict Aunt is my favourite!

Okay, I’ll start a sentence and you finish it.

Once you are over my knee____

Once you are over my knee I shall spank your bare bottom till you can not sit on it for the rest of the evening.

Erections are____

Erections are a sign that you are enjoying it too much and so I must spank harder!

A lesson from me_____

A lesson from me is a lesson well learned through experience. Hence the cane!

Safe words____

Safe words are not needed. I enjoy communicating during our time together and can read body language well.

What do your friends and family think of your job?

Most of my friends know what I do and those who have not experienced discipline usually have no interest. The ones that enjoy this lifestyle are interesting and fun to be around. My parents have passed and my other family member that knows never brings it up. A lot of my older extended family do not know.

Have you or would you spank any of them if they needed or asked for one?

If my friends or family asked to be spanked I would most certainly!

How about a blogger that asks too many questions?

Yes, Andy you do deserve a good thrashing with all these questions!!!!!

Mission accomplished then!  haha Is it tough to be in a relationship with this job?

Yes it is tough to be in a relationship with this area of interest especially if they are not into it.

Why is it we crave spankings so much?

I ask myself that question all the time as to why we crave it….perhaps it’s the environment we grew up in! Maybe genetic? Social media certainly has a role…..

Are you saying I’m spreading the spanking fetish? Is there a perfect spanking?

Yes there is a perfect spanking….depends on the individual. Everyone is unique and knows what they like….

Is it the most fun job ever?

Yes, it is fun to spank. I enjoy what I do very much and will continue for as long as I am willing and able.

Besides a sore bottom, I know what most of us get out of a good spanking, the endorphin rush, the spankers high…what do you get out of giving a spanking?

I enjoy energy that goes into meeting and the anticipation of it all. I do get a sense of well being when I spank and also feel nurturing and strict!  I feel it’s spiritual! 

 Thank you Andy for the interview.

Strictly yours,

Mistress Rattan

A Corporal Fix for a Corporate World”


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6 Responses to Miss Rattan The Lost Interview….

  1. Roger says:

    Wow love to be otk teach me a lesson x

  2. John says:

    she is so fine, I’ll bet my ass she is very talented also, love the various canes as much as she must

  3. ND =;) says:

    This naughty devil would sure love to be taken over her silky knees!

  4. EDDIE says:

    Yes!! This naughty boy would love being across Her lovely smooth legs!!!

  5. Good interview


  6. Darius says:

    I’ve had the pleasure and pain of being spanked by Mistress Rattan many times. She is a magnificent woman and really knows how to deliver a spanking that will be remembered. For god’s sake don’t be late, she will punish you as you deserve and you will never be late a 2nd time, believe me. If you’re in need of some correction I definitely recommend Mistress Rattan.

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