Marked: Past Due

for a real trip, over a real lap, for a real spanking that is. These ladies are back in the swing of things. Give ’em a shout if you want them to make you give them a real shout soon. (That make sense?)

You know what I’m sayin’ – you need a spanking and they deliver faster than Domino’s.

Also, remember to scroll thru the links at the right on the Homepage under I’ll Get You Spanked to find other women, some closer to you maybe, that love to heat seats. And tell ’em Andy Sent Ya!

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1 Response to Marked: Past Due

  1. John says:

    thanks for the heads up, sure many of us hope to have our bottoms up for a severe mistress very soon. and my feeble mind sees a conundrum, is it still screaming if one has a sufficient rag stuffed in their mouth, as I usually do?

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