Jenn D’s Been A Busy One

Hi Andy, oh my, I have soooo many updates for you! It’s been way too long since we chatted, but more importantly it’s been way too long since you’ve been over my lap. That darn COVID!

So my DC trip is happening! Trip dates are Sept 24-28. Don’t say this isn’t plenty of notice! Oh and I’ll only have time for one session on Sept 28th as I fly out that day and the person I chose for that day will hopefully be able to give me a lift to the airport?! So if you’re already a spanko friend (or a new one) of mine and can give me a lift + are wanting a session, do let me know. (What a great after spanking chat we’ll have). I’ll be starting scheduling for this trip very soon!

I had a bunch of requests to join OnlyFans over the past few years and I “finally” did it.  So here it is! Make sure that after I went through all the hassle of signing up. And believe me when I say it was a hassle, it took me around 3-weeks of trying and getting rejected + tons of emails from me as well as my sponsor Jamie Foster/Claire Fonda to finally get my account approved. I’m not sure why exactly I was getting denied, but an “example” of one of the reasons they said they denied me was because my Twitter said “call me for a phone session” and apparently that is NOT allowed on OnlyFans (despite that this was on my Twitter & not the OF platform). So “finally” here is my OnlyFans account info: So now go sign up so I can feel like it was worth all the hoops they made me jump through 😉

Okay Andy, let’s chat!

Did you know that I have a podcast? Yup, sure do! Here’s the link & it’s totally free to listen to my audios, previews, and other kinky ramblings:
Here’s a particular episode that I think you will enjoy as a spanko:

It’s called “His First Time” and here is the description:

Description from the FULL clip:

Thirty-year-old Sebastian has finally summed up the courage to visit a professional disciplinarian. And she is delighted – she rarely gets to cane the bottom of a younger male and so takes an extra interest. In her pre-caning interview, she learns a few extra snippets of information about her prey that she knows will play to her advantage – in more ways than one. Indeed, she is so delighted with what she learns, that she makes the rare decision to tell Sebastian her real name because, she tells him, “When I beat you, I want to hear you begging Miss Catherine for mercy”. But mercy, for Sebastian, will come at an escalating cost. Learn what that will be as Miss Jenn Davis reads T.M. Andred’s FM discipline story ‘His First Visit’.

For the FULL clip, click here:

Also, not sure if you heard…but I’m going to be on TV! Yes, that’s right I’m going to be on one of the episodes of a new TV series called Submission Possible which is hosted by Madison Young and about all things kinky. It’s basically like a kink version of Anthony Bourdain. Basically Madison travels around the US (possibly even the world, I’m not sure which) to interview people  about kinky topics. Can you guess what Miss Madison wanted to talk to ME about? You guessed it, SPANKING!  We talk about various fetish stuff, but centering around my own love, the love of spanking. Want to know more? Check out my website and of course I wrote a blog post about it (and will be writing more blog posts as more information comes out): I’m sure you’ll want to check it out and get to see me in action (“spanking action” that is). Madison Young is incredibly well known & respected in the kink community and it’s quite an honor to be chosen to be on her brand spanking new TV series “Submission Possible”.

I wrote a 5th book since we last talked. It’s called Exposing and Emasculating a Sissy” and has a few spanking scenes in it, as well as delving into a variety of other fetishes that I enjoy. Here’s the link:  Here’s the description in case you are already starting to drool just thinking about it”:

This sissification story has more than 10,000 words of actual content!

Why was I drawn to Shawn? Why did I want to dominate him, feminize him, and bend him to my will? To see how far I could push him? Did this make me a bully?

At the time, it all seemed like just a bit of fun. I was bored, sitting in my first class of the day. It was my freshman year of college, and I was idly texting with my friends. This was still early in my first year at Venus State University. I was over 18 at the time, and so were my classmates Todd, Trevor, Chance, and of course Shawn.

The professor, Miss Andrews, called out for our attention. She wanted to introduce a new student, and the newbie she referred to was standing next to her. I looked up expecting to see—well, I’m not sure what I’d expected to see—but what I saw was a slightly-built student with long, dirty blonde hair and striking sapphire blue eyes.

The new kid seemed scared or at least unusually anxious, holding a denim book bag like a shield in their thin arms. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a boy or a girl, and that may have planted a seed in my mind. That seed eventually grew into almost an obsession, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I wasn’t paying any attention to what Miss Andrews was saying; I was too deep in thought. My Introduction to Gender Studies class had become my favorite class at university, and I felt challenged by the concepts I’d learned.

Was gender a social construct? What was the real origin of gender roles in society? I wondered if it would be possible to convert a regular male person into a female under the right circumstances. My thoughts went beyond all that though, far beyond those questions.

As I looked at Shawn, I imagined him in various female roles. As a cheerleader. As a French maid. Even as a cute, innocent little girl. These thoughts made me quiver and tingle with a new and exciting energy—feelings alien to me at the time. I tried to shrug them away, but these strange sensations kept coming back, stronger than ever.

Beware! This story includes scintillating scenes of forced feminization, female domination, LGBT, BDSM, mixed wrestling, spanking, chastity, adult diapering, sissification, role reversal, public humiliation, and other kinky taboo content—strictly for adults only!

Well those are my updates for now! Try your best to stay out of trouble, Andy. I know that’s hard for you!

Hugs & spanks,
Miss Jenn
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6 Responses to Jenn D’s Been A Busy One

  1. Spanknutt says:

    The best legs in the business. 😀

  2. naughty nora says:

    It was fun to read this update!

  3. ND =;) says:

    She also forgot to mention her occasional AVN live chat and tease sessions too for her frequent loyal spankos friends to stay in touch and tease on. As her loyal incorrigible naughty devil, unofficially I like to amusingly call the sessions Miss Jenn’s Spanking Romper Room where we try to instigate threats and teasing glances to need to be taken over Mommy or teacher’s silky knees. (And of course naughty devil is always quite pleased with himself earning her amusing scoldings while she threatens with various implements for a long overdue otk spanking, and all the while getting teasing peeks at her silky legs too – what we have to do to survive spanking withdrawals during the pandemic!)

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