This Monday Reminder Will Be A Bit Severe

I think a rubber strap is just what you need!

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5 Responses to This Monday Reminder Will Be A Bit Severe

  1. JOhn says:

    yes, ma’am, thank you ma’am, if it please you ma’am, because you are so very beautiful

  2. ND =;) says:

    Incorrigible naughty devil is quite pleased with himself again to have amused the fair lady enough to have her threaten, promise and guarantee getting the rubber strap all ready this time in addition to the warm up over the knee bare bottom hand spanking he is already getting …. to start!

  3. C Weidner says:

    Bummer I can’t get to article to read. No link?

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  4. mrluvsotk says:

    I am ready, willing, and able. Please I stand submissively before your hands by my side. I wait for you to finish your lecture, and unbuckle my belt and lower my trousers to my ankles. I know the hand spanking will not hurt but it is needed to heat my bottom for the severe spankings I have coming. I realize the hand spanking will allow you to use the other implement to give me a blistering memorable spanking that I will remember for a few days to come. Your hands unbuckle my belt and you lower my trousers to my ankles and have me step out of them you smile when you see the frilly panties I am wearing the ones you suggest I wear daily since my last punishment two weeks ago. I remember the gift-wrapped box you presented me with holding two dozen of them. I am now standing in front of you my hands by my side waiting for you to tap your lap for me to surrender myself across your lap. I notice the bath brush behind you and realize that after my hand spanking. i will be getting a good sound spanking with that as well before the rubber strap. You tap your left leg grab my wrist and slowly you take me across your lap. I know very shortly my bottom will start to sting. I also realize by the time my spanking is over my bottom will be blistered marked and bruised and sitting will be a chore. I know I will be across her lap for at least a good thirty to forty minutes before I have to bend across the back of the sofa for a long session with the rubber strap. I wonder if I will cry like a child I never have and she has been determined to get me to bawl. Eighty minutes later I stand in the corner my bottom is on fire blistered deep red and purple. I am sniffling but not crying. After ten minutes I must kiss the hand that beat my bottom, Thank her make promises to behave. She then will have me lay across the bed on my stomach and rub cooling refreshing cream into my punished bottom. If she desires she will release my penis from its cage and allow me to make love to her until she has an orgasm.
    This happens every Monday sometimes more severe sometimes less but I wouldn’t have it any other way not that I have a choice.

  5. Baxter says:

    I may be the boss, but you certainly are my boss. Yes, order me to drop and remove pants and panties and bend over the conference table. Leave the blinds open so that all the workers can see the boss getting punished for treating them like shit. Go ahead, blister and bruise my bottom – I deserve it.

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