Miss Erin Faye – Vegas Jackpot!

It’s such a pleasure meeting you. I know nothing about you, so let’s get to the bottom of things, shall we? How long have you been interested in spanking?

I would say my first interests in spanking sparked around age 16…But at that age, I wasn’t interested in *giving* spankings. I was interested in *receiving* spankings… yes, I was spanked as a younger child, but unlike most spankos, I didn’t enjoy it… but around age 16, I briefly dated a guy that showed me that, yes, spanking *can* be enjoyable, even therapeutic!

It is rare that kids who were spanked later enjoy it. Did both parents spank you growing up?

Yes. I got hand-spanked, and belt whoppings.

Was there a ritual or implement that was used most?

Not really no… just spankings and belt whoppings when I misbehaved.

Until what age were you spanked?

I think I was around age 12 or 13 the last time either one of my parents spanked/belt-whopped me.

Do they know that you give spankings professionally now?

No, they don’t know… I have thought about telling them what I do, but they aren’t very open-minded, and I’m really not sure how strongly they would feel against it, so I haven’t told them (yet).

Good luck with it, if you do. So do you remember what sparked your interest in spanking?

I had a boyfriend that I dated briefly in high school who influenced me… he was the popular outgoing guy in my group of friends, I was the quiet somewhat awkward girl, who never thought in a million years that she would actually ENJOY being spanked, until one day he asked me why I was so against it and said that I should let him spank me, but I didn’t see the difference in it, I mean if I hated being spanked as a child from my parents, why on Earth would I enjoy it from my boyfriend?? Boy was I wrong…. to be fair he was REALLY good with his hands!

How old were you the first time you gave someone a spanking?

I was 18, went to my friend’s 18th birthday party and hand spanked, flogged and paddled a bunch of my girl friends for fun. It was completely random and unplanned, but A LOT of fun!!

Wait sounds like a B Slumber Party Movie.  How did your friends birthday turn into a spanking party, and how did you end up being the one with paddles in your hand?

The birthday girl’s stepmom bought the paddle as a surprise gag birthday gift from the adult shop on her way home from work that night… she showed up with it and said, “Look what I got! So who is giving the birthday girl her birthday spankings?!”

It definitely sounds like a movie I’d like to see…go on, please..

Well, I found my eyes quickly scanning the room for any interested eyes or any hands about to fly up and say “Me me me!”… I instantly threw my hand up and said, “That’ll be me!” I had only gotten spanked a few times by my ex boyfriend, and I was instantaneously excited at the opportunity to turn the tables and get to spank another girl…

I need popcorn with this…

First started with the birthday girl’s spankings, over my knee, 18 swats across that luscious heart-shaped booty! And then the birthday girl stands up and says, “woohoo! Who is next?!” And apparently all the other girls thought it looked way more fun to *get* spanked, because allllll of their hands went right up, “me me me!”, like I expected before…. so when I lined them all up together and started swatting those butts, the birthday girl’s stepmom starts to notice my handy work with the paddle, she ups the ante, goes to her bedroom and grabs her personal flogger. I had never used one before. She shows me how to hold it and wield it in a side to side figure-8 style swing… it was so much fun… the flogger was my favorite for a long while after that night.

How did you feel afterwards? Because I’m feeling tingly right now?

Well at that point I had already been spanked by my ex boyfriend a few times, so it was definitely exciting and a lot of fun to turn the tables and spank and paddle another girl… and not just one, but several in a row!

… I also touched back to those mixed emotions I felt the first time I let my ex boyfriend spank me a couple years prior; again I was pretty confused how I could possibly enjoy spanking and corporal punishment implements when I hated getting spankings as a child. Nonetheless, the more spanking that I did, the more I was starting to realize that I really was into this ‘spanking’ thing. πŸ™‚

Is the same feeling you still get today after giving a thrashing?

I certainly dont get “mixed emotions” anymore about enjoying spanking and corporal punishment! haha! But I definitely still get that exciting adrenaline rush, and I enjoy every thrashing just as much as the last.

You Live in Las Vegas? Born and Raised?

Not born and raised, moved here at age 5 from California. I love Las Vegas, I have traveled around the country some, but Vegas has always been home for me.


Winner Winner…Spanking Dinner?


Alright give us your contact info, you know, in case we are feeling lucky?



So we are in town to have fun, spanking fun, tell us what to expect when we open our door and you come in?

First of all, I always dress nicely and NEVER wear lingerie or provide any kind of nudity at an appointment. You can expect me to wear professional attire, a dress, or if you prefer I can also do casual wear (jeans/top).

I have a great sense of humor and I love to laugh and smile while spanking and possibly inciting some tears from you… some light-hearted teasing and some scolding/lecturing are definitely fun for me… I can also be fairly ‘physical’ while spanking sometimes; leg and arm locking during otk, holding you down by the back of your neck during otk, sitting on your back during paddling… all fun for me.

Sounds like you really get into it?

I do prefer to set a 90-minute minimum appointment time… This allows 10 – 15 minutes of introductions/chat upon arrival, 50+ minutes for your session, and 10 – 15 minutes for aftercare. I am willing to set 1 hour appointments, but in my opinion, 60 minutes is just *barely* enough time for a complete session, and I don’t want my client to ever feel like the appointment is rushed.

Got it. Go on….

Upon arrival I’ll make sure that I have a space available for me to unpack my arsenal of implements… we will then briefly summarize the discussed arrangements, and my safe word system will be explained to you(even if you insist on not needing or wanting one). I typically set ambient music near the entry way to take away from any sounds in the room, and I ask that cell phones be silenced and put away during our time to avoid any interruptions… from here, I am in charge of everything that you do. I am your strict disciplinarian and I don’t deal with any nonsense. While you may hear me give a genuine chuckle of enjoyment/amusement, make no mistake that you are still under my authority and you will respect my authority!

What kind of spankings do you dole out? Therapeutic, discipline, maintenance, domestic, role play?

I do therapeutic, discipline, some domestic, and role play spankings.

What’s your mindset like when delivering punishment?

When delivering punishment during a disciplinary session, I am stern and I am strict. I am dominant, and demanding. I have high expectations of you. And you will meet those expectations, or receive hard punishment!

Uh, yes…ma’am. Do you lecture, scold? Make friendly chit chat? Or just grab me by the ear and take me over your lap?

That really depends on the person I am with. Everyone is different and looking for different things in their ideal session… I can definitely accommodate all of the above. I would probably start with friendly chit chat, move into spank/discipline conversation and promptly take you by the ear and force you over my knee and spank while scolding/lecturing. How does that sound, Andy? πŸ™‚

Like a good ol’ fashioned spanking! Do you use spanking in your private life as well?

My husband and I *occasionally* switch together… but that’s in my private life only!

How long have you been giving spankings professionally?

I just started spanking professionally in 2018; still very new to the spank community/scene. Shadow Lane 2019 will actually be my first {national} party!

Do you have a favorite implement?

The cane

Favorite Position?

Bent over a chair/table

How tall are you?

5’3 of bottom-paddling fury!

Do you role play?

Yes, I enjoy a multitude of scenarios involving roleplay, including but not limited to: student/teacher/coach/principal/dean of discipline, babysitter, sibling, mommy, aunty, boss/co-worker, naughty neighbors, nurse/patient, authoritarian/governess, etc… my favorite roleplays would probably be governess/authoritarian, or dean of discipline.

Favorite scenario?

Disciplinary/correctional scenarios are definitely my favorite… administering spankings and other implements for not meeting the expectations set

I rarely meet anyone’s expectations. Just sayin. Do you use safe words?

My preferred safeword is the red yellow green safe words system. But this can be negotiated; I’m flexible with safe words…

Do you have a favorite moment, like seeing someone resign themselves to their fate, baring their bottom, first spank and reaction, tears?

I have a special place in my heart for  hand and feet tawsing. Especially tawsing ‘virgin’ hands and feet… I would say one of my very favorite things is making the kind of eye contact with my subject that *tells them* to resign themselves to me; you will give in to me…. you will put your hands/feet out for me…. and I will give you hard punishment… you stand before me, exposing your hands, palms up, fingers spread, sometimes shaking in fear, yet accepting your fate….

That is definitely one of my favorites πŸ™‚

You look so sweet but you have an evil streak. Is spanking something you think you’ll be doing forever?

Yes yes yes! I have a lot of passion for corporal/judicial punishment, and I really couldn’t imagine hanging it up and never doing it anymore!.

What is it about judicial punishment that floats your boat so much? Where did that come from?

The one thing that sticks out in my memory the most in regards to my initial interests in judicial punishment is watching full-body whippings in history-based films/movies… can’t remember any one specific scene… I just remember (again) feeling mixed emotions (and excitement) when seeing full body whippings… The way the whip moves through the air, The way the whip cracks against the skin creating raised welts and slashes and the way it makes that beautiful sound as it travels through the air and meets its victim’s skin…. the cries, wails, tears from the victim, the way the body curls upon whip impact, the ritualistic scenarios that would play out to commence the punishment, it was all a bit intoxicating to take in. Back then I had no idea I was staring at my ‘calling’ in life when I was watching those movies.


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6 Responses to Miss Erin Faye – Vegas Jackpot!

  1. Mr Yummy says:

    Great interview, Andy.
    Miss Erin sounds wonderful!!! Deliciously scary for a naughty-little-boy/ man whose bottom might be in danger of becoming her target.
    But no contact info…. (Naughty gamblers visiting dazzle-town may be in need of some discipline – there’s a good role-play scene). She’s also not listed on your page’s side column contact list (which does need some updating whenever you have the time or inclination).
    Oh wait, I found her on google… https://sinsationalspanking.com
    Btw,,congratulations and thanks, Andy, for maintaining your momentum with this terrific naughty blog..

  2. Mr Yummy says:

    Oops, sorry Andy, for that hasty last word TYPO… maybe you can fix it .(blog not blag, duh)… or do I need a trip to Vegas for some “typo discipline”? (Or closer to home for real instead of naughty fantasy.)

  3. naughty nora says:

    What a great interview!!! Fun read πŸ™‚

  4. John says:

    when an interview subject says their favorite implement is the cane (so many do) I get excited. When a beautiful woman advocates judicial punishments given for her enjoyment, my heart leaps into my mouth, and my head spins. And there are so many flights to Vegas, and she would not be the only distraction (only the best).

  5. baxter says:

    Love to have her use that bath brush on me followed by the cane.

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