Remote Work

Nice to be in the office again isn’t it?

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3 Responses to Remote Work

  1. Baxter says:

    I was laid off due to Covid in 2020 and then severed. Well, I was going to retire anyway. Never going back to an office, but I would make an exception for this woman to give me a spanking. Over the working years, there were a few women who I would have laid over their lap for a spanking. Great thoughts.

    • Nick says:

      There were two very pretty secretaries that worked in the lobby of my building several years ago, and they dressed just like the lovely woman in this pic. I flirted with them everyday I walked by them, and will never forget the time I happened to walk right around the corner and surprised one of them as she had hiked her skirt up to her panties, to adjust her pantyhose (that was a huge WOW!). In hindsight had I hinted or asked them to please give me a spanking, I think its better than 50-50 that one (or both!) would have. And I could have reserved it for my last week working there, so had they said no, it wouldn’t have been that awkward – as I’ve not seen them since. Such a blown opportunity!!

  2. Roger long says:

    Wow can’t wait to see her spanking lesson otk. She could teach me a lesson in manners please x 🙏

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